Joint Review – Pretty x Cation

I honestly don’t know how I found the time to write this thing because I’ve been spending a hell of a lot of time watching The International recently. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, “The International” refers to the worldwide Dota 2 Tournament which is happening atm. I don’t play Dota 2, but I really enjoy watching it. My brothers are also fans, and I’ve been getting distracted from my eroge whenever I hear them watching a game.

Anyway it’s me (Aero) and Fuzzyhobo this time. I’m both the black and red text, while Fuzzy is the green text.

Fuzzy, again. Unfortunately, no 3-way like in our LxC2 review. I was working on my next review game (with my meager spare time…I travel a lot for my job), but I took a break for PxC…I regret that decision now.

Before we start bashing, I want to emphasize that PxC has a different staff from the previous LxC games. More importantly, they switched several major positions: Scenario, Director, Character Design, Art/CG, music, etc. (most likely leftovers from Akabeisoft3). So I wouldn’t say hibiki works has jumped the shark…yet…

“Bashing” is a little harsh don’t you think? I think “having nothing positive to say about the game” is better =D

PxC Title

Company:hibiki works (foreign IP block)

Game site: PRETTY×CATION (foreign IP block)

Release date: April 25, 2014

Links: VNDB, Getchu, Walkthrough


As with LxC and LxC2, PxC also has a fantastic opening.

Personally, I think it’s the weakest of the three…but…SHIMOTSUKI HARUKA!!!

Well I admit that it took me a little while to get into, but it was still good. But I agree that it’s probably the weakest of the three.

To start things off

Our protagonist this time is a guy who has moved from the countryside into the big town known as “Tokyo.” Following the advice of his Aunt, our protagonist decides to go out and meet some girls.

That’s pretty much it.

Yep…they didn’t bother with a setup this time.


So how do you get the girl? You stalk, and stalk well =D.

Remember, it’s COINCIDENCE not stalking.

I’m joking…kinda. As with the previous titles, we see the dating simulation system put into action once again in PxC. Everyday you visit two areas; doing various activities or acquiring items while you’re there. These activities and items increase the protagonist’s stats, and if a heroine is at the the area you visit, you’ll initiate an event with her. It goes without saying that bumping into a particular heroine by chance over and over (aka stalking) is how you get onto that heroine’s route.

Same System...AgainMeeting certain stat requirements will unlock a very small bonus to H-scenes. In addition, a couple of H-scenes (overall, not for each heroine) are only available if you have acquired a certain item.

Admittedly, this system had some novelty when it was first shown in LxC. However, after playing two games with the exact same system, I can easily say that it has grown old. To be honest, I felt that PxC’s system was worse than LxC2’s because items and such felt a lot less significant.

Anyway, odds are that everyone who plays this game will be using a walkthrough.

StatsI thought LxC2 applied the system better. In PxC, some stats seemed useless no matter what route you were in. Well, I’m never playing these games without a walkthrough anyway…I wonder if they’ll ditch the system one day and be more like all those Giga Amagami Clones?

In general the the series is somewhat vague when it comes to what you need some of the stats for. Stats would be better utilized if the makers employed a system similar to that used in the “Persona” series, where certain choices are only available if you meet a certain stat requirement.

As I mention above, LxC2 does a better job when it comes to items. For example, if you acquired the “sports drink”, you would give it to a certain heroine after they finished club activities. Another example is where having “stockings” in your inventory would affect the CG of an H-scene. PxC does put in some effort to make items relevant, but it’s far from the level that LxC2 achieved.


Of the protagonists in the “cation” series, I would say that this one had the most personality. That’s not to say that he was good or anything, it’s just he was slightly better than the other two. The game is very insistent that the protagonist have very similar interests to the heroine you’re capturing, which I suppose makes him slightly less dull.

Well, I thought these heroines had the shallowest personalities of the series. They’re archetypes are attractive, but there’s nothing else to them…like cardboard cutouts. The past heroines had the flavor and variety necessary for a good charage. Not to say charage have deep characters…I’m talking 1 ft deep in the pool vs. 2 ft deep in the pool.

I agree; the heroines lacked individuality in their personalities. It’s like they made each heroine from the same template, and then they changed a couple of things from there. In a general sense the heroines are attractive, but poor execution is their downfall.


