Walkure Romanze More & More Review

IT’S TIME!!! After waiting for 2 years, Walkure Romanze is back in full swing with the anime airing and the release of the fandisk spin-off (as Ricotta emphasizes), More & More. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of you have already dropped the anime (of course they’d pull a Majikoi, lol). Much like Majikoi S though, I still had faith in WR M&M and it’s been one of my most anticipated eroge releases this year. Aero and I did the first game’s review, but this time, he passed the reins to me. I finished this review much earlier, but I delayed posting because Ricotta just completed its general character poll for Walkure Romanze! I’ll add commentary to the end. (Okay, maaaybe I was absorbed in Ace Attorney 5 too ;))

I’m assuming the reader has some basic knowledge of the series so I don’t get bogged down with character intros and jousting. If not, you can check out the first review where Aero and I explained a lot, or watch the anime!


Game site:ワルキューレロマンツェ More&More
Release date: October 25, 2013

The world’s best knights gather at Winford Academy and it’s gotten quite lively with the jousting tournament nearing. Due to a misunderstanding, Takahiro’s osananajimi Mio was challenged by the proud Bertille to a match at the tournament. Since she hadn’t even rode on a horse before, he ended up guiding her to victory as a begleiter (knight’s assistant). With many watching the wonderful match, his skills as a begleiter were noticed by many students and they took quite an interest in him! However, he was unsure if he wanted to continue on as a begleiter or to return to being a knight. How will he fare in the both the arenas of jousting and love? (From Micchi)



More & More’s common route starts after Mio and Bertille’s duel in the first game (the common route up to that point is also available in this game). However, M&M branches off in the duel’s aftermath and the protagonist Takahiro’s sudden rise in popularity. The previous heroines that were pursuing Takahiro as a begleiter don’t have routes, and the promoted heroines aren’t interested in pursuing Takahiro (yet). Thus, the pressure for Takahiro to make a decision after the duel eases up and he gets a week extension of sorts for indecisiveness.


The promoted heroines—Akane, Bertille, and Ayako—don’t have too much in common. Consequently, the whole thing meanders as a short series of skits with nothing to keep it on track. Examples are events focused on select heroines (i.e. something’s wrong with Akane, the girls’ baking, Bertille’s training), unearthing issues in the first game early on (i.e. Takahiro’s knight background), or introducing new characters. The common route is still interesting, but it’s far from coherent. Like the first game, M&M takes a “save it for the routes” approach; you get a feel for the main and supporting cast again, but nothing beyond knee deep.


*mini-rant*: What’s REALLY annoying is that even though the duel’s done and Mio isn’t a heroine this time, she’s STILL a major focus in the game. In the common route alone, she’s practically glued to Takahiro and has more screen time than the prospective heroines! Not to mention EVERYBODY incessantly points out the flag for the Mio route (“Mio should joust; Takahiro should be her begleiter. It’s a real shame…etc.). This even creeps into the early parts of the main routes, like, more than the first game. It’s like the writer keeps banging over your head: “FYI, I like Mio. I like Mio. I like Mio.” To which I say, “Yeah, I WANT to like Mio too, but you cut her hair and gave her a shitty route!” Ai Shimizu or not, I’m baffled over why they continue to shoehorn WR’s least popular main heroine. *end mini-rant*


The previous heroines (excluding Mio) have also been reduced to minor roles that are borderline criminal if not for the after stories. Fortunately, the promoted heroines and the new characters fill much of the void in the lack of Noel and Celia. Some minor characters also get welcomed flesh outs like the announcer Shinonome-san and Bertille’s sidekicks (but needs more REINA!!!). I also liked all the new sub-heroines, but I’ll discuss them in the routes.


Once again, the main routes are all much longer than the common route. Unlike the first game, jousting is less emphasized and the majority of the 3 routes take place after or just ignores the tournament (so you can imagine the results). With the pressure of the tournament removed early on, the routes spend more time with character development and the relationship with the heroine before confession. Unfortunately, M&M has the reverse problem of the first game: they take their time with the build-up to confession, but they rush the story and the romantic development afterwards. Most of the routes have the dreaded consecutive H-scenes and post-confession push to wrap it up. I still liked the routes, but rushing the back end/post-confession development is one of my pet peeves.


