Thoughts on Majikoi A-3

This post contains spoilers for this game, so proceed at your own risk.

Once again I would like to say that this post is in no way a review for A-3. This post summarizes parts of the route, and contains a lot of my personal opinions.

A-3 contains routes for Stacy, and Lee, who are maids of the Kuki Corporation. The game also has two after stories for Tsubame, one for each of her different dispositions.

Before I move onto talk about the routes, I’m sure that a lot of people were like me, and didn’t really expect much from A-3 because of the routes for Stacy and Lee. Hell, I know a lot of people wanted routes or after stories made for other characters. However to my pleasant surprise both Stacy’s and Lee’s routes turned out to be quite good.


Link: Walkthrough

Stacy (8.5/10)

In Stacy’s route Yamato has been as Monshiro’s exclusive butler for about 3 years, and has been learning to fight using wires in order to move up the ranks in the Kuki Corporation.

The main focus of this route is a competition among the Kuki Corp staff who are under 30. This opportunity gives the chance to increases ones’ rank greatly, with the rank 1 spot also being up for grabs. However along with Stacy aiming to get rank 1, the route also has a nice balance of development between Yamato and Stacy mixed in throughout the whole route.

In this route Yamato is in a sex friend relationship with his former classmate Chika. I actually quite liked this because it really shows how Yamato is now an adult; and that’s not just because they loads of sex every time they meet up =p. Yamato breaks things off with her after he realises his feelings for Stacy, but there’s also an ending where knocks her up.


There are a couple of new characters in this route, but Sheira is probably the only one worth mentioning. Her rivalry with Stacy is pretty funny; especially when her plans to tempt Yamato to get revenge on Stacy don’t turn out as planned. I actually found her very attractive as a character, and am slightly disappointed that her ending didn’t get more depth. Though I suppose I should be thankfully that she got an ending at all…


As the route progress, it’s seen that that Stacy isn’t just that Amercian girl who keeps saying “fuck” and “rock”. I found myself quite interested in her after learning more about her, despite my complete lack of interest in her before playing this game. We learn that whenever she sees blood, or something close to it, she gets very negative as it reminds when she was part of the military. I suppose they wanted us to see her from a completely different angle… gap moe? Anyway this trauma is ultimately used to get Yamato and Stacy closer together.  I like that kiss scene, despite how cliché it is =D



Stacy’s “Ultra Rock” that she uses to beat Dominguez isn’t anything surprising given the other similar abilities shown by some other characters in the game. Yamato’s devotion to stop Stacy from using this form is admirable, and the fight that occurs is quite interesting.


Overall this was a very nice route. Seeing Yamato fight was interesting, especially since we didn’t really get to see it during Azumi’s route in A-1.

Lee (8/10)

Unlike Stacy’s route, Lee’s route takes place while Yamato is still in his second year of High School.

Lee has a very dark background, and was previously a very skilled assassin. She was in fact scouted by the Kuki Crop after Claudio prevents her from assassinating Kuki Mikado. Her previously lifestyle is also the reason behind her emotionless expression. Needless to say, overcoming her emotional scars play a big part of her route. Lee’s effort to lead a proper life and the emotional turmoil she suffers is presented very well. The addition of a character from her past intensifies this, and adds a bit of drama to the route.


Lee asks Yamato to help her train for a“Pretending to be dead” tournament, which I’m sure is fairly self explanatory. This training involves him touching her in “various places”, and seeing manages to still play dead. This was quite funny because things somehow spiral out of control, and Yamato ends up making her climax =3.


The appearance of a member of the Ryouzanpaku (dictionary definition is “place of place of assemblage for the bold and ambitious) was quite a surprise. For those of you who don’t remember, they are the Chinese warriors who appeared in the true Bushidou plan route in Majikoi S. Youshi has the ability to copy an ability after seeing it, and this causes her to be quite the opponent in the pretend to be dead tourney. Lee’s counter ability to this gave me mixed feelings. On one hand it was kinda awesome because she kicked ass. On the other hand the ability was a bit too convenient for the situation.


Lee gives off the appearance of a cool beauty type character. However as she spends more time with Yamato, she becomes more and more like a caring onee-san/mother character. I really liked this side of her, but this aspect of her is actually shown a lot more in Stacy’s route. Lee’s occasional signs of jealously adds to her cuteness appeal.


Lee’s ending was decently touching, but I feel that they should have milked it a little more emotionally. At the very least I would have liked the ending scene to be a bit longer so that there was a larger sense of completion.

