A Rant about Getchu Bishoujo Game Rankings of 2013


Aero: So Getchu released its 2013 Rankings recently, and I’m sure a lot of you are pretty excited. Words cannot describe my thoughts around these rankings…at least not in the limited amount of characters that Twitter allows. So with that in mind, I thought this would be a good opportunity to call in some of the others to write some random rant of thoughts about the rankings. Enjoy.

Fuzzy: Disclaimer: For the sake of readability and avoiding liability for potential seizures (<_<), we will ditch the colored text for this post.

Aero: Wait a second. Didn’t we all agree that causing seizures was a PART of this post?

Fuzzy: Neon Rainbow~!!!

Aquaspirit: Sup! aquaspirit39 here~! I never thought I would write this soon, though I am only acting as a side commentator on this one. Aero planned to have all four of us to write something in this post, so it may become a little confusing and messy. On top of that, this is my first time co-writing a post with other people thus my writing may get a bit awkward and disjointed. 

AedesNever paid attention to these rankings, in fact I forgot they existed until Aero brought them up. I’m just so out of touch with the outside world. Time to get reacquainted with it I suppose?

Aero: Here’s the list of games for the overall rankings. I have hyper-linked the VNDB page to the title of the game. I have also hyper-linked the Erogamescape page to the EGS Avg score.

Rank English Name EGS Avg
1 Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai 78
2 LovelyxCation2 79
3 Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen -Ecole de Paris- 85
4 ChuSinGura 46+1 85
5 Grisaia no Rakuen 80
6 Reminiscence 76
7 Hapymaher 77
8 Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ 76
9 Prism◇Recollection! 69
10 Lovesick Puppies -Bokura wa Koi suru Tame ni Umaretekita- 76
11 Sengoku † Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~ 69
12 Amairo*Islenauts 70
13 Kara no Shoujo – The Second Episode 85
14 Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ 80
15 Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road 78
16 Tsuyokiss NEXT 79
17 Karumaruka * Circle 70
18 Cocoro@Function! 73
19 Magical Charming! 78
20 Walkure Romanze More&More 70

Aero: I made a very cheap graph for this occasion. I don’t know how to insert names, so you’ll have to distinguish games by their rank.


Aero: Wowzers!!! Looking that graph we can see…pretty much nothing to be honest >____>. What the hell was I thinking…

Fuzzy: Congratulations on wasting post space. Eroge regression failure.

Aero: So anyway, I’ve played eight of the top twenty games: Lovely X Cation 2, Grisaia no Rakuen, Reminiscence, Lovesick Puppies, Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road, Karumaruka Circle, Fureraba, and Tsuyokiss NEXT

Aedes: Only 6 here. Lovely X Cation 2, Prism Recollection, Amairo Islenauts, Kara no Shoujo 2, Karumaruka Circle, and Cocoro Function.

Aquaspirit: …and I have played nine of them: Lovely X Cation 2, ChuSingura46+1, Grisaia no Rakuen, Reminiscence, HapyMaher, Madou Koukaku, Prism Recollection, Lovesick Puppies and Fureraba. Surprised to see Aedes still plays eroge, since I haven’t heard anything from him.

Aedes: Kind of true. I played them before I got busy doing other stuff. A good number of them are near the top of my backlog and you bet I would’ve completed them if I can manage my time better which I completely fail at.

Fuzzy: Daitoshokan, Lovely x Cation 2, Grisaia no Rakuen, Reminiscence, Prism Recollection, Lovesick Puppies, Fureraba, Amairo, Kara no Shoujo 2, and Walkure Romanze M&M

Aero: We have a winner people! Fuzzyhobo with 10 games played. Congrats =D

Fuzzy: <_<…>_> Well, playing ≠ 100% completion in my mind…I’d jump off a cliff if forced to 100% some of these games.

Aquaspirit: www, for me ‘played’ = ‘at least one completed route’. Can’t force myself to play routes that I don’t enjoy you know. After all I play eroge for fun.

Aero: Then I guess it would be more accurate to say that I’ve “completed” 8/20.


This section will most likely be the longest section, so bear with us >___>

Let's form a club!!!

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai

Aero: Though I’m not that surprised that Daitoshokan took first, my money was actually on Otome Riron. Just out of curiosity, is Daitoshokan really that good? 

Fuzzy: I don’t think it’s fantastic/superb, but it does several elements very well…hence the high rankings across several categories. Overall enjoyable characters (Kana!!!) and good production values. They promoted the heck out of this game and August games in general target a much broader audience. With the anime and the FD on the horizon, Daitoshokan will continue to stay in the limelight.

Aquaspirit: At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Daitoshokan topped the overall rankings. Nevertheless, I initially held back my judgement since I’m someone who dropped this game after 10 minutes of playing. When I looked at the other sections’ rankings, however, I concluded that Daitoshokan is overrated.

Aedes: Guess we know Japan’s new fetish – shepherds in big libraries. Because surely that’s what the game is about right? It can’t possibly be about a bunch of school girls doing school things, because that’d just be boring as heck and every other game is doing that already. But then I didn’t play it; the true Japanese must know better than the dirty gaijin me.

Best angle

LovelyxCation 2

Aero: I’m a bit surprised that LxC2 got second; I know it would do well, but I never thought it would do THIS well. However I can easily say that this is one of the best chara-ge games that I’ve ever played.

Fuzzy: Ditto, we beat this to death in our review, but LxC2 is a high quality charage and I hope Pretty x Cation can meet expectations (even though different artist and scenario lead). 

Aquaspirit: While I also didn’t expect LxC2 to score this high, I actually didn’t have any problem with its ranking. LxC2 has interesting gameplay, attractive heroines, and a wealth of content with the seasonal appends. I think LxC2 has been ranked appropriately.

Aedes: I do like LxC2 though, for reasons already mentioned. And Hikari. Also I can’t pronounce its name as anything other than cation, the ion, rather than ca-tion which I think is the intended pronunciation. Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for the inevitable Anion x Cation.

Are you looking at the assets or the pool table

Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen -Ecole de Paris-

Aero: Time and time again I’m reminded that I need to play this series. I’m surprised that Aedes hasn’t picked up this title because I’ve heard that the imouto’s route is to die for.

Aquaspirit: Otome Riron or its predecessor, Tsuki ni Yorisou to be exact, was another game that I dropped after 10 minutes of playing. Despite of this fact, I can agree with voters that the game deserved a high ranking. While I don’t really like getting a dildo shoved up my butt by Luna …the heroines in general, I think the game has excellent background musics. I could feel the unique atmosphere orchestrated by the soundtrack just from playing 10 minutes into the game.