She's not really an otakuCV: 花澤さくら = Hanazawa Sakura

Your very friendly and reliable classmate, who happens to be a closet otaku.


Movie ConnoisseurCV: 綾音まこ = Ayane Mako

Nozomi’s younger sister who is very trendy, and loves movies.


Silver FairyCV: 藤乃理香 = Fujino Rika

Nickname for Elektrychka. A Russian exchange student who loves pretty much everything about Japan, especially history.


You gotta love treatment from senseiCV: 鈴谷まや = Suzuya Maya

A teacher at the protagonist’s school. She previously lived in the countryside, and often gets lost in various parts of the big city.

I’m glad they brought back a teacher heroine…should be the standard, lol.


As I mention above, the heroines are decently attractive in a general sense. Unfortunately this game is pretty much a broken record, and many events feel pretty much the same. During the common route you’ll eat breakfast, go to school, and then maybe see the heroine after school. You’ll pretty much see this over and over. Of course, there are some events that stray from this pattern, but trust me, they’re pretty bland as well. This repeating patterns continues even after confession, but now you’ll be eating lunch with her and doing her every so often. The lack of variety means that the heroines don’t get as much time to shine as they could have.

Since the scenario and character interaction isn’t as fulfilling as last time, most of the game felt like busy work. I wondered if I was in purgatory or limbo…almost every day was the same routine. One might argue that’s “slice of life,” but PxC was an uninteresting slice…except with sensei.

Oh yeah, that’s right, you had a thing for older women didn’t you?


THE TRUTHThe routes vary in quality to some extent, but they’re all pretty average overall.  Sakura’s route was probably the most balanced of the lot, and they used her movie hobby as a good bridge to create events. Leche’s route has a lot of focus on Japanese history, which I didn’t particularly care for, but it shows you just how much she loves Japan. Now Nozomi’s route was disappointing because it doesn’t really address her otaku-ness. Sure a few elements are slipped in, but most of the time she doesn’t even seem like an otaku. Komachi doesn’t have any hobby which brings you together, and you’re pretty much just helping her out whenever she gets lost. The relationship creates some amusing changes in behavior at school, but nothing that approaches the level where the two of you are exposed. The game does attempt to add in some drama at the end of the routes, but they clearly try to play things too safe. Issues presented are quite trivial, and are overcome way too easily. Nothing in the routes particularly stands out, and there aren’t many memorable scenes.

That’s pretty much it. Like many charage, whether anything stands out depends on your character preferences. I liked Komachi the most, but I won’t deny her route and the others weren’t anything special. In comparison to LxC1-2, I already have or will replay several routes whereas I have no such desire with PxC.

Ditto on the replay value for the game. I uninstalled PxC soon after I finished the game. Whereas LxC AND LxC2 are still there YEARS after I completed them =D

Sound and the Lovely Call system

I was a little surprised that they didn’t decide to call it the “pretty” call system for this game, but whatever. Personally, I felt that the voices for the lovely call system didn’t live up to LxC2. In PxC I often felt that voices felt off tone, whereas this was only sometimes the case with LxC2. As with one of the characters from LxC2, you can get Sakura to refer to you as “Onii-chan”. Selecting this option reduces Sakura’s voice over/under tone by tenfold.

Well, being called “Onii-chan” is kryptonite for me, so I stuck with Sakura’s crappy call. These seiyuu have a smaller track record than LxC2’s cast, so the weaker Lovely Call system is not surprising. On another note, the Cation series continues to revolutionize eroge by…letting you name your junk.

The Eroge Revolution

So you can have enlightening dialogue like below!

Yamato would be proudGiven your name, you should have really called it “Fuzzy Magnum” =D

Okay enough about the lovely call system, let’s talk about the game’s sound. I can’t really be stuffed talking about the game’s BGMs, so I’m heading straight into the voices. When I say “voices”, I’m pretty much ONLY referring to Leche’s. The creators of this game made her very unique and gave her a foreign accent to match her background. Here is a sample of what she sounds like:

She sounds like a trainwreck doesn’t she? When I first listened to this, I was banging my head against the wall while condemning the makers to hell. However, I can say it’s something that gets less unpleasant the more you’re exposed to it. I suppose it’s how Japanese people feel when they hear MY horrible sounding Japanese >____>.

