Aero-ge review: Melty Moment

Phew, I managed to rush this before Majikoi A-3 got released =D.

Game site: MeltyMoment -メルティモーメント-
Release date: January 31, 2014
Links: VNDB, Erogamescape, Walkthrough


Takeru lives in a commuter town a few stations away from the busy city. There are not many tall buildings except for those around the station and the new apartments lining the river. One could easily tell the time of day just by the placement of the sun, which shines unblocked upon the town. Late in September, Takeru was walking along the embankment with his friends. It was a normal day just like every other day. However, just because of one little thing, his path home became a path to love.

These little events are scattered amongst our normal daily lives. That moment when our eyes meet. That moment when we touched each others’ hands when reaching for the same book. That moment when you first smiled at me. These moments colour our canvas of love.

[“Borrowed” from Micchi’s blog]


Common route

The game’s story is broken up into chapters, with the common route being 7 chapters, and the individual routes being about 10 chapters. The game is all business pretty much, and there is a lot less crap than other games of the same genre. What I mean by this is that there isn’t much idle chatter where you’re just waiting for things to happen. Given the game’s genre, expecting any level of story would be foolish.

The protagonist for this game, Takeru, has many qualities of your average eroge protagonist. Fortunately he also has some qualities that make him a bit more interesting. He’s a troublemaker, and is often told off for running in the hallway and for pulling pranks.

At the start of the game two of the five girls of Takeru’s “harem” are already in place; Sumire and Yuuka. He meets the other three (Natsuki, Misao, and Aoi) in fairly typical ways, and they all coincidently become members of the election committee that Takeru, Sumire and Yuuka also happen to be a part of. Though the common route is fairly standard in terms of quality, the quick pace makes it more than bearable.


Melty Moment uses a map movement decision system which deviates slightly from the norm. Along with having various maps areas to access, you also get to choose among a range of times. Heroines will generally be at different places over the various times, and each location shows a unique event. Despite this slightly different system, the only thing that really matters is WHICH heroine you choose. Because of that, I generally only looked at one scene and moved on with the story.


After you get onto a heroine’s route, the decision style changes since you’re only dealing with the one heroine. However the following style of map selection is also used in the common route a few times as well.


There are also a number of real time choices spread throughout the game. Sadly they don’t actually contribute towards anything, and your choice merely adds about 10seconds of extra dialogue.


“Girly talking” scenes provide nice breaks from the main story, and are pretty much scenes where the girls talk to themselves and reminisce about some earlier events. The content of these girly talking scenes are partly influenced by which scene you chose to watch during the map movement selection. Admittedly I did load to pick a different map movement decision to see all the variations of the girly talking scenes a couple of times. However I just couldn’t be bothered after a while; especially when the map movement decision was quite a way away from the girly talking scene. Along with heroine specific girly talking scenes, there are also a number of shared ones which are spread throughout the common route.


Development + Confession

There is very little romantic development in the common route, and basically everything is squeezed into about the first 2 chapters of each route. As you can imagine this causes all them pre-confession issues to feel fairly rushed; especially Takeru’s realization of his own feelings. I would have liked to see more development, but the amount shown still wasn’t bad.

All the confession scenes have Takeru pretty much listing all the events that you chose to see during various map movements. The listing part really made things feel bland…not to mention unrealistic. That aside, the OTHER stuff in the confession scenes were generally fine.


Characters and routes

All routes are pretty much 100% slice of life romance comedy, and are devoid of any drama.


Natsuki is the puppy like kouhai who is super shy, and has horrible verbal skills. She becomes attached to Takeru after he saves her a couple of times, and somehow ends up referring to him by “onii-chan”.


I admit Natsuki’s cute, but she’s really someone I would want as a little sister, rather than a girlfriend. And for all you siscons out there, when I say “sister”, I’m talking in the pure sense.

I’m not a huge fan of her slow talking, and as you might guess, there is a large focus on her shyness in the route. The route itself wasn’t very memorable, but I remember the ending was way too corny. EASILY the most memorable part of her route was when Natsuki’s mother asks Takeru if he’s a lolicon (LOL).



Masao is the serious kouhai character who has a strong sense of duty. Looking at the common route as a whole, I would say that it leans towards Misao.


I can’t help but chuckle every time I see her name because the English translate of it is “chastity”. She’s very cute and obedient, and her route does a good job to portray these qualities.  I really enjoyed Misao’s ending because it differed from the normal standard you would expect in the situation that’s presented.



Yuuka is Takeru’s childhood friend who lives in the same apartment block. They are very close, and often do things that only couples would do. I would describe her personality, but you can probably guess what it’s like by just looking at her.


A very typical character type, but the execution was excellent. The added embarrassment between the two makes previous behaviour the two use to do fresh again. For a bulk of the route the two are basically living with each other, which leads to some funny developments. Her route ends on a very warm and fuzzy note.



