A Ero Rant: Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai

Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays ^^. Given that I’m an unemployed bum atm, the holiday season isn’t anything out of the ordinary for me. I was a little out of character this Christmas in that I didn’t touch ANY eroge on the day. I kinda feel like I killed a tradition >____>. I actually spent the whole day playing “Hitman: Abosulution” on PS3 (was awesome btw). Also if you’re wondering where the rest of my team is, I honestly have no clue.

Anyway this post is a little different from what I normally do in that it’s pretty much just a rant.

…admittedly my normal reviews are pretty much rants as well, but this is more so (?)



Company: ユロット (HULOTTE)
Game site: 妹のおかげでモテすぎてヤバい。
Release date: November 29, 2013:

One year ago, Tokiya fell in love with Kanae at first sight. For the purpose of declaring his feelings for her, he underwent hell-like training from his imouto Meguri and studied like mad to enter her school Seimatsurika Gakuen. However, Tokiya was quite the introverted person and didn’t have any confidence. Meguri suggested that he use the Asasaka family’s hidden technique ‘kokkai no gi’, which can make females attracted to him and give him a period of popularity, at the expense of the possibility of marriage in the future.

Tokiya did the ceremony clinging on to this last hope and immediately saw its effect on Meguri. Freshly confident, he confessed to Kanae under the sakura tree. However, she replied that they should start off as friends. Why didn’t the technique work as expected? He resigned himself to starting off as friends with her, but It seems that other cute girls are trying to seduce him!



If I were to sum up this game using one word, I would probably use the word “misleading”. Don’t get me wrong; the game is a moege, charage, or whatever you want to call it. However when I see the word “yabai” and the magic thing, I expected to see lots of girls trying to appeal to Tokiya while he’s trying to win over Kanae. Instead we get is one girl falling in love with Tokiya, then confessing to him shortly afterwards. If you choose to accept the girl’s confession, you proceed down her route. If you reject her, the next girl comes in, and the process repeats. So you don’t really see any girls fighting over Tokiya, which is why I find the use of the word “yabai” to be a bit misleading. However this is just my personal view on the matter…was seriously hoping for a harem route >____>.

 The Magic

Call it a technique, or whatever; it’s still pretty much just magic in the end. Though this magic is very close to something like a love potion, I would say it’s more of a love “catalyst”. Girls aren’t immediately attracted to him (mostly), and it’s more like small actions on Tokiya’s part leads to irregularly large reactions. The magic also has some side effect where the caster (Meguri) and the subject (Tokiya) are able to communicate using Telepathy, which isn’t using for anything major.

So in exchange for being popular with girls for about a month, Tokiya is told that there are two risks. First, the girl he accepts will pretty much become his partner for life. Second, if he doesn’t hook up with anyone, he risks losing the chance to EVER find anyone. However it turns out that there are a lot more risks involved with this technique, and these tend to be the source of the drama in each route. I find it quite out of character for Meguri to not read up on this technique before attempting it. Seriously, there’s a shitload of documents lying around in that temple of theirs’ in regards to these associated risks, but she doesn’t read them. Seriously, WTF.

Also I was somewhat sceptical about love that sprouts from “magic”, but fortunately most routes tend to address this decently well.

Characters and Routes.

The characters for this game are very likable; both visually and personality wise. Aoba’s cheekiness and Meguri’s brocon-ness made them the most memorable heroines of the game. In general the heroines’ personalities allow for some nice romance scenes. The comedy is also pretty good.

The only story that this game has is from the magic related drama that they stuff in. The way they keep creating odd side effects of using the technique makes things feel way too repetitive and boring. Maina’s route in particular sucked in this regard, whereas the stuff in Aoba’s route was alright because it led to a great ending.


The confessions scenes were nothing special. I felt that most of them needed a lot more build-up, but ended being rushed because of the whole love potion magic thing. I would like to add that two of the confessions occur while the heroine is half naked. You can probably guess where that leads >____>.


If there’s one thing I love about this game, it’s the rejection scenes. Rejection scenes in eroge are rare, so it was quite a fresh experience. These scenes are done quite well, and leave you feeling like crap (which they should). Things don’t just end with the rejection, and you see self-reflection and lingering feelings mixed into the routes.  Along with this, one heroine gets a “break up” scene, which I felt was also done very nicely. I would really like to see more rejection scenes, but pickings are slim in the genres of games that I generally play.