Aedes: Just not into cross-dressing games. NO ONE messes with my gender identity, because I imagine it’d be pretty awkward if they succeed. Though now that you’ve mentioned the imouto route…damn I have to play it. Though I’ll make sure I’m the only one shoving anything up anywhere.



ChuSinGura 46+1

Aero: Anyway, ChuSinGura 46+1 seems like a hidden gem from my perspective. It doesn’t seem to be very well known, but it looks fantastic. It has definitely caught my eye now  =D.

Aquaspirit: Yes, it is definitely a hidden gem. When I saw the CGs of this game for the first time, I thought it was another usual attempt to moefy historical characters and fit them into the school settings. As a result, I never gave it a chance to prove itself until a fellow erogamer tweeted about how awesome ChuuSinGura46+1 was.

Fuzzy: Otome Riron and ChuSinGura 46+1 are both on my backlog…so can’t comment.

Aedes: I see sizable boobs, weapons, and a loli with a dragon added in for good measure. What else does a game need?


Grisaia no Rakuen

Aero: Grisaia’s ranking is quite expected; high, but not too high. Heard mixed opinions about the game, but I liked it, and thought the ending was appropriate given the material they were dealing with.

Aquaspirit: I actually expected Grisaia to be much lower than this, considering many disappointment tweets that I read on this game. Personally, I was very happy to see my favorite title in the top 5 of overall category.

Aedes: I still need to finish Meikyuu. So thanks very much for the spoiler.



Aero: The rank for Reminiscence seems a bit high to be honest; around 8 feels more correct in my opinion. I liked the game, but the common route and individual routes seemed too far off from each other. What I mean by this is that the stuff covered in the common route isn’t really looked at all in the individual routes.  However the game did have some very nice characters, and I look forward to the sequel.

Aquaspirit: Written by the same person who wrote Akatsuki no Goei, Reminiscence inherited all the good and bad traits of AkaGoei: attractive heroines, thought-provoking conversations, interesting characters interactions and rushed endings. As long as Reminiscence’s rank is within top 10, I think it is a fair judgement.



Aero: Lately, I’m considering playing Hapymaher after watching the opening for the fandisc. The ranking here only makes me want to play it more, but I’m a bit worried that the level of Japanese may be too advanced for me. Anyone played it? I can’t help but chuckle when I think about the dream concept of this game because when the protagonist has sex in a dream, it’s essentially a wet dream (LOL).

Aquaspirit: You should give it a try Aero and don’t worry too much about its Japanese level because it is actually pretty standard. Hmmm…not exactly sure what I should say, but I think Hapymaher is good enough to justify for its ranking.

Aedes: Talking about the level of Japanese next to a splendid pantsu shot and wet dreams…are you sure you’re in the right place? I know I am.


Madou Koukaku

Aero: Madou Koukaku…LOL has anyone played it? I’ll just assume that like most of the games by Eushully that the gameplay good. If anyone can tell me anything about how good the story is, would be appreciated ^^

Aquaspirit: Madou Koukaku’s story was above average at best, but the gameplay was pure bliss. There are three main facets to Koukaku’s gameplay: town building, world map war, and real time battle .

The town building system is very interesting…I spent hours just managing my towns. The world map war system is also very intriguing since a player has to make many strategic decisions on how to divide and move his troops. The real time battle, however, isn’t as good because the controls feel very clunky and unrefined.

Aero: Is that Sadistic looking bastard the main character? If so, I’m in =3

Aquaspirit: What? I thought you are not into that kind of stuff. Unfortunately nope, he is just one of the antagonist. However, the game does have an evil end where you conquered all territories, raped all the girls and made them sell their body at a red-light district.

Aedes: Sorry not playing if I can’t be that guy.



Aero: Prism Recollection looks very average to me; mainly because of the oversized boobs. I have never played a game by Clochette, and I don’t plan to any time soon. I love the opening though.

Aquaspirit: Prism Recollection was your average eroge in all aspects except for its very beautifully drawn and colored CGs. 

Fuzzy: You don’t understand Aero…it has a great PLOT! Okay…even if the REAL scenario sucks, ALL HAIL OPPAI MOEGEs!!!

Aquaspirit: *high-five Fuzzy* Finally someone who understand the beauty of non-flat oppai…O(≧∇≦)O

Aedes: I got sidetracked into doing something else while playing the imouto route. That doesn’t happen often.


Lovesick Puppies

Aero: I don’t really agree with lovesick puppies’ ranking. Two routes were good (the main girl and the childhood friend), but the others were quite tedious to get through.  I would have thought that Cosmic Cute’s other title, Gleam Garden no Shoujo, would have been up there instead.

Fuzzy: I’m disappointed Gleam Garden didn’t show up in ANY rankings…I loved the game! Good scenario, music, and art. Gleam Garden is a charage more so than a serious/dark work…I think some people expected the reverse. The mixed messages probably disappointed some people, but I still loved it.

Aedes: Also surprised Gleam Garden didn’t make it anywhere. Reading its reviews it seems like it’s quite the work.


Sengoku † Koihime

Aero: Seriously WTF is Sengoku Koihime doing at rank 11?!? The EGS avg is 69 (just under my play threshold score), and it doesn’t even have any H-content. ~continues to rage despite knowing basic nothing about the game~~~~

…I’ll admit that graphics are quite nice =3

Fuzzy: The game hasn’t even been out for 2 months; of course people will have it in mind for voting. 

Aero: Under that train of thought, shouldn’t Tsuyokiss have done better?



Aero: Amairo somehow made it up there at 12th. I’ve heard that’s it’s somewhat funny, but doesn’t live up to Dracu-riot. I would have thought that Karumaruka at 17th, which was advertised alongside Amairo, would have been higher up there. I suppose a lot of Sagaplanet fans were like me, and found Karumaruka to be disappointing. However after the initial wave of disappointment, and after thinking about it, admittedly I was harsh on the game. Yeah it didn’t live up to Sagaplanet’s GOD game Hatsuyuki Sakura, but it had its moments. But even after “forgiving”, there are still some elements of ridiculousness that I just can’t look past (Nicole’s route). I would say that Karumaruka deserved a rank somewhere from 8-12. 

Fuzzy: Excluding Shirley, Dracu-Riot > Amairo

Aero: Is the one down there taking a picture herself…down there, Shirley?

Fuzzy: Yes. Play it just for her route at least.

Aedes: Yep, Shirley made the game worthwhile. Though I’d like to give Masaki some credit too.