I wonder if foreign accents are a fetish in Japan? I eventually got over Leche’s accent too, unlike in LxC2, where I could never get over Seine’s emotionless delivery. Leche’s character design help softened the blow. In fact, I would say Leche has some moe moments…her enthusiasm and clumsiness were occasionally charming…too bad the routes were as interesting as wet paper.


Komachi DateThe graphics for this game aren’t bad, but I feel that it’s a step down from LxC2. What’s more, they clearly were aiming for a more “realistic” feel this things, and made 3 heroines have black hair. Seriously, each of these black haired heroines have at least one CG where they look pretty much like the other heroines with black hair. And can someone tell me how Russians = white hair? But yeah, a lot less color = a lot less impact.

Leche rocks the kimonoDifferent hair color = foreigner in PxC. The protagonist mentions that Leche looked like a “silver fairy,” so that’s probably the theme they wanted to transmit with her character. I like Oryo’s character designs and PxC’s cgs are still nice, just LxC2 with Iizuki Tasuku was better. After all, LxC2 won best character designs in 2013 Moe Game Awards and 2nd for best graphics in the 2013 Getchu Bishoujo Game Awards.

The user interface/menu is also similar to Koichoco…ugh…blacking out memories now…except Satsuki.

Koichoco’s storyline was just so over the place that….yeah, let’s not get into it… >_____>

Sakura DateNozomi DateH-scenes

Balloon Handler9 scenes per heroine. Most of them were average, but one particular naked apron scene with Nozomi was pretty good I suppose.

Seemed like a normal scene to me…never really understood the apron appeal…whatever floats your boat >_>.

Overall, the H scenes were shorter than previous games and they put hardly any effort into the setup or the dialogue. Seriously, for half of the scenes, you’re on a date or something… suddenly, screen goes black with some lines to the effect of “Of course we did it”–H scene–then you go about your business. It’s baffling and very lazy…like the staff had an H-scene quota and they threw them in as filler for the paltry routes. Costume change–H Scene–New location–H Scene–Bathroom–H SCENE–Breakfast–H SCENE. Mind you, the cgs are still nice…just mediocre execution…like a generic nukige.

Final Words

Overall: 50/100

If I were to sum up my impression of this game with one word, it would be “disappointed”. If you check my twitter, you’ll see me complaining about the game and how I was tempted to drop it. When it comes to good slice of life games, I require comedy, good romance, or both. Sadly the romance for this game was average, and there was literally zero comedy. Events are very average, and gameplay was repetitive. Heroines are somewhat attractive, but easily not used to their full potential. I wouldn’t say that  PxC was outright bad, but it certainly was very VERY average.

Overall: 60/100

Aero and I might vary on how we rate average…but yeah…average. PxC is just another lesson in how changing the staff can change the quality of the product. I think the scenario is where PxC suffered the most. Even if Iizuki Tasuku’s art came back for LxC3 (which might be a while), insider, the scenario writer of the first two LxC, left the company. LxC2 might very well be the pinnacle of this series.

Given how bad this title was, I have mixed feelings whether the next title in the series will be good. The new staff will most likely learn a lot, and the next game will no doubt be better than this. However, the real question is whether it’ll live up LxC2, which has become something like the benchmark for the series.

49 thoughts on “Joint Review – Pretty x Cation

  1. Leche… huh having seen Touyama Nao’s Karen and Kongou should’nt come as a surprise… I was kinda interested in Leche but haven’t gotten the strength to play another LxC game welp… 12 more append disks to go it seems

    • Yeah, you best stay away from this game. I did say that it was average, but it was quite painful to complete >____>. I probably won’t even bother with the appends

  2. also the cast’s hair tone is going to dark purple than it is black… but that’s just me Leche is more like stylized platinum-blond (going to the whites territory)

    • Not sure if you’ll get much fap out of PxC’s really should hit LxC2 if that’s your focus. Otherwise I got a ton of H-manga I can recommend =3