Most of the endings were your typical slice of life endings where nothing really happens and you feel basically nothing. However there were two endings that caught my eye; Miya’s and Aoba’s. Miya’s ending had “consistency” with the events that led up to it, and didn’t fall into a magic saves the day thing. Aoba’s ending was pretty awesome, leading from great sorrow to some very moving romance.

Side Routes

The side routes offer pretty much everything the full routes have, less the magic related drama. For how long they were, they were quite enjoyable.

Play or Nay?

I would probably say nay.  Aside from the rejection scenes, I would say that this game is quite average. Would have loved this game if it had been a non-stop ride of flirtation, romance, comedy, and sex. But NOOOO, they went and added all that BS magic drama crap. If you do insist on playing this game, go for Aoba’s route first. If you don’t like that, chances are you’ll hate the rest of the game.

I finished Tsuyokiss NEXT about 2 weeks ago, and it was great. So look forward to a post on it ^^

32 thoughts on “A Ero Rant: Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai

  1. Aqua said he had something half written up but can’t find the time to finish it. As for Aedes, your guess is as good as mine.
    On topic, kinda disappointed to hear you don’t actually get the girls to fight over you : (

  2. I like the rejection scenes too. I find it pointless if they left things with the heroines without having to settle it despite them being attracted to the protagonist because of the “Kokkai Ritual”. Rejecting the heroines to advance the story was quite good since the plot is linear. Also, Meguri is the TRUE route!

  3. I agree and disagree, though I thought the opposite about Aoboa’s route. Personally the ritual’s after-effect seemed too much over-the-top with Japan’s or the world economy being disrupted or something like that. But, while Tokiya’s way of settling it was shocking, it was done very well. I was like “wait what?!”. Why most decided to *NOT* tell about their relationship, was a bit meh. Otherwise, it was the main drama cause with Maina >_<.

    @rejection scenes: Ugh. I played another VN with required rejections to go to the "real girl" and my happy-go-lucky mindset was not very, well, happy with it. The good thing – as mentioned – was that Tokiya did self-reflect upon it and that gave him development.

    Ignoring magic drama, which was of the main four routes only nice in Miya (due to its non-relevance) and Kanae's route, I was quite fond of Miya's route. Those soft-spoken characters are always one of my eroge-weakspots *lol*.

    • Know that I think about it, I probably oversold the magic crap in Aoba’s route. But can you blame me? THat ending man XD

      Yep, the rejection scenes hit you right where it hurts. Seriously, I replayed a bit of Aoba’s route (the bit around the end), and I was torn >___>.

      Haha if you ignore the magic drama, most of the routes I would go as far as saying they were pretty good. As I mentioned above, Miya’s ending I liked because it was consistent, and they go out of their way to force them back together.

  4. Aero, do you like RPG eroge? If you like RPG eroge, there is RPG eroge that I recommend for you. RPG eroge that I recommend for you are Kamidori Alchemy meister and Monster Girl Quest
    Kamidori Alchemy Meister is made by Eushully , so i don’t need to explain about how great this one.
    Monster Girl Quest is great too. The story is great and have many comedies. Also, it’s easier to play than Kamidori.

    • Sadly, I’m not a big fan of RPG games in generally. I tend to level grind in RPGs, and will usually lose interest in the game after doing this for several hours >____>. Though I haven’t actually played one for a while, so maybe an eroge RPG is just what I need to get back into them =p.

      Kamidori Alchemy Meister is one I know of well. Heard that one play through takes like 100 hours >___>

      Is Monster Girl Quest the one where you keep getting raped?

      • One play? you mean one route? Well, I need about 70 hours to finish Yuela’s route (The first route that I finish in Kamidori). I did the sidequest and leveling too in Yuela’s route. that’s what makes me took that long to finish her route. But after you finish Kamidori for the first time (Mean you finish of route in Kamidori), you don’t need to take that long to finish the second route (Probably 50 hours since you can use something like skip or fast forward, but there is more sidequest that you must did since there are sidequest that unlocked in new game+ (after you finish a route in Kamidori).

        Okay, I won’t lie since you’re right. Yeah, Monster Girl Quest is the one where the protagonist keep getting raped, but don’t worry, you only get raped if you lose the battle. So as long as you win the battle, you don’t get raped. The only rape scene you got when you always win is the main heroine rape scene. Just her rape scene.
        Btw, Monster Girl Quest has 3 parts. I already at its part 2.