Kara no Shoujo 2

Aero: Looking at the graph, Kara no Shoujo 2 is a clear outlier. I’m sure lots of people are surprised that it got only 13th despite its reputation. I suppose it dropped a bit because of how depressing it is? Pretty sure Aedes picked this one up, so I’ll leave further thoughts on the matter to him. Yay ^^, I managed to reference my graph once XD XD XD (LOL)

Fuzzy: Despite the delicious abyss of despair KnS2 builds up to, I still prefer the original. Art’s gorgeous as ever (just ONE Noesis game please, Sugina Miki >_<).

Aedes: You got that right. The game was !@#$-ing depressing. In my opinion, the past chapter dragged on far too long though you can certainly argue that it’s part of the main story since it set the whole thing up. I’m just much more interested in the present. Art notwithstanding, I also prefer the first one. The story was much more relatable and its premises more human, I can understand a mad artist, but this crazy shit they cooked up for the second one is so far out there it just doesn’t pull you in as much unless you’re smoking the same goods they are. And I also like the first protagonist more perhaps because she had more screentime to build her character, which brings me to my next point. !@#$ YOU GUNGNIR how could you…..:(


Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~

Aero: I feel that Tsuyokiss (16th) and Fureraba (14th) deserved better. I’m guessing a lot of people didn’t like Fureraba’s system. As for Tsuyokiss…I have no idea. Maybe it got a lot lower because it was released in December?

Fuzzy: December has nothing to do with it, WA2 wreaked havoc in the rankings 2 years ago despite the late release. You gotta remember Tsuyokiss is a franchise with a history of ups, downs, and rehashing…so a reboot doesn’t guarantee success. I for one don’t like the new art. We’ll wait for your review to vindicate it. 😉



Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road

Aero: Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road’s ranking at 15th surprises me. The two new routes were good, and Ai’s final route was VERY good.  I would say that it left an even stronger impression on me than the original, which ranked 11th in 2012.



Aero: I’ve heard lots of good stuff about Cocoro@Function!, so I’m a bit surprised that it all the way down at rank 18. The game’s setting seems very interesting, but I don’t think I’ll be picking it up any time soon. People who have played this game, please clarify one thing for me. If a girl who’s affected by that Cocoro Function starts masturbating or something, would that spread to the whole Orca network?

Aedes: Nope, only the main guy gets to broadcast his thoughts for all to know, not that he can help it since his thoughts just leak out on their own. Also, the main guy is a helpless pervert with brain filled with nothing but lewdness, which isn’t a problem with me but I’ve read that a good number of Japanese players don’t like that which could account for the game’s rank down here.

My problem with the game was that the twins were obviously shoehorned in and given little polish, which is equivalent to giving the finger to all twin lovers. And the story was only relevant in only 1, maybe 2, of the routes. Fortunately, that one route is the imouto’s route so just go for that and you’ll get the whole story figured out. Not that there’s ever any reason to not jump at the imouto the first chance you get.

Magical Charming!

Aero: Games by lump of sugar sure are lumps of sh…sugar? As the company name implies, all their games generally have a pinkish feel to them. I’m a big fan of slice of life games, but I’ve never really been into games by LOS. Though I’ll admit that LOS’s new title, Sekai to Sekai no Mannaka de, looks quite good. With all things being said, I probably will NEVER pick up Magical Charming (19th).

Aedes: There’s a card game involved here too, which replaces the usual choice system, that I’ve heard praises about. But other than that…mahou shoujos for the win?


Walkure Romanze More&More

Aero: Finally we have Walkure Romanze More&More (review) at rank 20


Yeah I’m too lazy at this point…I’ll leave this section to Fuzzyhobo. 

Hell I’ll ask one more question; is “romanze” just the Japanese typo for the word “romance”, or is there some deeper meaning?

Fuzzy: It’s German. Not surprised on Walkure M&M’s overall lower ranking, some people were really unhappy with the lack of content. Sold bonkers though…keep it coming Ricotta!

Komori Kei's art is as gorgeous as always


Aero: As expected, no sign of LxC2 in this section =D.

Aquaspirit: While I can’t comment on the quality of Otome Riron which sat on the throne of Scenario Ranking Section , I am glad that ChuuSinGura46+1 did not go unnoticed and Grisaia is there on the third position despite of the lousy twist it has near the end of the story. To those people who have not played ChuuSinGura46+1, I suggest you give the title a try.

Aedes: Sorry, I don’t recognize the title. Is that a word?


Aquaspirit: Those who have read ChuSinGura46+1 can probably understand why I (aqua) put this picture here and for those who haven’t, please go ahead and play the game. When you come back after playing the game, I guarantee that you will see this plain CGs in the whole new light.


Aero: LxC2 and Madou Koukaku take first and second place here. However after these two, the rest don’t seem to have any meaning because the systems are just your typical system. This section seems like a waste of space to me because unless it’s for a game that’s has non-standard gameplay (RPG, fighting, dating sim, etc), the system for most games will be pretty much the same. 

Aquaspirit: Please take a quick look at the Systems Ranking Section.

VenusBlood-Gaia- is a turn based strategy games produced by Ninetail and/or Dualtail which have many years of experience in making these games. VB-Gaia- inherited many successful features of its predecessors and added onto them its original twists which make the gameplay enjoyable to both new players and veterans alike.


If there are any major disappointment that I have toward VenusBlood-Gaia- system, it will probably be its low display resolution. However, I managed to talk with a Ninetail staff through their official twitter and he told me that there are plans to upgrade their future games to widescreen resolution.

Even though I have not played Kimi to Kanojyo to Kanojyo no Koi, I have read enough tweets of this game to have some insights on its system. I believe that halfway through the story, one of the heroines will start talking to you, as in talking directly to the player. She will also hacked into the game, erased all your save data and prevented you saving your game progress. It is one of those rare games that break the 4th dimension wall.

What I am trying to do here is to point out that both VB-Gaia- and totono have some sort of systems that contribute directly into the eroge gameplay. On the other hand, Daitoshokan only has a more enhanced version of the standard eroge functionalities. While I can not comment readily on Daitoshokan system, I have played Eustia which uses a very similar system and throughout that game, the only functions that I really need to use was the usual load, save and skip buttons. Therefore, no matter how many times I think about it, I still can not wrap my head around the fact that Daitoshokan managed to score higher than both VenusBlood-Gaia- and totono in System Ranking.

Fuzzy: I ignore the systems section…I care about convenient system design over gameplay…at least for eroge.


