A Ero Rant: Doko no Donata no Kanjou Root

So after waiting a month for the other guys to write something, I finally caved and decided to get the job done myself.

Jokes aside, they haven’t been very actively lately. Most likely a couple of them are busy with Clover Days. I was also set to hop on the Clover Day’s train, and then somehow got side tracked into play DokoDona. So what made this happen?



It was the OP >____>

So as usual when I play a game based pretty solely on the OP, it did not end well =(



Shouta’s mother is the Kaguya-hime from fairy tales. This spring, a new transfer student Tsubasa appeared in his class. In her previous life, she was a prince who were rejected by Kaguya-hime. She recognized features of Kaguya-hime in him and fell in love with him at first sight. However, her confession was stopped by other girls who used to be Kaguya-hime’s suitors and who held feelings for him.

[Borrowed from Micchi’s Blog]

Opening Movie

A little bit familiar

As some fans out there might notice, the main heroine pretty much looks exactly like the heroine from Haganai, except for the fact that she has black hair. If the makers of the game didn’t think that THIS was enough, they even portray the game title so that it looks like the title from a light novel. However that’s not much of a surprise because their previous title also pretty much was like Haganai.


This game is pretty much like a harem slice of life comedy anime. You have a clueless protagonist who sudden gets a harem due to the fact that his mother is “the” princess Kaguya that’s talked about in stories. The whole affair behind princess Kaguya is quite interesting, and it largely parody early parts of the anime series “Dragon Ball Z”. Despite things being very fast and SUPER wacky, the humour and general atmosphere created a very strong start for this game.



I didn’t particularly care for any of the characters, so let’s make this brief. Like most harem anime, the protagonist is some spineless bastard who doesn’t really do much. That being said, the heroines also don’t do all that much attacking until the beach scene (check “Routes and Endings” further down)

As far as heroines go, none of them are particularly memorable.

We have the aggressive kouhai Tsubasa, who doesn’t show much interest in anything except Shouta.


The tsudere tomboy Kokona.


The ever well behaved and reserved Miharu.


The cheeky senpai Sayaka, who also happens to be your long lost childhood friend.


Souta’s homeroom teacher Misato becomes quite childish once drunk.


The heroines taken at face value aren’t bad. I mean looks wise, I would say a couple of them are fairly decent. The problem is that most of the routes don’t really do much to appeal the heroines’ uniqueness, but rather go for something that’s quite generic. In fact, I think Tsubasa’s route was the only one that really showed her personality well. The other ones were….yeah….. >____>.

As far as heroine appeal goes, Souta’s MOM won me over the most. She’s funny, strong willed, has an awesome rack, understanding…seriously, she was like the whole package.

Game Progression

The game slows down quite a bit after the strong intro. The game progresses in chapters, with each character generally focusing on a single heroine. I found this quite odd because with the whole past life suitor thing I expected a HAREM attack, rather than a one on one. Chapters are very short, and the events shown are very generic. Think of stuff like Shouta getting sick and a girl visiting, or where Shouta suddenly remembers that Sayaka was his childhood friend. Basically, nothing fantastic happens. Oddly enough, Tsubasa who is seemingly the main heroine of the game doesn’t get any additional chapters. So basically you just see her in the first chapter, a bit here and there in the other chapters, then the beach chapter where the common route ends.


Nostalgia = Annoyance/Boring

Like any typical game, a number of different choices determine whose route you land on. The problem is that choices don’t really do ANYTHING. Seriously, most choices will show about one or two different lines of dialogue before getting back on the common route rails. As of late I’m more use to choices leading to a heroine specific event, so this made me feel a bit nostalgic. Of course that doesn’t change the fact that it’s boring. All you gotta do is leave skip on and check back occasionally >___>.

Routes and Endings

Okay the main problem I had with this game was how the relationship was formed. In EVERY route at the exact same chapter, the chosen heroine will pretty much force herself on Shouta. The chapter in question is a beach chapter, so think outdoor sex. Not only is it super repetitive, it just reinforces just how much of a spineless bastard Shouta is.