        • 70 hours is still pretty damn long >____>. And adding on the 50 hours for the second play through….think I’ll hold back on it for now. I heard that the story is average, despite the gameplay being supar awesome.

          I do like the sounds of getting raped by the main heroine =D. It’s just that, the graphics… >___>

        • Well, it’s RPG eroge after all. So no wonder if Kamidori needs pretty damn long time to finish a route in it. I’m used with playing RPG before, so that kind of thing is not a problem for me. Btw, I agree with you that the gameplay in Kamidori is supar awesome.

          Well, it’s released in… 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could an eroge that released in 2011 have that kind of graphic. I think it’s an eroge that released in 2001-2005 (Because of its graphic).
          Well, I think the story of it is really great, but the graphic…. the graphic level isn’t in the standard level of an eroge’s graphic in 2011.

          Btw, did you already cast your vote in Bishoujo Game Awards 2013?

  5. I think it’s questionable to decide if you will like this game based only on Aoba’s route. In my case, she is my least favorite character, and I find her route to be pretty bad! very weak drama and all. I think It’s all about your favorite type of heroine. Choose your favorite one and go for it! Specially because, while the drama and magical stuff makes the routes very uninteresting, I don’t think there is one route among all others which stands out being the absolutely worst.

    • Well everything here is merely my personal opinion on things. To be honest, normally Kanae and Maina are more my type. However I found their routes rather unmemorable, which pushed them down in my rankings. In contrast, Aoba’s route had a lot more impact. Though I admit that my opinion of Aoba’s route is largely influenced by how moved I was by her ending.

      My suggestion at the end is based on the fact that all the routes offer pretty much the same thing. Aoba on the other hand had what I found to be an awesome ending. So if players don’t really find her route enjoyable, despite the ending, chances are that they won’t really like the other routes because they’ll show similar material, only with less satisfying endings. Of course I totally agree with you that characters are what drives people in these types of games. However I liked ALL the heroines, so my opinions for everything aren’t really driven by any heroine type preferences.

        • Well that’s the place I normally get the latest releases. Older games can be a lot harder to find, and in that case I would just google the game. Though I’ve pretty much got every game which I would ever consider playing downloaded already.

          In January I finished Tsuyokiss NEXT, and as I said at the bottom of this post, I’m planning to write something for it. Well at least that was my ORIGINAL plan. I completely forgot about some important RL stuff, and after I finished that I somehow started playing Melty Moment.

        • Well, As long as I can get eroge at least from 2009 until 2013 there, it’s no problem for me.

          So you end up playing Melty Moment. Btw, I’m playing 3 eroge now, Daitoryou from Alcot, Kamidori Alchemy Meister, and Monster Girl Quest. So far I’m more focused on Daitoryou and Kamidori. For Monster Girl Quest, since I already finished its part 2, its part 3 is on hold for now.

          Btw, what do you think about eroge that released in this month? am I the only one who think that many eroge that released in this month is really bad?

          • That’s a lot of translated titles you’re playing there. No raw games that interest you atm?

            I admit that this month is a little dry, but not ALL hope is lost. Majikoi A-3 is something I’ll definitely play, and innocent girl looks nice ^^

        • So far no, but maybe I will try to play between Imouto no Okage (the one you reviewed here), or Timepiece Ensemble, or Sekai to Sekai one Mannaka de, or Chiisana Kanojo no Serenade if I’m in mood to play one of them.
          Btw, did you use something like machine translation when playing eroge? If you use it, can you tell me which one did you use?

          Yeah, Innocent Girl looks nice. Hapymaher FD looks good pick, but since it’s a fan disc, my interest to it isn’t that high. Koisuru Doll looks very little promising. Others, meh, not worth my time because they’re really generic, really cliche, and already used so many times before. It looks like they’re a ripoff of a certain eroge. To be honest, I think I can make a better story than those eroge.

          • I recently dropped Chiisana Kanojo no Serenade. The common route is very messy, but somehow still very boring. I forced myself to play into one of the routes, but then I dropped it because there was no signs of things looking up.
            Timepiece Ensemble has excellent graphics, but I heard that the story is quite average.

            Imouto no Okage isn’t bad I suppose.

            Haven’t played Sekai to Sekai one Mannaka de, but it looks decent, and the EGS ratings aren’t bad. However if you were to ask me to recommend something, I would say Tsuyokiss NEXT.