Aero: No complaints here. Not really much to say here because it’s entirely subjective. 

Fuzzy: I’m surprised that PriColle won 1st considering how most people seem to like Kamikaze’s artist more…I like both! Sakigake Generation will be a major contender this year. Walkure Romanze won 2 years ago, but M&M placed 4th. Personally, I liked the top 3 more this time around so no complaints.

Aedes: What can I say. People love their Clochette-sized racks.

My favorite cg in the game.


Aero: No suprises that the LxC2 OP took first here XD. For those who had a look at this post, you can see that I ranked the OP for Reminiscence as my #1 for 2013. So yeah, a bit disappointed that it only took 7th place >____>. 

I was originally a bit surprised that the OP for Hapymaher took 4th. I’ve watched it a couple of times before, but I didn’t really see anything special about it. So I tried looping it for several tens of hours, and it’s beginning to grow on me =3

Aedes: I honestly fail to see how LxC2 OP took the first place. It’s essentially a glorified PowerPoint presentation with fancy transitions and CG/sprite flashes. While the same thing can be said for most OP’s, at least be like Hapymaher and put some interesting spin on it.



Aero: Wow. Runa was the top character two years in a row. I really should try Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou. No surprises with Risona’s rank; heard her route in Otome Riron is AMAZING. Wakoto’s rank is interesting…didn’t Hinata win the poll on the official site?

Fuzzy: Not INTERESTING. AMAZING~!!! All the Hinata lovers abandoned her in a heartbeat when forced to choose between her, Luna, and Kana while us Wakoto lovers are loyal and true… Okay, probably due to Nabatame. Of course, I voted for Kana, so I’m an utter hypocrite, lol. I would also point out the first LxC had 3 heroines rank 2 years ago, while 2 this time…another sign of a strong charage!

Aero: WTF. How did Maki’s rank increase >____>.

Fuzzy: You have to remember there are more variables at work here. Large and diverse voter pool forced to choose their overall favorites versus a small pool focusing on one game. So take everything with a grain of salt…or more. 

Aedes: Shin sitting down there at 18th makes me a sad panda.


Aero: LxC2 shows up here as well, and takes 3rd place…weird how it beats nukige like Zettai Junshu (8th). Nothing else to say in this section really except that I didn’t find any new fap material in this section. I’m quite the vanilla boy you see, and a lot of the games in this section just don’t agree with me >____>

Fuzzy: Our combined fapping covers this category in spades, lol. LxC2 IS virtually a nukige with 50+ H-scenes (including appends). Great scenes, great art, and zero complaints.  In my book, PriColle and LxC2 would be tied for first and Sei Shoujo would be lower in the rankings…loved the high volume and variety of content, but I’m not as crazy for the artist. I’m calling it now: Sakigake Generation will clench Ero this year.

Aero: That reminds me, I still gotta play the LxC2 appends. Are the H-scenes as good as the original game?

Fuzzy: I think so…ero fan service galore, lol.

Aedes: I would put Sei Shoujo lower in the rankings as well; the game got repetitive fast and I didn’t dig the art or the voice acting at all. But then most others are too vanilla to be worthy of first place so I guess it can stay there.

Aero: Well that wraps up our scatterbrained ranting! What did you readers think about the rankings? Shocking? Expected? Disappointed? Bigger backlogs? Flood the comments!

84 thoughts on “A Rant about Getchu Bishoujo Game Rankings of 2013

  1. About Sengoku † Koihime, it was december’s best sold VN (outselling any eroge of that month) and imo pretty decent despite being all ages.

    • Guess that’s fair. Had a look again at the EGS score, and the AVG seems to have been dragged down by a few out-liers. HOwever if I were to play an historical setting game that has lots of girls, I would probably choose ChuSinGura 46+1 over Sengoku † Koihime.

      When you say “decent”, do you think it deserves the rank it got?

      • ChuSinGura 46+1 and Sengoku Koihime are not about the same point of history though. Story wise ChuSinGura 46+1 was without doubt one of the best last year, but Sengoku Koihime has better visuals and it’s somewhat a sequel to the already established Koihime Musou (references being that the MC was the nephew of that Kazuto who lives with his 52 wives )

        • Unfortunately the fact that the two games are based off different periods of history wouldn’t really be enough to convince to play both. I see it as the games being ones that deviate from a modern setting, which puts them in about the same boat in my head. But that’s just me.

          Better visuals would be more of a relevant factor if there were H-scenes =D

          Also I haven’t played any of the previous Koihime’s, so it being a sequel probably deters me from playing it even more >____>.

          • You could always start with the original or Shin Koihime, both are enjoyable despite some flaws. Of course, playing all the Koihime games…that hundreds of hours of backlog.

          • I would based on content AND visuals. Since the content for their games are very similar, the type of clothes and stuff the heroines wear end up being pretty much the same. Sure there are different artists across games, but the leap in graphics quality isn’t so dissimilar that it would make me play one over the other.

  2. @Aero
    Btw Aero, Since I already have it in my laptop, I decide to play Material Brave for my next raw eroge. It’s an RPG eroge. I already played it and already at chapter 3 (without machine translation and it’s obvious that I’m not fully understand it since my Japanese is not that good. I can understand it at best at 50%-60%).
    btw, can I use Atlus in Material Brave? If I can’t use Atlus in Material Brave, what machine translations that I can use in Material Brave (and for other RPG and SLG eroge too since I planned to play Madou Koukaku and Lovely x Cation 2 too)?


    Okay, for Bishoujo Game Awards 2013 comment….

    Aero, highfive!! *Highfive*
    I agree with you that Karumaruka*Circle deserved a rank somewhere from 8-12. I don’t have any problem with rank from 1st to 8th in overall ranking because they’re deserve to be there. I even really doubt myself that if Karumaruka*Circle is better than eroge that ranked from 1st to 8th in overall ranking.
    Well, I’m not disappointed with Karumaruka. In fact, I think it’s really good. I’m sure most people that disappointed with Karumaruka, found Karumaruka didn’t live up to Hatsuyuki Sakura. Well, I already expect 95% that Karumaruka didn’t live up to Hatsuyuki Sakura since the writer of Karumaruka isn’t well known writer and also isn’t writer that already have reputation (all of them), and Niijima Yuu didn’t work and involved in Karumaruka scenario because he left SAGA PLANETS. If I should said to who I’m disappointed, I will say that I’m disappointed with people who already knew the writer that did scenario for Karumaruka*Circle is different from the writer that did scenario for Hatsuyuki Sakura, yet still disappointed with Karumaruka*Circle after played it because it didn’t live up to Hatsuyuki Sakura. If people disappointed with Amairo*Islenauts because it didn’t live up to Dracu-Riot!, I don’t have any objection here because they’re right to be disappointed the writer of Amairo*Islenauts is really well known writer and already have reputation, yet they fail to make Amairo*Islenauts live up to Dracu Riot!.
    Btw, I think what happen to Karumaruka is same like what happen to Rewrite.