There's no shortage of Akane fan serviceCV: さくらはづき= Sakura Hazuki = Hitomi Nabatame

Akane should have been a heroine in the first game, so Ricotta made her the main selling point of M&M and gave her what’s probably the longest route in both games. The common route only hinted at Akane’s problems, but you finally discover her begleiter has transferred and she needs another one. Without hesitation, Takahiro volunteers as a replacement and Akane eventually accepts. The two seem to be a great combination with high prospects in the tournament. Takahiro also sees more of Akane outside of jousting. As they get closer, they begin questioning if they’re more than partners and become uneasy. Much like Lisa, Akane avoids help when she’s in trouble; so she struggles with opening up to Takahiro. Due to the uncertainty in their relationship and Akane’s natural tendency to not rely on others, Akane performs poorly at the tournament and falls into a slump.

MILF?! ONEE-SAN?! PJs?! This is the best family sandwich...

Glossing over the transition, because of Akane’s need to recuperate and some misunderstandings with her family, Akane and Takahiro get special permission to take a leave of absence from school and head back to Japan. The majority of the route takes place back at Akane’s home, where it’s as if you’re transported to another game entirely. Akane’s family believes the two are dating, so they pretend to be lovers as they recharge and help around the house. Most of the interaction is with Akane’s spirited older sister, Satsuki, who has an opposite personality and is very much like Noel (Satsuki Route PLEASE!). Akane’s reactions plus Satsuki’s antics provide a lot of humor in the route. Seriously, my onee-san sensor is going crazy ^^. After some key moments, the two finally sort out their feelings for one another and move forward.

Night of the Fireflies

This route is definitely the best main one in M&M and indulges you with Akane fan service. Akane has a broad wardrobe (miko, maid, pajamas, yukata, swimsuit, etc.). You also see her in many situations that exploit the charming contrast in Akane’s stern personality and her awkwardness/embarrassed overreactions to everything. Akane gradually becoming dere and an 甘えん坊 were also major pluses. My main complaints are the fake lovers bit went on for too long and almost all of her date scenes are before confession. Even though the route is pretty long, after the confession, it abruptly rushes through the rest of the scenes.

Oyako-donburi please....

The Rematch


Bertille looks better with her hair downCV: AIRI = Ryouka Yuzuki

I REALLY struggled to take Bertille seriously as a heroine. Her route reminded me of the ones in Majikoi S where Minato-soft REALLY had to stretch it to make the route possible. Anyway, Bertille is on good terms with everyone after the duel and Takahiro inexplicably keeps bumping into her and watching her practices. At the same time, a new transfer student named Alice arrives; she is Bertille’s childhood friend, rival, and she’s intent on beating Bertille. Shit happens and Bertille needs a begleiter while Alice has fallen for Takahiro wants him too…plus Noel and Celia. Takahiro seriously waffles on picking a heroine and they use every excuse possible to drag out his selection until they finally have a contest…which Bertille wins. After the tournament and throughout the route, Alice and Bertille keep dueling over Takahiro.

Better get used to seeing this trio

Although you learn a lot about Bertille and her sidekicks, there’s also a bunch of filler with pointless training. To compensate, there’s plenty of comedy due to Bertille’s personality and the comic banter of Ann and Emma. On the other hand, the build-up to confession was superficial and forced. In addition to the sidekicks trying to hook them up, there’s no shortage of ero-hijinks and misunderstandings to push them in the right direction! <_< (I know…for eroge, this is like complaining that the sky is blue, but they can still be done well.) After starting a relationship, Bertille’s pompous personality does a 180. She becomes SUPER dere and her voice changes to dulcet tones…it’s mind-boggling! Ironically, this route had the MOST icha icha…if only Ricotta spent this much time on the other routes.

If only Alice won...Overall, the route was mediocre. There wasn’t anything irritating or cringing like Mio and Lisa’s routes, yet neither was anything outstanding. I couldn’t get into this route because Bertille just isn’t my type. Alice, on the other hand, I wanted to learn more about. I find her more attractive and she has cute reactions like Akane. She also gets a sympathy vote for always being bested by Bertille (and that’s pretty low).