  3. “And can someone tell me how Russians = white hair?”. Japanese people sometimes describe some gaijin’s blond hair as “faint yellow” or “almost white”, so I suppose they make a connection with the snowy scenario from Russia, making their hair white or silver. Well, this is just my theory, anyway…
    I also like Sensei characters, a lot! But they are a rarity nowadays. I think it’s because they are “too old” for most Japanese otakus. Which explains the absurd amount of (fake)loli-senseis in Galges.
    At least Leche’s accent sounds realistic, rather than making her talk like a stereotypic gaijin (something I really hate!). The only thing wrong with it is that she would never say “えっと” if she don’t know how to speak Japanese properly. This was silly!
    This game getting a cast so different from the previous one was probably the reason why they didn’t call it “LOVELY×CATION 3”. This one probably being more of a spin-off of sorts. which explains why they didn’t bother to update the game system.

    • It seems my view of russian is vastly different from that of the Japanese >____>.

      I’ve sorta given up on teacher routes since no teacher route I’ve come across so far has even come CLOSE to Misa from Natsu no Ame.

      Though Leche’s accent was indeed realistic, I would have preferred a normal Japanese voice.

      Given that it was a different team is all the more reason why they should have tried something new. No one would have blamed them all that much if it was bad, and at least that way they could have given some more relevant data towards the creation of the next game.

      • I have to agree Misa’s route was awesome, but yes as I said Leche’s hair would be Platinum Blonde if were going for a realistic scenario as Platinum Blonde genes also run in northern Asia (Russia)

        • This is getting into the weeds, but unless I misread, they explicitly say in game Leche’s hair is silver…but I don’t care about that stuff. I’m of the mindset that discussing realism in eroge character designs is a joke. 😛

          • well that can also be the case but silver/gray hair is hard to perfect plus that would make you look “old” so I go with platinum-blonde as a stylized version platinum-blond is no different than a true silver color :>

      • I have to wonder if they did a better job simulating a foreign speaker using accented Japanese in this game than they did in 月に寄りそう乙女の作法 (“Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou”) for a character named Ursule Fleur Jeanmaire (AKA “Yuushe” in the game). However, that character’s voiced by Ryoko Ono, a native Japanese voice actress, so they just made her Japanese full of errors to simulate a foreigner’s ineptness with the language rather than resort to an accent.

        By the way, I don’t recognize any of the seiyuus’ aliases here. Are they newbies or not?

    • Well, they marketed PxC as a spin-off in the first place for safe measure. Personally, I think PxC is just another link in the chain of business decisions around Akabeisoft2’s experimenting with the various brands/sister companies in order to maximize value and resources (or struggling to). PxC is a win-win for them/hibiki works. If PxC flops (which is unlikely), they’ll make LxC3 and pitch it as the sequel everyone wanted. If PxC succeeds, then they’ll milk it dry with more spin-offs like Giga or Konami.

      Yep, older heroines in general are a niche within niche for eroge. You can really only get teacher heroines in nukiges these days, lol (like such nsfw, But like Aero mentioned, I haven’t really seen a good teacher route since Misa.

  4. At this point, I’m really tempted to simply drop this game because I can see that as soon as I get into a heroine route, it’s just going to be a flurry of H-scenes that I’ll skip anyways.

    As you guys know, I rate games much more harsh than you guys: I can see this game getting no more than a 2/10.

    I agree on pretty much all parts of the review, including heroines being really shallow, or them not being inconsistent with the descriptions or introduction… Oh, I’m still not used to the accent, because I know for a fact that foreigners don’t have that kind of accent. Kudos to the CV who actually did it, but it’s ridiculously exaggerated.

    Ehh… It’s really not my thing to drop games, but I don’t want to waste time on a crappy game either (although I AM playing MMOs, lol)

    Any advice to either continue with this game or drop it would be greatly appreciated T_T;;

    • Let’s just say, no one would blame you if you dropped PxC. There’s nothing special that awaits you once you reach the individual routes, so you’ll just be forcing yourself the whole time. From what I take, it seems that you haven’t gotten too far with the game, so you best get out while you’re ahead.