    I’m still sad that Karumaruka*Circle didn’t ranked in music category and opening category. Karumaruka*Circle OP is great, yet it didn’t ranked in the top 10 in OP category. Fureraba OP and Hitotsu Tobashi Renai OP also deserve to be ranked in the top 10 in Opening category too I think. I think Hapymaher, Kara no Shoujo 2, and Sengoku † Koihime don’t deserve to be in the top 10 in Opening category. Sengoku † Koihime is kinda overrated I think. Prism◇Recollection! is kinda overrated too though I acknowledge its art is really awesome and it deserve ranked 1st in Art category.

    An interesting, but kinda sad fact.
    Bishoujo Game Awards 2011 Winner – White Album 2 (Already have anime adaptation and its anime already finished airing)
    Bishoujo Game Awards 2013 Winner – Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai (Anime adaptation already announced).
    Bishoujo Game Awards 2012 Winner – Hatsuyuki Sakura (Still no anime adaptation announcement).

    Somehow, looks like game from Visual Art’s took a long time to get anime adaptation.

    • I don’t see why ATLAS wouldn’t work with Material brave. It most likely will not pick up various aspects of the gameplay elements. For dialogue, it should be fine. HOWEVER! If you can understand 50-60% of Material Brave without using ATLAS, I’m wondering if the use of it will actually change much at all. Being a machine translator, ATLAS’s quality is very questionable, and there’s a chance that it may even confuse you when you’re playing. Your best bet is probably to give it a try, and see the quality for yourself. Also if you are not using them already, consider using Mecab and Jparser as well.

      Though I have no idea what his name is, I was vaguely aware that the scenario writer for Hatsuyuki Sakura had left Saga Planets. However wouldn’t say that the fact that he left justifies a drop in quality. If anything, I feel that the company should have put in more effort to ensure that there would have no drop in quality in order to reassure fans. Sure there was a new writer, but the company surely had some say on the matter. So I would say that negative criticism towards the company would be reasonably justified. What I disapprove of is that it seems a lot of people, like me, may have “overshot” how much they didn’t like the game.

      I haven’t looked at all the OPs yet, so I’ll get back to you on that.

      None of Sagaplanet’s games have anime adaptions, so I doubt Hatsuyuki will get an anime.

      • Well, Material Brave gameplay and system isn’t as complicated as Eushully’s game (Like Kamidori and Madou Koukaku), so somehow I can understand Material Brave gameplay and system even if it’s in Japanese. Only its dialogue that I can’t understand fully. btw, let me revise my word, I understand it probably at best 40-50%.
        Maybe I will give it a try and also, I will consider Mecab and Jparser like you said.

        His name is Niijima Yuu (the writer of Hatsuyuki Sakura). Niijima Yuu-sensei.
        That’s true the fact that he left SAGA PLANETS wouldn’t justifies a drop in quality, but with those new writers for scenario of Karumaruka (Seo Jun, Toishi Hiroki, and Mikumiya Mikuri) and Niijima Yuu-sensei worked alone in scenario of Hatsuyuki Sakura and now he’s already left SAGA PLANETS, it’s kinda obvious that Karumaruka (SAGA PLANETS next eroge after Hatsuyuki Sakura) will take a drop in quality.
        I think that’s already their best effort to ensure that there would have no drop in quality in order to reassure fans. With those new young leaves writers (Well, they looks young leaves writers to me). It’s hard for them immediately making something amazing like Hatsuyuki Sakura. They (those new young leaves writers) still need more experience. Even Niijima Yuu didn’t immediately making something amazing at first when he worked in SAGA PLANETS (Coming x Humming that I mean).

        Don’t forget to watch these OP too:
        – Shoujo Shiniki∽Shoujo Tengoku -The Garden of Fifth Zoa-
        – Material Brave Ignition
        – Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi
        – Baldr Sky Zero
        – Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete FLIGHT DIARY
        – Mirai Sekai no Planeta
        – Da Capo III R X-rated
        – Konata Yori Kanata Made II
        – Yumeiro Alouette!
        – Gangsta Republica
        – Unmei ga Kimi no Oya o Erabu Kimi no Yuujin wa Kimi ga Erabu

        They have a really nice OP song. I’m sure you will like some of them.

        I know that none of SAGA PLANETS’s games have anime adaptation, but I think Hatsuyuki Sakura will make more money for them (SAGA PLANETS and Visual Art’s) if it’s adapted into anime because I’m sure that Hatsuyuki Sakura will become popular too if it’s adapted into anime. Sales wise, Hatsuyuki Sakura sold really well and popular. Quality wise, Hatsuyuki Sakura quality is really high. So it’s kinda they’re throwing away the chance to make Hatsuyuki Sakura more popular and get more money from it if it’s not adapted into anime.

      • oh, almost forgot. Aero, don’t forget to watch this too. I’m sure you will like this OP. ^_^
        For now, I decide to add this one in my backlog, but there is possibility that I will play this one after it’s out instead of add this one in backlog.

        • I especially like 2:06 to 2:09. They summarize what the game is about in 3 seconds without telling you too much and leave you(me) wanting more.

          Also, I will personally come after you if you don’t drop everything you’re doing and jump on it the moment it comes out.

          • I really like Clover Day’s OP, especially from 1:28 until finished. I think from all OP of eroge that released in 2014 so far, I think Clover day’s OP is the best one so far.

            Btw, what do you mean with “Also, I will personally come after you if you don’t drop everything you’re doing and jump on it the moment it comes out“? You mean you will personally come after me if I don’t play Clover Day’s right away after it comes out and drop everything that I’m doing?
            If that’s what you mean…………….. AERO!! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
            Okay, I’m just kidding.

            I can’t promise to play Clover Day’s right away after it comes out because I have to consider it with my study in university too. I don’t know whether I will get busy or not with my study in university in the future, so the only thing that I can do is I will try my best to play Clover Day’s right away after it comes out.

          • I see. Okay, I will decide to play Clover Day’s right away or add it in my backlog probably the slowest 2-3 days before it comes out since I can arrange my schedule in that time.
            Well, even after it (Clover Day’s) comes out, probably I still need 2-4 days to finish download it.

            btw, which comment that you mean? I think I know which comment that you mean, but I’m not that sure. Well, looks like my comment recognized as spam because of its connection.