I would have liked this route more if the structure of it had been a bit more organised. Some of the events felt a bit oddly placed, but maybe that’s just me. However as a heroine however, Lee takes 1st place for A-3.


Tsubame (S-route) (6.5/10)

As expected, Yamato follows Tsubame’s orders quite obediently. He’s not a dog or anything, but Kazuko does make a dog reference which I found amusing.

Tsubame’s mother, Misago, makes a very early appearance in this route, and she is HOT. As a bodyguard for hire she’s decently strong, but probably not physically as strong as Tsubame. The bulk of the route shows Yamato and Tsubame trying to get Tsubame’s parents back together. Yamato’s parents also make a decently long appearance in this route, and play quite a part in restoring Tsubame’s family.


Getting a family back together is quite touching…


…is what I WOULD say if Tsubame’s dad wasn’t some useless bastard. As a character, Tsubame’s dad is quite funny. However as the husband to a hot as piece of finger licking chicken like Misago, he is really quite pathetic. For crying out loud, he tries to slip an aphrodisiac into Misago’s drink to win her back >_____>. Okay admittedly this scene was quite funny, and I’m actually being just a bit bias here because I wanted Misago to be MINE >___>.

But looking past that, I would have liked to see a bit more focus on Yamato’s relationship, rather than the relationship of Tsubame’s parents. However I suppose the focus on Tsubame’s parents lessen the degree of S that Tsubame had to dish out. The amount of S that Tsubame showed was in fact more than bearable. However overall the route was just a bit above average, and that’s probably mainly because of Misago.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see Yamato “capturing” Misago. Seriously, if there were ever a time I would use the term “MILF”, it would be for her =3. However I suppose MinatoSoft didn’t really want a scenario where you cheat on your girlfriend, and then suddenly becoming her new step dad. I just made myself laugh LOL.

Tsubame (M-route) (5/10)

Tsubame’s M side is rather cute, and we see her getting quite lonely a number of times in this route. Unlike the S-route, the M-route doesn’t really have any direction, and the focus is on Yamato and Tsubame.

Yet…this route was very very plain. Seriously WTF.  They made decent after stories for Yukie and Momoyo, but this one was boring as hell.

For any Tsubame fans out there, I would love to hear your opinion on this route.


Final Words

Aー1: Benkei  Azumi  Sayaka 
A-2: Seiso  Monshiro after+  Cookie 4 is
A-3: Lee   Stacy       Tsubame after+
A-4: Homura  Rin  ——-
A-5: Yoshitsune  Takae  Margit after+

So Lee’s and Stacy’s routes exceeded my expectations greatly. Tsubame however was quite disappointing, but I don’t particularly care for her, so I guess that’s fine.

That mysterious “M” character who was mentioned in Cookie IS’s route in A-2 was once again mentioned in Lee’s route. I’m guessing that this M character will make a big appearance in one  next A fandiscs. Maybe in next one since there are only two routes.

Youshi’s appearance in Lee’s route really got me fired up for A-4. Can’t wait to see more of the Ryouzanpaku.


107 thoughts on “Thoughts on Majikoi A-3

  1. You know i want to play some hentai that makes my dick throb and gorge out vomit with laughter. But the thing is I have to use shitty AGTH. Any eroge that works with AGTH without ruining the comedy? RECCOMEND ME MY BROTHERS!

      • ATLAS, got used to it after reading majikoi s with it. Used your guy’s guide’s too, the bundle’s outdated btw. Broken english sure is fun to interpret . Actually saw the HCGs for this. I’ll try it out!

        • Yes, I know that the bundle is probably very outdated now. However, I “killed off” the guide quite a while back, and will no longer be updating it.

          I hope you enjoy that game. It’s one of my favourites =D

  2. CG released in Majikoi A-3 website, from Ootomo route. It’s kinda NSFW (no sex in there, but two naked chicks) so you may want to be careful when you check it.

    And in case you’re surprised one of them is a girl, in Tsubame being the Lead route in Majikoi S it is revealed that they’re a pair of twins, one a guy and the other a girl.

  3. Majikoi A-4 released, but crack isn’t available yet. Most likely will take between 1 or 2 weeks, since the guy who creates the crack seems to want to let some time pass after release so the game sells. Which I support, though the wait is killing me.

    CG is already available btw, since they just extracted it from the game. SPOILERS a ton. And some nice ones at that. It should keep you busy for a day or two while waiting the game.

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