            No, I don’t use machine translators to play eroge. At least, not anymore =D. When I did use them, I mostly used ATLAS. All the stuff I used is listed in my ATLAS guide on this blog.

            Well it’s simple to things of a general plot that’s better than half the eroge out there. It’s the execution that’s the problem. Thinking up the random daily conversation scenes that make up the overall gameplay must be pretty hard for the creators >___>

        • I see. Thanks for the information. Maybe I will play Timepiece Ensemble, or Imouto no Okage, or Irotoridori series (Sekai and Hikari) next for raw. I hope I’m in mood to play one of them before Eroge that released in April 2014 out because I plan to play AstralAir Shiroki no Towa (Favorite) and Majo Koi Nikki (Qoobrand. Niijima Yuu did the story for this title) after they’re released.

          Is Tsuyokiss NEXT a fan disc? If it’s a fan disc, I will add it in backlog for now and play it if I’m in mood to play it. as I said before, my interest to fan disc isn’t that high.

          I see. Looks like your Japanese got better and now you don’t use machine translation anymore. Well, my Japanese isn’t that good and when I played Hatsuyuki Sakura (first raw eroge that I play), Karumaruka*Circle, and Amairo*Islenauts, I only roughly understand the story of them.

          Yeah, you’re right. Mostly the problem is in its execution. But still, I think they’re not trying at all. They’re not trying to make story from general plot that they made and better than half the eroge out there. I think they shouldn’t afraid with fail to execute their general plot because if they never try to execute their general plot, they will always in the same place and never progress. Fail is a part of success after all.

          • I still need to catch up with Irotoridori series…I just keep putting it off >____>.

            Tsuyokiss NEXT isn’t a fan disc; it takes place a number of years after the original Tsuyokiss series. The game does make some reference to the original game, but the story is stand alone. A great series if you enjoy the Majikoi series.

            Yep, I’ve been playing visual novels without machine translators for over a year now. I still use Jparser to help with kanji though. It’s great that you’re playing raw games even though you’re Jap isn’t that good yet. You’re ahead of the rest of the English community who sit and wait for new translations to come out ^^.

            Well the eroge industry is in somewhat of a slum atm, and companies don’t really want to do anything that’s too risky. Failure may be part of success, but everything’s over if they go bankrupt >___>

        • And I still need to finish Daitoryou. Still 3 routes left and I’m in Ran’s route now. Kamidori and Monster Girl Quest can be finished later since they’re RPG eroge. Lately I kinda busy because besides study, sleeping, and eating, I also use my time to make a storyboard too. I only played eroge when I’m in mood.

          Okay, I add Tsuyokiss NEXT to my backlog. btw, I never play Majikoi before.

          I still don’t know why I end up playing Amairo*Islenauts, but I really can’t hold myself to play Karumaruka*Circle and Hatsuyuki Sakura at that time and I end up playing them. Btw, I only roughly understand means I’m not fully understand, so that means there are things (even maybe many things) that I’m not understand when I played them because my Japanese still isn’t that good. Well, I think I need to improve my Japanese since I give up waiting for new translation (like Irotoridori no Sekai, Dracu-Riot, Aiyoku no Eustia, Natsuyume Nagisa, etc. I’m sure you know what happen to translation of those eroge). I’m still waiting for translation of Hatsuyuki Sakura though.

          Cih…… Damn money!! Well, you’re right it’s too risky, but you know become success or not is a gamble. Something like manga, anime, LN, and VN is like a gamble. You can’t predict whether that manga, or anime, or LN, or VN will become success or not before it’s released. That’s why they’re like a gamble.
          If you said everything is over if they go bankrupt, then they should take a risk where bankrupt isn’t the possibility that will be happened in that risk.

  6. sup Aero. I just want to inform you that BIshoujo Game Awards 2013 already announced.
    The winner is Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai. Well, I already expect it to become the winner, so no surprise with it. I’m still sad with Karumaruka*Circle result in Bishoujo Game Awards 2013.

  7. Got to agree that if you don’t like Aoba’s route…you won’t like any other. Personally though, Yurika’s route was my favorite….just way too short like all the extra routes.
    The fact the game forces you to reject them all one by one was a complete downer….and also made me feel terrible (well, just like Tokiya).
    Also…does anyone in this game know any shame….even if you’re under a cur…charm, people don’t just offer themselves like that…but oh well…this is a eroge after all.

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