    • Good luck with Material brave ^^. Though I’ve heard that the story is somewhat lacking >____>.

      I’m surprised that Aedes or Fuzzy didn’t zing me here, but I REALLY suck at remember names. But since you’ve been so kind to put his name in bold there, I’ll reference it instead of simply using the words “that scenario writer”. LOL

      For those who knew Niijima Yuu had left Saga Planets, a drop in quality for Karumaruka was quite expected. However the fact that it was expected, doesn’t make the drop in quality any better. Sure we can say that the company might do better later, but that fact still remains that they didn’t do as well this time round. As I commented previous, I think the company should have taken more effort to look over the scenario of the game. Sure they probably wouldn’t have been able to change the scenario writers’ ideas completely, but they should have the power to make them think of ways to fill in holes and to make the story flow more smoothly. So with that, I choose to lay the responsibility of the decrease in quality on the company, rather than the individuals. Because ultimately, the ones who are releasing the game is Saga Planets. However I accept that there’s always fluctuations of game quality from companies, and will still keep an eye on Saga Planets in the future.

      Haha, I’ll be sure to watch those OPs in due time. Unfortunately I’m quite busy atm because I need to finish a review before Majikoi A-3 comes out on the 28th >____>. The clover Days OP was quite nice ^^. And sorry, you’re on your own to deal with Aedes =p

      As for the Hatsuyuki anime, I have no idea. Perhaps they see how many anime adaptions fall behind the game version, and don’t want to see that happening with their own stuff.

      • What comes first for RPG (included RPG eroge) is its gameplay . Story comes second. Well, I really enjoy its gameplay and just as you said before, I feel the story is kinda lacking. Well, I think Material Brave is still worth to play because of its gameplay, not its story. Btw, though some people that played Material Brave called Ayumu “sickly bastard”, I think Ayumu is still the best attacker in battle. If you can use his combo correctly, you will always overpowered your enemy with his amazing combo if you use him as attacker (not partner).

        I remember that you also wrong wrote Sakakibara Yui’s name and Aedes fixed it for you. Well, I remember Niijima Yuu’s name clearly as sky because he is one of 5 mangaka/scenario writers that I really respect.

        Hmmmm…………..It just doesn’t kinda feel right for me to choose to lay the responsibility of the decrease in quality on the company.
        Well, I also accept that there’s always fluctuations of game quality from companies too. Also, I still looking forward to SAGA PLANETS’s game in the future.

        Yeah, Clover Day’s OP is really great. Somehow, I think Clover Day’s OP is “an amazing art”.
        Btw, Please help me Aero. I’m not that sure, but looks like I made Aedes into “yandere mode”. ;_;

        Well, I agree that many anime adaptions fall behind the game version. Walkure Romanze, Little Busters!, and maybe D.C.III is one of example of it.

  3. Bigger backlog, definitely. I’m not really shocked since I didn’t have any expectations to begin with, being unable to read Japanese yet, but I’m glad to see much of what I intend to read when I get there is on the list. Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai/Virgin Road will be among the first I’ll be reading!

  4. I think we need to start a new series: Aquaspirit’s 10 minute previews :P.

    Great post, I would recommend Daito and OtomeRiron if you haven’t tried it. They really are eroges with immersive atmospheres and dynamic characters. And the system interface is aesthetically pleasing ;).

    Where’s aqua’s input on his H-content! xP

    • That preview thing would certainly get things more active around; it’s ghost town half the time >___>

      With Daitoshokan, what’s good about it? The character interaction? Some mystery element? Or does it have it all? =3

      I think he got lazy after the systems section

    • Aquaspirit’s 10 minute previews? What will that be about O_o?

      lol, I didn’t write on the few last sections was partly because I got too lazy to be objective, or otherwise I will start bashing on Daitosho if I were to write based on my feeling alone.

      I didn’t write on H-content because as you know I have a ‘unique’ taste for Hscene and yet almost all games in the top 10 H-content section are vanilla. In most case I ctrl-skipped vanilla sexs, and even if I dont, vanilla sexs just don’t leave deep impression in me, so I decided not to comment at all.

      However, I guess the main reason is I was too tired from keeping up with Aero, Aedes and Fuzzy writing speed. I usually took my time in brainstorming and arranging my thoughts, but I was only given one day to write something here so I my brain got overheated a bit from too much work XD

  5. Played 7/20 based on the Getchu’s Top 20. Toshokan was nice, not perfect and Kana’s amazing. Lovesick Puppies is one of my favorites. Same for FureRaba as I adore smee’s light-hearted no-drama titles. Happymahrer was for me a bit odd and confusing with its dream (in a dream in a dream) layout; waiting for the FD. Amairo was okay-ish, <3ed Sherry's route.

    • Hapymaher = inception? LOL, no spoilers please; I’m planning on playing it soon XD

      The really liked the setting and characters of Lovesick Puppies. Orie’s and Yuki’s routes were very well done, and I loved them. However the other routes…were not so good >___>.

      Is Sherry’s route really that good? I’ll need to pick up the game sometime

      • Yeah, Sherry’s route is really good.
        If you want to play Amairo*Islenauts, you better only play Sherry’s route and maybe Yune’s route. Don’t play other routes besides those two because other routes besides those two potentially make you drop Amairo*Islenauts.

  6. Playing LovelyxCation 2 and i’m loving it so far. Really happy it got number 2 ranking. Now i can’t wait for PrettyxCation and AnionxCation to cone out!!! Especially AnionxCation!

  7. Only played ChuSinGura and Amairo tbh. And really, ChuSinGura outodne the latter by far. Especially the second route of ChusinGura ;_;

    • Well…it’s actually enforced order really. But it can basically divided into 5 chapter with 5 different heroine. So i called it a route. I mean, Iirc there’s only one choice in the entire game.

    • Hey man, Chikara’s arc is amazingly funny and heartwarming and all that, especially if you compare her to previous arc. But Kyoto’s? That arc is where the tears flow man, special mention goes to the ending.

  8. Hoh… Madou Koukaku is rank8? Better than I expected since the gameplay is not that good compare to previous title. (Once you get the hank of it, even with hard mode and enemy level unlimited, the battle with Haishera is still more than manageable) Let’s see how far can Tenbin no La DEA go this year.