An Ayako Date

CV: 苺原コズエ= Ichigohara Kozue = Kaori Mizuhashi

Ayako’s route is the shortest and also focuses the most on Takahiro. Ayako has always wanted Takahiro to become a knight again, but she never pressed the issue until now. After several conversations with Ayako and others reminiscent of the Celia route, Takahiro confronts his past and chooses to be a knight instead of a begleiter. He starts practicing to take his knight exam with Kyle’s help. Realizing how much he’s depended on Ayako, Takahiro gets a secret part-time job to support the household while also jeopardizing his training. At the same time, the cousins gradually become conscious of each other as man and woman.

Love TriangleAdd into the mix a first year student named Erimiya, a friend of Lisa and Fiona, who stalks Takahiro (but it’s a cute kohai!) and unabashedly confesses. She’s single-mindedly devoted to Takahiro and helps him throughout the route. Eri’s approach stirs Ayako’s jealously and a faint love triangle forms. PLUS, Takahiro’s former master Julianus (Celia’s brother) returns with a new apprentice that’s a transfer student…who is dead set on dueling Takahiro. Needless to say, the whole situation is a powder keg, but the resolution is pretty painless and I enjoyed the route.

Ayako SatisfactionAlthough the post-confession romantic development was short like Akane’s route, Ayako’s route still hit all the right spots of my onee-san sensor. Ayako is one of the few WR heroines like Noel who shows jealously. During the relationship, Ayako is also aggressive and dere…it’s awesome, but SHORT! Sure it glosses over the whole living with and dating your teacher/cousin…but that’s eroge. What sucks is I REALLY liked Eri too! For once, I understand the kouhai love. Seriously, Eri route PLEASE.

Wait till you see her in it...

Julianus and his new apprentice Clyde

After/Short Stories

SO SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORT~!!! Rather than after stories, each original heroine has a short story. How short? About an hour each…so combined they feel shorter than a route. So the real reason Ricotta calls M&M a spin-off and not a FD is because they knew they were gypping fans on the after stories. I suspected as much given the minimal marketing of the original heroines plus the abnormal focus on one heroine (Akane). But man, total bummer. Mind you, I loved all the short stories and this is FAR from Applique FD bad…just Ricotta not getting more mileage out of the after stories is wasted potential.

PURE BLISSSSSSSSThe short stories take place a few months or a year after the main game. Mio’s story is about the school’s field day. In Lisa’s, she gets a part-time job in hopes of growing up as her first year anniversary with Takahiro approaches. For Noel’s story, she and Takahiro are finally engaged, but Noel’s overloaded with her duties as a noble. Concerned for her sister, Mireille nabs a hot-spring vacation for the couple to recharge and ICHA ICHA! Finally, Celia and Takahiro icha icha while home alone and later the whole gang takes a trip to Celia’s private beach.

I was never a bloomers fan, but Komori Kei made me a believerThis might be personal bias, but I rank the short stories the same way as the original routes. Unsurprisingly, Mio has the worst story again. Plus, Mio’s just downright ignores the ending of her original route <_<. All of the short stories have a decent dose of romance and selective fan service, like seeing all the heroines in bloomers and swimsuits. In fact, all of the regular routes could have benefited more from having additional content like this. Nevertheless, the short stories were not enough of a good thing.

Lisa's tsun was toned down in all of M&M

Yukata Noel was great


Seriously, why no Reina route? ><

M&M Route Rankings: Akane > Ayako > Bertille
Both Games Route Rankings: Celia > Akane > Noel = Ayako > Bertille > Lisa > Mio


Komori Kei's art is as gorgeous as alwaysThe game has ~110 new CGs (SDs included) plus some reused CGs from the first game. The lower CG count is partly due to fewer H-scenes (see below). Speaking of which, M&M reuses the majority of the first game’s system, effects, and art assets. That’s not a bad thing, since both games have high production values and there’s still plenty of new stuff graphics-wise. Komori Kei’s new and old character designs are still top notch (seriously, his art’s killing me ><). The new heroines have way more sprites compared to last time and there are several new locations or previous locations that are more fleshed out. M&M has more SDCGs (again drawn by Hiduki Yayoi) and they’re put to better use this time around.