Sumire is Takeru’s classmate and is known for her cool personality and sharp tongue. However she’s actually hiding her real personality, and is in fact very girly.


The “gap” in her personality is pretty huge, and this might be the reason why her girly personality felt a little overwhelming at times for me. The ending was somewhat disappointing as it was a very typical exposure of her real personality to the class.



Aoi is 3rd year student who is well known for being super energetic, and being all over the place. She’s good at pretty much anything she does, and there are often rumours spreading about her breaking a creating a new record. She loves to tease people, but is caught off guard and reacts timidly whenever Takeru counters her teasing with his some of his own.


Aoi is easily my most favourite heroine by FAR. She’s the only heroine who regularly gets jealous, and the fact that she’s older only makes the jealousy more awesome. After the two start dating, all her focus shifts to Takeru, and the rumours about her slow die down.  Takeru notices this fact near the end of the route, and attempts to address the issue. However like Misao’s ending, Aoi’s route also differed what I was expecting, and was a pleasant surprise.



Route ranking: Aoi >>> Fuuka  and Misao > Sumire  > Natsuki

Side routes (Chiemi, Yua, and Kagami)

The side heroines’ routes are each 2 chapters long, containing a single H-scene, and are unlocked as you complete the other routes. The annoying thing about the side routes is that takes the same amount of time to get onto these routes as the original routes. So you need to skip through the whole common route, pick and watch the scenes,

These side routes are generally quite well done for how long they were. Of course they did feel a little rushed because it was only 2 chapters.


System, sound and other random junk

I’m keeping this section short because I’m lazy.

Plenty of save files (close to 200)


Quick loading from the log is a +

My only real complaint is that there was no jump feature, so you need to sit and wait while the text skips.

Final Words

Romance: 8/10
Characters: 8/10
Comedy: 7/10
Graphics, sound and other miscellaneous stuff: 8/10

Overall: 75/100

Melty Moment was a decent amount better than the other two games I’ve played by Hook (Sugirly Wish and Honey Coming). The characters, including the side characters, are generally quite likable, and the fast paced flow keeps things from getting too boring. The unique map movement system adds some novelty, but the overall system of the game is fairly standard. As a slice of life game I would say Melty Moment delivers quite well, and would please those who enjoy this genre of game.

Guess I’ll end things off with some light fan-service =p


38 thoughts on “Aero-ge review: Melty Moment

  1. Hmm sounds like a good slice of life VN. Story seems interesting and i’m liking the art too. Plus who doesn’t love a girl who gets jealous often?? xD Gonna give this a play after i finish playing LovelyxCation 2. Thanks for the review aero!

    • Haha I’m afraid this game doesn’t hold much when compared to LxC2. But this game also has it’s moments, so I can definitely say it’s worth a try.

      • Finally finished Aoi’s route (only god knows why it took this long) but it was sooooo worth it… Shes definitely a keeper… LOVED the flirting and teasing between the couple. Especially liked the scene when she calls the protagonist “amaenbo” xD thanks for the review Aero! glad i played this for Aoi hehe

          • Haha it took quite a long time but i finally “completed” LxC2 + appends. First things first…. I LOVE THE OP TOO xD!!! ♫ Call to, Call to me! Call for, Call for you ~♫
            LxC2 was just PERFECT!! When they become a couple they just have sex all day long like rabbits ITS AWESOME!! Love the scenes leading up to the confession and the raburabu after that is just too good. And the appends that come after the story ends is just added bonus for this great game.
            Seine’s route was pretty good. That monotone voice, silent and stoic personality along with awkwardness made her character interesting. And it made her H-scenes better because she was so erotic in it lol. She can sing and she is very mysterious too. Makes me wanna protect her. Shes a cat-lover so that a plus if you love cats lol. When she smiles it just melts my heart… Loved how she was stalker-like since she keeps following the protagonist around. Seine you can stalk me anytime xD
            Wakoto’s route was great Sure she was a little dominating during the h-scenes but it was tolerable. But there are some scenes where the protagonist was dominating Wakoto so that was intense. Her character was a little too perfect and it felt like she was a dream lol. But her story was great with its up and downs. Seeing the protagonist trying to date a popular senpai was great. And seeing her hidden cheeky side was nice. Definitely can see why alot of people would be jealous of me if she was my girlfriend xD
            Best route has to be Hime. Damn is she so lovable. Her friendly, airhead and tomboyish personality just made me want to get closer to her lol. Plus she loves to play games and goes to the arcade PERFECTION. The drama concerning her job wasn’t necessary but it made her more lovable. She just wants to spend time with her boyfriend awwwwwwww. Her confession scene was awesome in my opinion since she was already in love but was scared… she just needed some good sex to advance the relationship xD i LOVED how she was shy when she wanted to have sex again too. LOLED at the babymaking dialogue xD
            I LOVED Hinata too. Her hardworking, positive attitude and cuteness was just really appealing to me. Her drama was good since it paved the way for them to be a couple. Shes just too damn cute LOL!! Even though shes like loli her personality is very mature. I love independent and sporty girls like her =D Loved it when she tried to perform a paizuri xD
            LxC2 is my favourite chara-ge right now. The art, music, story, h-scenes, characters, system, lovely call, walking talk, environment and that slice of life feeling is just god tier. I would recommend this game to ANYONE. If you love chara-ges you NEED to play this game. Sigh this game makes me wish i had a girl friend… 10/10 MUST PLAY EROGE
            Well i wonder if i should play LxC now…. xD