    • April’s going to be chaotic(read:no time to study) month; la Dea and Rance 9 released on the same day
      gg final exams

      • That two games I always wanted to play but at the same time I cant get myself to play their first series and all other after that. So I dont know if I will have a problem understanding the plot and stuffs

  9. 2013 wasn’t that great of a year, I think…
    As everyone saw, games are rapidly decreasing in quality for some reason, and I’m sure I don’t really need to mention why since we’re all intelligent individuals.

    I got a few laughs here and there, and I appreciate how you guys took the time to summarize all 20 titles into a (relatively) short post. Thanks!

    Looks like I’ve played all the games that are worth playing, so I’m pretty much done with 2013’s releases……….
    Except for the ones stashed away in my HDD… (Which includes Hapymaher… gotta get to that soon o3o)

    Props to Aero for helping me decide to drop Karumaruka, especially because I wasn’t too fond of Hatsuyuki Sakura’s protagonist (although the game was overall really good)
    Gratz to Fuzzy for being #1, and “Like” to aqua for your seemingly-innocent comments xD
    …Who’s Aedes?

    • I don’t think 2013 was TOO bad. There was Grisaia no Rakuen, and LxC2 afterall. Though I guess compared to people’s expectations, 2013 was a bit bad. But hell, I’m not one to complain; I just play the games =D.

      This post was quite hectic to write up actually. We somehow managed to write this thing in a day despite the fact that wordpress only lets us go at it one at a time.

      I also need to get around to playing Hapymaher. Unfortunately with Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki, Pretty x Cation, and Clover days coming out over the next couple of months, my schedule looks pretty tight =(.

      As I mentioned above, I do believe I was a bit too harsh on Karumaruka. However that doesn’t change the fact that I found some bits of the game to be complete BS.

      What’s an “Aedes”?

      • Don’t forget with Otome Riron and ChuSinGura.

        Aero, how about Racial Merge? I’m sure you’re planning to play that too.
        Btw, my schedule is tighter than your schedule with Clover Day’s in March and AstralAir no Shiroki Towa, Majo Koi Nikki, Racial Merge, Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki, and Tenbin no LA DEA in April.
        Btw Aero, no plan on playing AstralAir no Shiroki Towa and Majo Koi Nikki in April?

        Yeah, I also think that you’re a bit too harsh on Karumaruka

  10. Did the developer behind the Lovely x Cation titles explain why they ditched the previous illustrator, Iizuki Tasuku? Did that illustrator say that he wanted to work on something else, or did he ask for too much money, or something else?

    I hope to see you guys review Otome Riron and/or its prequel soon. Luna is one of the few characters I know of who is played by Ayuru Oohashi, AKA Eila from Strike Witches, and by all accounts she was by far the favourite heroine among the fans.

    Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai is slated to become an anime soon. I wonder if you’ll review it before then.

    • Wouldn’t know anything about Iizuki Tasuku. It’s a well known fact around here that I suck at remembering the people behind the game =3 LOL.

      I don’t know about the others, but I currently don’t have plans to play Daitoshokan or Otome Riron anytime soon. I’m currently playing Hapymaher, and play to play the FD once I’ve finished. However I know that Fuzzy has played some of daitoshokan. I’ll get in touch with him about a review for it ^^

      • I don’t know about that; you three seemed to like the art in the LxC games, so I would have thought that you’d be disappointed that the artist has been changed for Pretty X Cation.

        I do hope Aedes makes a review for Otome Riron and/or its prequel soon. Aedes seems to like the “problematic imouto” archetype, or why else is Aedes’ avatar that of Sora Kasugano?

        • Those two games have been on my backlog forever. Cross-dressing dudes just aren’t my cup of tea. I’ll probably give it a try…sometime though.

          Not exactly. While I’d say I like all imoutos equally, but I have a preference for the yandere-ish, over dependent type who needs nothing else in the world except me, and Sora fits that bill perfectly. Perhaps a bit sickish, but I like the kind of romance portrayed by the engrish subtitle in Yosuga no Sora “In solitude, where we are least alone”.

          • From what I’ve read, Risona from TsuriOtsu isn’t yandere, but she is like Sora in that she’s practically a hikkikomori who thrives on the internet and is overly-dependent on her brother (who is the player character). Besides, Hiro Suzuhira was one of the two artists for YnS anyway (and she illustrated for Risona and Luna for Otome Riron and its prequel).

            I think YnS’ tagline wasn’t so much Engrish as it was an attempt to stuff a somewhat-complicated concept (“we can be alone, but with you I will never be lonely”) into a short statement. Try the following less-Engrishy variants:

            -“My World Is You”/”All the world to each other”
            -“Never Alone, When I’m Alone With You”
            -“A Solitude where we are never alone”

          • Too bad she wasn’t even a main heroine in the first game. If she was I probably would have played it already.

            That’s probably it, precisely the kind of romance I love. Reading comprehension was never my strong suit. And I’m also loving a healthy serving of that in Sugar Pot’s newest doll game.

        • Oh well, it just means that the Japanese could really use more people to help them with their “Engrish.” I doubt YnS will ever be commercially translated, but the improved taglines I suggested would be useful if it was.

          Still, I think the kind of romance that the YnS tagline isn’t very specific. It can be positive (meaning that “with you, I don’t need anything else to be happy”)–if I’m not mistaken that’s the kind of love that YnS heroines like Akira or Nao had for Haruka in YnS. The negative version is what Sora had in my view, where obsession or unhealthy dependence on someone becomes twisted love–she wanted to monopolize Haruka and keep him all to herself, essentially making him reciprocate her obsession rather than reach out to the larger world and integrate herself into it in a more mentally healthy manner.

          Since you do in fact like problematic imoutos, what are you waiting for to review Otome Riron? How did you like Ayuru Oohashi’s performance as Luna in that game?

          • Taglines that made sense would certainly be useful and much wanted. I seriously don’t know why the Japanese game makers keep putting out nonsensical Engrish taglines or whatever English related. If it’s something that short, they can even post, anonymously or not, on some possibly eroge or anime related English forum or blog and I’m sure the people there will gladly help them with a proper tagline. Maybe they don’t even have to go that far, someone in the company must know someone who knows English well enough to help? Heck, even I can come up with one if they gimme an idea.

            Sora’s twisted love version is the kind I like the most and what I had in mind. Yes, the positive version is sweet, but it doesn’t have the same emotional impact for me. I view that obsession and dependence as a form of romance to the point where I wouldn’t mind if Sora never integrates with the outside world. Yep, I’m probably a sicko, not that’s anything new.