The game has 30 new tracks in addition to the majority of the first WR’s soundtrack…about 60+ songs old and new. While the old songs are a mix of pseudo-orchestral and acoustic, most of the new tracks are piano-like pieces or some traditional Japanese music. The OP song [Paint A Future] also has several piano variations played throughout the game. I raved about the first game’s soundtrack and I still hold the same opinion for M&M, the new songs just add even more diversity to an already great soundtrack. However, you can only playback the new tracks in the music player; the old ones are accessible in the first game’s music player.


BANZAI!!!Each M&M heroine has 2 Kissing Scenes + 4 H-scenes and each original heroine has 1 measly scene. Most non-nukige games are none the richer if you add or subtract to their ero content, but less H-scenes in a Ricotta game is a frickin’ tragedy. Komori Kei’s art shines in ero and Ricotta usually puts more effort into the H-scenes. They’re still good quality (long and 2-3 cgs each), but fewer scenes that are also piled up near the end of the route is sub-standard for Ricotta.

Final words

Story: 7/10
Characters: 8.5/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8.5/10

Moe: 7/10
Comedy: 7/10
Setting: 8.5/10
Romance: 8/10

Overall: 80/100 (not a total)

No doubt this review sounds like I’m criticizing M&M more so than I’m praising it, but overall, I liked it as much as the first game…just Ricotta should have called it Walkure Romanze More & Less. While the original was a mix of amazing and bad, M&M is a mix of good and average…but shorter. With the same high production values and enjoyable characters, I don’t recommend skipping any routes (okay, MAYBE Bertille). WR M&M indulges you in a variety of fan service, but there was a disappointing shortage of some content. Overall, I enjoyed it…but I wanted MORE!!!

Character Poll Results

Keep in mind, the voting was Twitter only with one vote per account, so I’m not surprised at the voter turnout. Here are the Top 8:

Top 8The top 4 were neck and neck for most of the vote, but Celia pulled through in the end. Talk about conspiracy theory…the same as my route rankings! Mio’s still not low enough. I swear I was done before the results. <_< Although…the voters have good taste. 😉 I was hoping some of the new characters or Reina would rank higher, but that would only be possible if casting multiple votes was easier (like the Majikoi poll). If Ricotta ever further develops Walkure Romanze, I hope they’ll consider this fan feedback. On a side note, guess who Komori Kei, the character designer, voted for…was NOT expecting that.

Komori Kei's Vote

41 thoughts on “Walkure Romanze More & More Review

    • If I remember right, “つ” can be romanized as tsu or tu. But really it’s tu to a Japanese person, so they spell it as such a lot. Outside Japan, tsu is used more often. So Ricotta spelling her name as Satuki is acceptable, but it’s mostly spelt as Satsuki in the English speaking world. I think it’s just a matter of perspective. ^^

      I also found 五月 (avoiding it, lol) more enjoyable, but I still liked Akane too. I originally planned to have a section devoted to the new heroines, but then the review would have gotten way off track due to my enthusiasm. Basically, 五月 and Elimiya are high quality heroines that deserve more screen time just like Akane was in the first game.

      • Pretty much, I was rather disappointed at how rushed the later half of Ayako’s route felt, which is half the reason i ranked it below Celia’s route in my own route rankings, i just have a tendency to enjoy routes that have more of a focus of developing the MC along with the Heroine, which i felt was done rather well in Celia’s and Ayako’s route, in the rest of the routes Takahiro going down the Begleiter line, considering he is better than Jousting than pretty much every one of the heroines, felt like a waste of talent

        I hope they keep making games Majikoi style considering that Ricotta really showed off the new girls that appeared,Marketing i guess? i would like to see a Alice, Reina, Satuki and Elimiya route. i have no idea how they would pull of a Satuki route considering the circumstances. Hearing 表参道千代 voicing Satuki made me want the Yoshitune route to be released faster.

        • Yep, big part of why I like their routes too. ^^ Although I thought Celia’s route had more mutual growth.

          Since the first game took over 3 years to make, I expected WR M&M would have less content with it’s shorter timeline. Ricotta is a slow developer and simultaneously releasing with the anime set a hard deadline. Consequently, the production constraints manifested as rushed back-ends for routes, less cgs, and short after stories. So yeah it’s frustrating…but Komori Kei’s art forgives a lot, lol.