Routes are very short, and make use of very cliché plot lines. The past life relationship with Kaguya is never gone into any deeper, and you really just take it at face value. Kinda weird since the whole thing makes Shouta a Halfling. Tsubasa’s route wasn’t bad because it showed the various sides of her, which was decently interesting. Sayaka’s route was good in that it’s a tiny bit emotional, though I did not appreciate her being a bit S during H-scenes. The other routes were pretty much fodder.


Endings come in a number of varieties. Kokona’s ending was a complete gag ending, whereas Sayaka’s ending was a little bit touching. However typically it’s just a very normal end where you don’t really feel much.

Graphics and some other junk

This is something I would like to talk about for once because the graphics were also something that lured me to play the game. As the OP shows us, the graphics for the game are very anime-like. I haven’t really played many games, if ANY, that used this style of graphics. Unfortunately I found that the graphics in the opening movie oversold what the game was really like. The CGs weren’t as crisp as shown in the OP, and felt a lot duller colour wise. Character sprites make use of blinking and lip syncing, which is kinda cool. However overall the character sprites felt a bit cheaper than what had been portrayed in the game’s OP.


Final Thoughts

This game shows promise at the very start, but pretty much goes downhill straight after this. Granted, this isn’t completely bad. There are some funny bits mixed in there, and the heroines, though very undeveloped, are generally likable. However I can’t help but feel that the main component of this game that made it so bearable was how short it was…So yeah, that from that what you will.

Overall score: 50/100

Play or nay? => Nay



I’m currently looking for something to play to kill time before April’s releases. I’ve kinda lost motivation for Clover Days, but I”ll most likely end up playing it since I can’t really think of anything else I wanna pick up.

37 thoughts on “A Ero Rant: Doko no Donata no Kanjou Root

  1. Looks like it will be Aedes job to finish Clover Day’s now since looks like you already gave up. Maybe you can play Hello Lady!, Aero. I see it got really good reception from many people.

    Btw Aero, join me and Aedes on our hype train for this eroge.

    • I’ve heard that Clover Days is quite long, and I’m just not in the mood for a long game atm. I’ve seen some good stuff about Hello Lady, but I might just do some extra Jap study in place of playing eroge =p.

      I don’t really like the OP all that much, but the game looks up to the standard that Favourite has set for itself. I still gotta finish their last title though >____>

      • Yup, it’s quite long. I need about 12-15 hours to finish its common route and 7-8 hours to finish Kagami Sisters route.

        Ah, too bad that you don’t want to join me and Aedes in our hype train for that eroge.

          • Yup it was pretty long. Though I think Clover Day’s common route much longer than KonoSora common route, it’s much better than KonoSora common route. I’m still not sure for heroine’s route.

            Btw, what is EGS time?

    • Finish Halo Lady here. It was uhm…enjoyable I guess. While nowhere near ruitomo, it is more memorable than &.

      I am waiting for 天秤のLa DEA。 戦女神MEMORIA to come out in 10days and hoping to finish all my essay by then XD

      • what is ruitomo?

        Btw, I also waiting for Tenbin no La DEA too. I’m not sure if I play it right away since it’s RPG eroge and ATLAS can only be used for its story, not its system and gameplay. So, I will go with Racial Merge first and maybe after that Soratobu.

          • Looks like you’re someone who like to play RPG.
            Well, for someone who like to play RPG and eroge, they should try Tenbin no La DEA, especially because it’s from Eushully, the company that made the best RPG/SLG eroge now.

          • While Eushully game is better RPG/SLG eroge than most out there, I think it will be pushing to call it the best. Their last two game, Soukoku no Artelier and Madou Koukaku haven’t been doing well and in comparison Ninetail Gears of Dragoon is much better in my opinion.

          • Well, I think Eushully is the best company that made RPG/SLG eroge now because of their performance in Bishoujo Game Awards, especially in system/gameplay category.