      My next piece of advice would be to give LxC2 a try =D. LxC2 has a much better flow, and the heroines are WAY more attractive. The game got 2nd place overall in the getchu 2013 Bishoujo awards XD

      • Ah~ thanks for your advice. Seeing how you’ve played both, I’m sure you’re more knowledgeable about LxC2 than me. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  5. yeah this game was average at best. lets just hope PxC2 is much more improved just like LxC2 when compared with LxC. I felt like Leche was the best girl. Its a pity about the scenario though…

    • Well LxC2 was a huge jump in quality compared to LxC, aside from Yuuki =p. Maybe PxC2 will have an even BIGGER jump in quality……but it’s probably better not to get our hopes up >___>

  6. Well i had played LxC and LxC2 so i supposed to play pxc but wait it seem after reading this review the game is not as good as i hope , what a pity . I have taken a look at the game cg and i wonder the ending of Leche’s route , does she go back to russian and they break ?

      • so the ending of Leche’s route is some kind of : ” they live happy forever ” right ? to be honest i like love story with happy ending

        • Don’t think these endings are gonna give off the vibe you’re looking for. If you want an ending like that, check out Maria’s route in 祝福の鐘の音は、桜色の風と共に.

  7. I knew it that PxC turns out bad from the first time I see it. My hunch was right. Now I’m amazed with myself since my intuition is really good. I wonder if I’m really a psyhic or not (since Joyjason said that I’m a psyhic)?

    Now I wonder if should continue download PxC or not?

    • You’re still learning Japanese right? PxC has pretty basic Japanese, so you could always download it and use it as a learning resource. However, as far as gaming goes, you’re better off not playing this.

      Haha don’t worry about typoes. Most likiely they’re not evan NOTISED, much less kared about. LOL

        • Yeah, the score on EGS is unusually high. I mean, the general opinion here is that the game was average. if you’re not convinced, give it a go ^^.

          I did say that you can use the game as a learning resource, but keep in mind that i could list several other games that you could also use as a learning resource.

  8. Well shit, I was actually looking forward to reading this… Guess I’ll hold off on it and focus on what I have to finish. Real shame, though I have to agree that the character designs in LxC and LxC2 were a lot better, more colorful…And I like colors, man. >:

    • The colour in LxC2 really gave the game a bright and alluring atmosphere. The colour in PxC is rather dull…which is weird given the “pretty” in the title. But yeah, you’re better off holding off from playing this. I’m currently playing “夏恋ハイプレッシャー “, and it’s surprisingly good =D

  9. I played this kind of game before (well, forget the name though) I want to ask you one thing, what’s the point of the game that let you decide how heroine would call you? For err… fetish? or… for… for what? Seriously, can you guys tell me? Like I said I played this kind of game before but I just can’t understand its appeal.
    Ah and please don’t misunderstand, I didn’t day it’s bad, I just can’t understand.
    PS: Hmm, avatar look kinda okay I guess…?

    • It’s just a novelty I suppose; something that makes the game stand out from the other games out there. Of course this sort of novelty doesn’t really make the game better or worse, it’s just something that’s kinda fun to have around. I believe the game also has a default name for the protagonist, so those who don’t really find the feature that great can opt to use that.

    • I suppose some people get their kicks out of personalizing the story as much as possible. For games like this and Love Plus, some players project themselves as the protagonist. The more customization available, the more enjoyable the experience is…I guess…I normally go with default stuff.

      • Weren’t eroges given faceless male protagonists almost from the very beginning so as to allow their mostly male demographic to more easily self-insert? This whole “lovely call” system is just another step in this direction. After all, why would a few men go as far to “marry” their copies of Love Plus if they weren’t given a lot of leeway to self-insert?

        Sometimes it goes to weird degrees. I remember how before the anime adaptation for Amagami, the protagonist was nameable (the ultimate every-man) and his face was never shown in the original game’s CGs. When it came time to show his head from the front without obstructions, they just covered his head in a cardboard box (most notably for the Tetris spin-off for that older title).

        I personally prefer at least SOME personality for an eroge protagonist to start, and if s/he starts to change along the way, for the characters to react at least somewhat believably.

      • “Majokoi”? Would that translate to “witch love” or something? Anyway, that was a funny typo anyway.

        • Sorry, I worded that a bit weirdly. The game I’m referring to is “Majo Koi NIkki”, which translates to something like “Witch Love Diary”.

          • Sorry, I thought you were referring to Majikoi and its continuing releases of fandisc/fan packs. Clearly you guys are fans of that series. Maybe you’ll make a review of Majokoi soon?