          Those are my desired routes too! Eroge companies can always come up with any excuse to make a route happen. Maybe a reverse Sayaka route? (actually, please don’t <_<.) At the rate Minato-soft is going, we'll have to wait till Q4 '14/Q1 '15 for Yoshitsune. ;_;

  1. I like the OP for this ^^.

    Anyway the game looks decent enough to play, but I always have a hard time picking up fan disks >____>. This will be on my medium priority list for the time being.

    Another note, I find it rather disappointing that there aren’t any side routes for some of the new heroines that were introduced (sorry, I don’t know any names).

    • You should bump it higher on the list! At least if you don’t want me to barrage you with gentle reminders, lol.

      People on 2chan were already demanding routes for the new heroines when they were first revealed. It’s kind of like the never-ending route requests for Majikoi. MAYBE we’ll get lucky and Ricotta will take the same path with WR.

      • I’ll try to finish it before the end of this year…maybe. Still play MML and got 妹のおかげでモテすぎてヤバい coming up at the end of this month.

        2Chan, 4Chan….WTF is up with all these Chans. Can you explain to me the difference?

  2. Woot! More review!

    I am still stuck trying to breed super powerful pokemon so I dont think I will be back for a while XD!
    Please keep writing more review to keep the blog running huehuehue

  3. There’s something I don’t understand–why did Ricotta release this expansion pack BEFORE the WR anime finished airing? I thought it would be better business sense to wait until fans’ appetites were whetted with the anime, then release the expansion pack to capitalize on the interest of new fans made by the anime, or to reassure fans who were disappointed by the anime.

    You should also have told us the seiyuus for the new characters introduced in this expansion pack, like Satsuki or Alice. Some of us are curious about that. It’s nice to hear how Madoka Yonezawa is continuing to contribute to eroge, albeit not in a starring role (she played Shinonome the announcer in this game, a large “downgrade” from her starring role in White Album 2).

    So if you want more heroines to get their own routes (like Minatosoft is doing with Majikoi), what about those who are voiced by seiyuus who don’t do (censored) noises? Mireille is voiced by Noriko Shitaya in the anime, and I don’t recall her ever making those noises for eroge before. The same thing with Satomi Arai, who voiced Ann in the anime.

    I’m surprised that Kei Komori picked Bertille, given how she’s clearly not a very pleasant person. Maybe Kei Komori just really likes her body type? And I’m of the opinion that Carnelian is a better artist; her style of shading skin is better and the faces/eyes of her characters have more variety.

    As for the CGs you’ve posted for this review, what is Noel doing in her yukata? Is Takahiro helping her take it off? For that matter, I’m sure that Kei Komori would have realized that in Ayako’s “princess carry” CG, the sharp edges of Takahiro’s metal gauntlets would have put holes in Ayako’s pantyhose–the sheer fabric isn’t meant to be very sturdy.

    • Satsuki: 表参道千代 = Omotesandou Chiyo = Rina Satou (AAAAH! It IS her!)
      Alice: イチゴイチエ = Ichigo Chie = Natsuko Kuwatani
      Elimiya: 外苑舞 = Hokazono Mai = Akiko Hasegawa

      Two of these seiyuus have done H-content, so it’s still fair game. ^^

      As for the anime, the last episode to air before WR M&M’s release ended with Mio and Bertille’s duel…which is also when this game starts. Since it’s chronologically consistent, viewers and fans could jump right into the game while watching the anime…I guess that’s Ricotta logic. I don’t think when they release the game matters so long as it’s next to the anime…still the same promotional effect. I for one, didn’t want to wait till the end of the year.

      Noel CG: At her request, Takahiro’s pulling her obi to make her spin around. Kind of like those spintop toys w/strings…it doesn’t go as planned.

      • Hmm, that’s odd. I thought Rina Satou would have stopped working in eroge ever since she hit major mainstream anime success as Mikoto Misaka in To Aru Majutsu no Index/Kagaku no Railgun and Haruka Minami in Minami-Ke. The only reason I can think of for her to keep doing h-content is that she might actually enjoy it, but that’s unlikely.