            P.S Aero please make a four-way review on PxC please!!! =D

    • I’m glad you liked LxC2 ^^. LxC2 is one of the rare chara-ge that approaches the god tier.

      LxC? I can’t say I highly recommend it to be honest. Back then the company was still in the testing phase of what to do with the game, and lots of stuff aren’t really up to standard. It’s still not a bad game, but no where near as good as LxC2. However Yuuki from the original game is one of my fave heroines ever, so you may want to check out the game for her XD.

      No promises on 4P for PxC. Getting 3 people for THIS review was pretty hard as it is. The only time the 4 of us have ever contributed to the same post is that getchu rankings post, and it was pretty chaotic how things happened behind the scenes >____>.

  2. I was looking for the next game to play after finishing SekaChu yesterday. after reading the review MeltyMoment sounds like it may be worth giving a try! Some of the heroines are voiced my favorite seiyuus too!

  3. Hmm this is quite interesting… This will help me pass time until Tenbin no La DEA come out. Quick question, has MC got a witty comeback when girls tease him or he simply fluster? Like it better when teasing is two ways.

    • The only heroine that really teases him is Aoi…and sometimes Kagami. With Aoi, the rate he comes back at them is probably like 50/50? With Kagami, he generally just gets flustered.

  4. So wait, how is this any better than Lovely Quest, a slightly older Hooksoft game?
    As I said on my post for the respective title, you really shouldn’t look to Hooksoft for Romance-themed games. When the entire title suggests such a genre… Better step back.

    All the idea I’m getting out of this review is your typical charage except there might be a few things in between with the protagonist causing “trouble”. I’ll bet anything that there are already flags raised from the beginning of the story without any background, and all the characters suffer from the “Lovely Quest Syndrome”, which is an unnecessary and excessive exaggeration of embarrassment towards the opposite sex.

    • Well I haven’t played Lovely Quest, and nor have I read your review on it.
      So unfortunately I can’t really give you an opinion on those. Sorry =(

      This game has all the stuff you listed there in your comment, and lots of other cliche stuff as well. However I’m a fan of this type of game, and with this review I’m not trying to portray the game as something special or anything. I’m just telling people that I liked the game, and reasons for this. Maybe it would be more accurate to use the term “preview” or “thoughts”, rather than the word “review” for this post.

      So yes, it’s as you say; this game is pretty much your typical charage. However the game had some nice characters, a nice flow, and cute scenes. So under my opinion it’s worth playing if you enjoy this genre of game.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate your time to write up the review, and who knows? Maybe the two are definitely different.

        Regardless, I’m not a fan of charage (which explains my aggressive attitude… I apologize). I’ve seen way too many of them and they are the ones ironically most exaggerated by who I distastefully refer to as “weeaboos”.

        On that thought, would you say that this game has at least something related to “drama”, or an outside force/conflict that the protagonist and heroine battles with? Otherwise, I can’t say this might be too different from the aforementioned title.

        • This game is pretty much has zero drama. So given that, it’s probably quite similar to Lovely Quest in a lot of ways. However the characters don’t look all that attractive to me, so I probably won’t play LQ.

  5. Obiously Mahou has also played the VN.
    Personally, I didn’t like the MC *that* much. He seemed a bit too goofy or childish or at least gave off the vibe to me. And some of the bgm during the “awkward” comedy moments reminded me of the music when a circus clown shows up *lol*. But, to be fair, he had also his good moments

    The routes/girls? For me Natsuki’s character progression within her route did stick really out as quite the positive surprise. Aoi was funny with her teasing, but getting all flustered when it comes to being “romance-teased” (e. g. the scene where MC countered her by faking to kiss her :D)

  6. Ah well it’s okay for passing time, but it doesn’t leave any kind of impression though… That’s charage for you huh? I guess after playing more VN, I prefer one with heavy drama and bittersweet ending better. (No rape or NTR is a MUST)

  7. “All routes are pretty much 100% slice of life romance comedy, and are devoid of any drama.”
    This just moved to the top of my wishlist. From what i’ve seen and read it seems proper moege without any stupid drama are few and far between.

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