  2. Kamidori alchemy meisters!
    I personally liked this game because it takes AGES to complete, litterally.
    If you are not familia with it, it is a rpg dungeon crawler visual novel (i don’t know how to catagorize it) and it is super fun with deeeeeeep storylines and reasons. When the game is finished there are extra material, as in more quests and such. (Ps. H-game)

    • I’ve heard goods things about the gameplay for Kamidori. I heard the exact opposite for the story though.,,,

      I’m not a huge fan of RPG style eroge because of the huge time commitment. Is the romance any good?

      • You play Kamidori for the RPG elements, really. Plot wise, it’s just above average. Characters are great and they all get development (some more than others) as you finish their quests. I greatly enjoyed this game and played for around 500hrs since I took my time to unlock everything and level up everyone.

        tl;dr, if you don’t like rpgs, this game isn’t for you.

        • 500hours!!?!?! WTF >____> LOL.

          Don’t think I’ll be playing that then. It’s a bit too long, and the endless backlog is enough of a challenge as it is =p

  3. Bummer, though generally I stay away from openings until I’m playing a game because like said here…they can be deceiving =p

    Lets hope clover days goes better for you.

    • In my defense the OP wasn’t the ONLY factor that made me play this game. At the time when I started it the EGS avg score was about 72/100.

      Not sure if I’ll be picking up clover days. It seems a bit long >___>, and prettyxcation is just around the corner

      • Yeah sometimes the scores seem to increase based on whether or not it has good production values or animation or what not unfortunately. I mean don’t get me wrong, good artwork is a plus for sure but isn’t gonna make the game.

        Decided which route you gunning for in prettyxcation yet?

        • Hard to say about PxC. The Asagiri sisters are both cute, but I’m probably leaning more towards the classmate one. Teacher heroines are nice, but I nothing has come close to Misa from Natsu no Ame.

          However I’ve already decided that I’m playing the foreigners route first. Get the worse (voice) out of the way =p

          • It will be such a shame if she ends up having the best route, but its ruined by her very un-moe voice T_T

            Yeah Misa, and Nanako sensei will probably never be topped as far as teacher heroines go for me either.

      • Heeeey don’t hate on cute russian chicks with their cute russian accents xD but imma go for Sakura first. Geek girls ftw!!

        • No, go for the teacher first. Conquering teacher is different than conquering classmate or kouhai or transfer student.

          P.S.: After conquering that teacher, make her call you “onii-chan” with lovely call system.

  4. I was planning to play this eventually since I really liked some of the character designs (Tsubasa and Konoha), but it sound like I’m better off playing something else. Great review, thanks!

    • The teacher was more my thing…but yeah, the designs don’t really live up to expectations. I would call this a “complete” waste of time; it reminded me of cheesy slice of life anime (it’s been a while for me =p). But for the average person I would suggest skipping this

  5. This is what I got from reading your review about this eroge, Aero.

    Lesson for other eroge player:
    – Don’t try to play eroge just based on OP or you will end up in the same fate like Aero here.

  6. This sucks because i really like the games character art.. Lets hope they try harder next time or they might end up like effordom soft… Aero you should try playing Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa by FLAT. Believe it or not its getting really good reviews on EGS… Better than Hello Lady and Clover Days! I wanna try it out but i have to complete clover days first xD

    • Trust me, the art isn’t as good as you might think. It actually doesn’t look too bad with the images I have up there, but I think that’s because it’s quite a bit smaller than how I played it. And dw, they’ll be following effordom soft soon enough =p

      Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa looks good, and I like the OP. However I want to play PxC right when it comes out, so I’m leaving myself free for now.

    • I skipped through Eiri’s route of Hikoukigumo and while the epilogue was very good, the rest felt rather average. I guess the main reason is that the actual implementation was or felt very different than I expected when I had read Micchi’s synopsis Maybe for the same reason, I loved the very short extra route somehow more than the canon progression *lol*.
      @PrettyxCation: Count me in! I loved the blonde teacher’s route and append scenes of LxC1

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