        Oh well, I do hope that more expansion packs a la Majikoi will come out for this game.

          • Enjoy it? Even with how doing so means you have to use a pseudonym and have to refrain from ever publicly admitting that you make (censored) noises for pay? Not very likely given the social stigma against such things in Japan I mentioned.

          • Yes, there are definitely social taboos against expressing such (perceived) perversions in public. However, that doesn’t preclude people from enjoying their (seemingly) perverted jobs. They’re simply pressured to keep their opinions to themselves, i.e. closet perverts, whereas in a more socially open country such as the US they’re more likely to come out in the open.
            I don’t believe in the notion that there’s somehow less perverts in Japan, or any other more conservative countries. They’re just all enjoying themselves in their cute little closets.

          • Yes, I doubt many female eroge seiyuus would publicly admit that they enjoy their work, because I’m sure many not in the know would equate making (censored) noises for eroge to working in pornography. It doesn’t help that the vast majority of eroge are nukige shoved out by terabyte, which due to their mostly plot-free nature are little indistinguishable (aside from their anime-style art) from basic JP pornography.

            Still, I wonder if those who gain fame and acclaim from working in eroge (like Madoka Yonezawa did with White Album 2) wish they’d gotten famous by mainstream success instead. And for the few who do gain such things from eroge roles, there are thousands of eroge seiyuu who have real talent but go unnoticed despite their extensive eroge CVs, like Mio Yasuda, Mai Gotou, Hiroko Taguchi, Ryouko Ono, Ryouko Tanaka, Kei Mizusawa, Emiko Hagiwara, etc.

          • I don’t blame them. I would go so far as to say most eroge are not just indistinguishable from porn, they essentially are porn.

            I reckon most would. Eroge is such a tiny niche there’s simply not that much future for anyone involved, despite their talents, if they don’t manage to branch out somehow. I love Mai Gotou by the way.

          • Yes, and the fact that the vast majority of nukige/ero-CG sets have none or next-to-none in the form of any actual writing of good quality doesn’t help the “eroge = pornography” impression. I hope more 18+ VN titles like White Album 2 continue to prove this impression wrong. Still, for such a “tiny niche” they do put out content by the terabyte-load (most of it not very good content, but still).

            Veteran eroge seiyuus like Harumi Sakurai had it lucky in being able to branch out (and she still hasn’t had much mainstream success). But sometimes it works the other way. Ai Shimizu hasn’t had much in the way of mainstream success ever since she started voicing lots of eroge titles. I suppose eroge seiyuus with mainstream success like Hitomi Nabatame/Shizuka Itou/Yuu Asakawa were lucky in that they found mainstream success early on and held onto it. It’s a sad situation, really, for those who can’t make the transition from eroge to mainstream success.

            Clearly, Mai Gotou’s performance in LxC2 wasn’t enough to sway your opinion of her character. Still, have you checked out her first title, Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu? I’ve mentioned it before to you, but I don’t believe I mentioned how it was her first eroge title. Her character’s not of the imouto archetype there, but is still of the “cute kouhai” kind I think you’d appreciate.

          • I think that’s pretty much a lost cause now, seeing recent trends of eroge focusing more and more on the ero. But I’ll confess I have very little industry knowledge, since I just play games and hardly pay any attention to the industry as a whole, so whatever I say have a good chance of being completely off the mark. Heck, with new companies regularly debuting every month, maybe this is far from the “tiny niche” I thought it was.

            Yeah, I’ve no idea who most of these people are. But what you said is probably to blame for the dozens of pseudonyms each seiyuu uses. I wonder if they serve any purpose, since it’s all just a search or two away. It seems no matter how hard they try, they just can’t make it big. Sad indeed.

            I usually love her voices, just not this incarnation of it. I don’t like it at all when her voice is restricted to that boring monotone when it can be much, much more colorful and vibrant like in her other roles. No, I haven’t checked that, or any older titles for that matter, out. Do you recommend it? Shimizu Ai is also another one of my favorite seiyuus.