            Well, I’d have to play the two games first as I haven’t gotten around to them yet. That would probably be after Clover Days, whatever else in March, and probably those two older Mai Gotou games. From her voice samples, I think I’ll like that voice since I generally like lower pitched voices even though I don’t usually like the character types they’re associated with. Higher pitched voices usually sound too artificial and fake which annoys me.

          • Sadly, it seems the Japanese don’t mind (or perhaps even like) badly-written or badly-spoken English in their media. Check out this song with awfully-pronounced English lyrics (the whole song is supposed to be in English, but without reading the lyrics in the vid description you’d never know), which was used for a flagship game title released by SEGA in 2010:

            I would like to think that commercially-translated eroge with Engrish taglines have those cleaned up by the translators, but that’s honestly a low priority (I mean, whose decision to buy such a thing would be swayed by a detail that when done well invites no praise?). Mangagamer is up for translating the Innocent Grey title Cartagra, which has the Engrish tagline “The Sickness of Possessory and Crazy” (sic). I have no real idea what the original writer was going with that (and I don’t think the translators at Mangagamer could ask the original writer since from what I’ve heard s/he no longer works at Innocent Grey, unless they can look up the original Japanese version of that tagline and translate from there), but my best guess (given what I know of the story) would be “A Madness born of Love and Obsession” (you might want to check it out, if you can stand the more graphic elements, since you like love stories where the heroine’s love becomes the basis for obsession and a desire to monopolize the hero’s feelings, and the main “hidden” heroine is clearly like that). Still, I think on some level well-written English just isn’t worth much in Japanese media. After all, why would Kana MInami from the anime series Minami-ke! go parading around in a shirt that reads “I Am Boss” (sic)?

            I think that Akira from YnS (at least given the version of her backstory from the anime adaptation) is the most similar to Sora; she has very little (given her status as an illegitimate child) and wants only to have her love for Haruka requited. I think that most of the heroines in YnS are like this, with the exception of Kazuha and Kozue (I don’t know much about the latter’s story), though both Akira and Sora certainly have the least to offer Haruka. Even Yahiro (who from what I’ve read has a string of failed relationships and has only one small store in the countryside to her name) would fit that archetype–she’d be happy with Haruka even with how little she actually has.

            Yes, I agree that eroge heroines with high-pitched voices can sound annoying. That’s why I like eroge seiyuus like Shizuka Itou and Yuu Asakawa who don’t normally provide the voices for high-pitched girls. Then again, veterans like Ryoko Tanaka and Hitomi Nabatame can do both high-pitched and low-pitched voices (Nabatame rarely did so, though I’m sure after her performance as a deeper-voiced heroine in White Album 2 she’ll get more roles in that vein). Still, it’s clear that high-pitched heroine voices in eroge are popular; otherwise, why would Mai Kadowaki (whose specialty is female characters with that voice type) be so popular in eroge titles?

            By the way, which of your e-mail addresses (there are two of yours listed on this website, one for yahoo and one for gmail) is the one you currently use? I have a few things I’d like to talk to you about over e-mail.

    • They didn’t “ditch” Iizuki Tasuku…he probably had schedule conflicts. LxC2 probably took 1.5-2 years to make…Akabei Soft2/Akatsuki Works probably want to make the xCation series something they can milk annually. So they started a 2nd team to work on the next series entry. I bet you nickels PrettyxCation was already in pre-production before LxC2 even came out.

      Furthermore, Iizuki Tasuku already had plans to work on tone work’s next game Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, which is coming out this summer. So combined with this, wrapping up LxC2, and the company’s push to annualize xCation, he just didn’t have time…maybe he’ll work on the inevitable LxC3.

      However, the scenario lead of LxC and LxC2, insider, will not be coming back…he left the company.

      • Thanks for your information. So the artists for the “x Cation” series have to be staggered to account for development time. I’m glad that Iizuki Tasuku is still getting regular work, even if he’s only illustrating for some of the characters for the title you mentioned, as was the case for like Hatsukoi.

        I still don’t know why he was passed over to replace Miyata Sou (who was busted and then fired for plagiarism) for the Muv-Luv VN series. Iizuki Tasuku contributed some very nice artwork for that series and I’m sure there are plenty of fans who would have liked to have seen him become a full-time illustrator for that series.

        Anyway, I take it that insider’s leaving the company isn’t that big a loss because the premise of the first two LxC games was getting repetitive?

  11. This post served as a back log for me and I finally played up to the part of Chuusingura where that image came into play. I was so happy and like you said the image means so much more after you play the game, Aquaspirit. I still need to do 2 more routes, but this game has some of the best story telling in a Eroge I ever seen. Then I need to play the sequel as well xD.

    • Man I really need to get back into some good eroge. I was planning on playing Primal Hearts 2 this month, but sadly, that got delayed. So yeah…kinda free atm =(

      Regarding Chuusingura , is the romance any good?

      • I only played 4 of the 5 routes as of now, but I think the romance is really suited for the story line. The game is also meant to be played one route after another so you are forced to go from one heroine to another without your own free will and there are 0 choices to be made other than once so far. I can’t go into details without spoiling the plot, but it could be argued that the protagonist ending up with different heroines each route is bad writing and is just for the sake of having a route for each heroine, but I think each heroine holds up really well despite it. There are very few H scenes in the end (only 1 or 2 for each route) and I feel that each H scene is really well done and not forced. The game also has one of the best protagonist I seen in a Eroge. He develops really well and actually plays an important part to the part. I really recommend playing at least the first route, 假名手本忠臣蔵編 , which you can download by itself. Then you can decide if you want to play the rest because by the end of the first route, you might think that playing the game will be tedious. The first 3 routes can all be downloaded separately, while downloading the entire game will give all 3 and provide 2 additional routes to tie up the story. Some people also argue that the game should of ended at the 3rd route. (the first 3 routes are for the 3 heroines other than the blond loli). Also some people speak some with some really high level of vocabulary regarding government affairs and bushido.

        TLDR – Romance is good, but definitely not the main focus between the protagonist and each heroine, there relationship as people is more deeply looked at. Subsequent routes romance could be argued to be contrived just for the sake of the protagonist ending up with a different heroine each time, but I personally think the way he ends up with each heroine is appropriate for himself and the story line.

        • Just finished the game and honestly the big reveal at the end was kind of lame and it got super chuuni lol. Also the last route might as well be the Emoshichi’s route with the final ending attached, the heroine basically could of been anyone for the last route. Over all it was still a very good game in my opinion with a great story, a great protagonist and heroines without any forced love (other than the true ending… lol… that was just for the sake of a harem end xD)

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