  10. It seems that you guys are of the opinion that the “Pretty” in this game’s title should stand for “Pretty Awful.” What happened to Tasuku Iizuki, the LxC series artist? Is he working with another company now?

    And did all three of you play Koichoco? That’s a game I’d like to see you write up a review for, after the anime adaptation proved to be a disappointment. It’d be nice to see you pick out the good and the bad within the game, despite your misgivings about it.

    • Tasuku Iizuki is probably finishing his work on tone work’s next title “Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai” ( In lite of the fallout with Juukishi and Effordom Soft, I believe he will work on the next title in the Kishi series with Akabeisoft3.

      Aero and I played Koichoco, but neither of us care to do a write-up for it. I played the game before the anime, which I never saw. In a nut shell, my opinion:

      +Art style, most of the common route, Satsuki – character and route, most of the heroines as characters (but not routes)

      -Chisato: Being forced to play the heroine with the worst route and character first. (minor +: watching Yuuki reject her in other routes)
      -Scenario is rank with bad melodrama…it also fumbles the ball with heavy issues like cartels, corruption, and class discrimination that were a little hard to believe for a modern day high school setting.
      -Rest of the routes were okay or train wrecks.

      • I suppose the biggest reason why “I” don’t write something for Koichoco is because it’s been so long since I’ve played the game. I played it during the days before I was part of this blog =D. However, I do remember enough of the game to criticize it =D

        I generally agree with the points that Fuzzy brought up, especially in that some major elements of the game were just unrealistic. However, I found a couple of the others routes besides Satsuki’s route to be not bad (the sick girl’s and the poor girl’s). Michiru’s route was something I HATED, because it was just so stupid >____>

        I watched some of the koichoco anime, and I would say that it’s worse than the game. Like most adaptions, they simply try to fit in too much. Though, I think the anime portrays the relationship between the protag and Chisato in a way that pisses you off less.

        If you want a good anime adaption, you should check out Mashiroiro Symphony ^^.

        • Wow, thanks a lot for your info on the game. Mifuyu Kiba is the “sick girl” character in the game, and Isara Aomi is the “poor girl.” I haven’t played the game, but looking through the anime I too would have preferred one of the non-Chisato-non-Michiru girls to have “won” as well.

          If you did actually write a review for this game, maybe you could tell us what made Satsuki’s the best route of the group. I hope it has more to recommend it than what the anime adaptation mentioned repeatedly in the first episode, her “mune okisu.” Come to think of it, Satsuki’s voice actress did mention something similar on her twitter account:

          When it comes to eroge-to-anime adaptations, I prefer Yosuga no Sora’s approach, actually. I don’t want to sound like Aedes, but I liked how the omnibus format gave the audience the opportunity to see all the heroine’s stories (as truncated as they might have been). The anime version also wasn’t shy about getting very close to the original’s 18+ material either, something that has yet to be duplicated in my experience for other eroge-to-anime adaptations. It’s a pity that the director and animation studio that made the YnS anime adaptation hasn’t been picked up to do more eroge-to-anime series, frankly.

          • To sum up Koichoco for me: Chisato is a bitch, Michiru’s route is unbelievably dumb, and Satsuki is pretty sexy. Rest isn’t worth commenting on. Didn’t watch the anime but it more than likely sucks.

            And Yosuga no Sora +1 😀

        • How was Mifuyu’s route, then? I would have liked it if, like Mashifoni‘s anime adaptation, they pulled a bait-and-switch for KoiChoco’s and made Mifuyu or Satsuki the one to win the hero’s heart.

          Speaking of Mashifoni‘s anime adaptation, to me it was a bit of a disappointment because it wasn’t an omnibus adaptation, and I’m surprised that Palette didn’t make an anime adaptation for its earlier nakige title Moshiraba instead. The anime adaptations for Clannad and White Album 2 proved beyond any doubt that tragic eroge stories can be adapted very successfully into anime form, so I’m at a loss as to why Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaraba wasn’t chosen by Palette to be adapted first.

          Fuzzyhobo – What exactly is the “fallout with Juukishi and Effordom Soft” that’s affected Tasuku Iizuki, anyway?

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