          • YES, I would whole-heartedly recommend Tenshi no inai 12-gatsu by Leaf (Mai Gotou plays the heroine named “Maho Hazuki” there). To my knowledge it takes a less-than-flowery view of romance that wasn’t duplicated or approached again by Leaf until the release of White Album 2. As a bonus, the title also features Hiroko Taguchi playing a sempai-type character (though without the usual tropes). Still, you clearly appreciated Taguchi-san’s talents in YnS, so you should give her a try here too.

            Another eroge title with Mai Gotou playing a main heroine is Ashita No Kimi To Au Tame Ni, where she plays the bright and cheery Asuka Wakamiya. At least one other website has reviewed that title in detail, but I’d still like to see your impression of that title when you get to it (it’s more modern than TenInai was). You can hear Mai Gotou talking about her role as the character (albeit on a Drama CD) here:

            Hiroko Taguchi also plays a heroine named named “Manami Nanami” in that game’s fandisc, Ashita no Nanami to Au tame ni. Hope you check out those titles out eventually.

          • Alright, I’ll put that after Clover Days, and possibly other goodies in March, then since I don’t really have anything concrete planned after Clover Days. Though White Album 2 I’ve always avoided like the plague due to its 鬱-inducing blend of “less-than-flowery view of romance”. But I suppose I can try something different for once.
            If anything, I’ll play those titles for her voice alone. Maybe I’ve even more of a voice fetish than I thought I did. They will probably be done sometime in April, or at least the first one, now that I’ve more free time.

          • I look forward to your reviews of those two titles (or maybe just the character routes of those heroines played by Mai Gotou, if you prefer, though at least for Tenshi no inai 12-Gatsu’s case a full review would be best). Does Mai Gotou refer to herself as “Oto Agumi” or “Oto Agumion” in that drama CD track? She says it so fast I can’t decipher it.

            And sometimes less-than-happy endings can be nice too. Especially when such nice seiyuus are contributing to them. 😉

          • I think I heard Agumi Oto since they’re going by their listed names.

            There’s less-than-happy endings, then there’s downright fucked up endings. I’m ok with the former.

  4. Finally i can play the 2 games one after another,hehehehehehe…i like both the treatment that Ricotta do to their games and Komori Kei art…if only they didn’t took so much time releasing their games…well,i hope to see more from them in the near future.

  5. Aedes, actually, I’m surprised you didn’t write this review given the chance for more story material featuring Lisa, who is based on your favourite archetype. And given all the “professional complications” revolving around eroge (why else do the vast majority of female seiyuu use pseudonyms and stop working in eroge after they get married?), I’m surprised some stick around. Doesn’t “polite Japanese society” look down on women who do sex-related work, and given how close making (censored) noises in eroge is to phone sex, wouldn’t that be included?

    Ai Shimizu apparently went heavily into eroge because she couldn’t find work anywhere else for a long time. But Rina Satou has had a lot of mainstream anime success lately, so why not ditch eroge for better-paying, more socially-accepted stuff?

    (Frankly, I’m still a little surprised that she wasn’t in White Album 2, myself.)

  6. Anyone managed to hook the right text with ITH ? I tried but to no avail… it says Unknown QLIE engine unlike the first game and then only leaves me 2 Hooks which screw the text up. If anyone could help I’d appreciate.

      • Oh my god i’ll never thank you enough friend, thank you so much it works flawlessly ! I don’t know how to save that new hook though, I’ve followed Aero’s guide but when I go into Hook and select it then press OK nothing happens, so the hook disappears everytime I close ITH . Oh well that’s such a small problem I don’t really care as long as I can play it, just have to note the hcode somewhere.

        For future references, where did you get the hcode if I may ask ? the AGTH hcode database doesn’t have it and I couldn’t find it anywhere so I wonder.

        Anyway thank you so much again ! 😀

        • At A-S, posted by one of the regular h-code providers on the Hongfire/agth thread. http://tinyurl.com/md8rqqq

          When you have the right text-hook with the h-code and everything’s working fine, go to the ITH window and click the “Save” option to the far right. This will add the hook to your ITH profile so that every time WR M&M and ITH are both running, it will automatically hook.

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  8. I don’t understand why Reina haven’t had a single route in these two games, not even a spinoff. I hope in the future they consider to put Alice and Reina in a game but I really doubt they do that. Hope someone takes WR or WR M&M and translate them to english.

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