Have You Visited… “The Witch’s House”?

So the other day while I was on facebook, I saw that someone had mentioned a game called “The Witch’s Garden”. I had never heard of the game, and normally I don’t really pay much attention to this sorta thing. However before I knew it, I found myself googling  it, and even downloading it. Now I tend to forget about these ‘spur of the moment’ downloads, and they eventually end up in my recycling. This time was different, and oddly enough I opened this game up straight away to give it a try….

To my surprise, it was INTERESTING…in a creepy way

The Witch’s House is an indie game created by “Fummy” using RPG maker in late 2012. To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t even HEARD the term “indie game” until I stumbled upon “The Witch’s House” >___>.

Anyway, I quite liked the game’s retro style graphics because it reminded of the Zelda games I used to play back in the day…when I didn’t know about eroge =D. So yeah, I suppose that was probably one of the reasons why I decided to give the game a go.


THIS is the Witch’s house

THIS is Link’s house =p

You play as “Viola”, a 13 year old girl who’s enters the a suspicious looking house because the only pathway out of the forest is blocked. With a talking cat as your guide, you wander around the house in hopes to find a way out of the forest.

The Witch’s House is a survival horror game where you solve puzzles in order to continuing advancing in the witch’s creepy house.  The puzzles are entertaining, but aren’t all that hard. So it’s easy to keep moving forward in the game, and you never really get stuck thinking, “WTF do I do now?”


A basket in the middle of a room…spooky

The game also contains a story element, and you learn more of the witch that owns this place as you find diaries that are scattered around the house. However, the game focuses on gameplay, and there isn’t all that much reading that you need to do.


Hmm… why are these just lying around?

So you’re playing as a fragile young girl, and you’re in a super creepy house. Unlike resident evil, Viola doesn’t have like a machine gun on her or anything; she’s just a regular weak like girl. Oh, did I mention that the house is trying to kill you? FuN =D

Even though the game uses these types of graphics, I still found the game to be surprisingly scary. Well scary might not be the right word, but the definitely did  a good job keeping a creepy eerie atmosphere.


Chances are, you’ll be seeing this screen A LOT.

The game is about 2 hours long, but I have to say, it was 2 hours well spent. The game has two endings, and they just blew me away. Seriously, I never expected such a strong impact from this game when I first started it.

So if you’re interested in seeing what mysteries await in “The Witch’s House”, you can find the game here: http://www.vgperson.com/games/witchhouse.htm

I don’t know how popular this game is, but I hope to spread the love. So please play the game, and tell me what you think ^^

36 thoughts on “Have You Visited… “The Witch’s House”?

  1. So, a survival horror where you don’t have heavy weaponry and is always helped by a loyal pet? Looks kinda like Haunting Ground! I love that game, so this seems to be really great!
    Wait! There’s a Witch’s Diary? Now I am worried! I just hope there isn’t any love story written in it!
    Interesting to know you also play this kind of games. It woud be nice to see more reviews like this one as well!

    • Though I am mainly an ero gamer, I do occasionally play other games =p. Though, this one was more of a random stumble upon than anything else. However, The Witch’s House has got me a bit more interested in other indie games out there, and who knows, maybe I’ll pick up some more. Something I really enjoyed about The Witch’s House is that it’s super short, but it had value in it.

  2. These Japanese indie horror games got a spike in popularity around two years ago, especially once it got into the hands of those (in)famous YouTube “Let’s Play”-ers. vgperson has translated a bunch of other ones besides Witch’s House. I’ve played the first three: Ib, The Witch’s House, and Mad Father.

    Comparing the three, The Witch’s House had the most scares and the most impactful ending (HUGE SPOILER MATERIAL SO DON’T LOOK IT UP IF YOU PLAN TO PLAY!), Ib had the most compelling story/setting/music/characters (I’ve seen and heard doujinshi of it, along with tons of fanart), and Mad Father was relatively mediocre (though being a loli running around with a chainsaw was somewhat amusing.)

    So, in conclusion I highly recommend Ib as well. Now that I think of it, you play as a little girl in all of these games. Must be following the trend set by Yume Nikki…

    • Guess I’m a bit behind on the times if the “boom” of these games was 2 years ago >___>. Do many people know of this game? Up til now, I haven’t seen ANYONE mention it in the anime community…though granted, I’m not all that active in the community…=p

      Someone suggested I play IB after they heard I liked The Witch’s House. So with your recommendation on top of that, I suppose I’ll put IB at the top of my list ^^. Can’t say I’ll be playing it any time soon though. I did enjoy The Witch’s House, but the type of game it is makes it more of a light game that I play between the other larger games I play. So it’s something like a snack between meals =D

      • I think it mainly got a following in communities like tumblr, which acts like an echoing chamber for these niche fandoms. I feel like it’s harder to catch wind of these things in this section of the anime community (i.e. wordpress and anitwitter). I have seen a few isolated mentions, but since we tend to focus on the “now” (what we’re reading or watching or playing NOW), rather than doing “fan”-ish activities like continuously mentioning and discussing one thing and reposting every fanart you can find of it, 2-hour games tend to get lost between larger games and long-running manga/anime.

        • Guess that makes sense. Unlike like anime which is shown over several months, these indie games pretty much happen in one moment. On top of that, I suspect that most of these indie games are pretty short. So I guess it’s only natural that the fanbase is a lot smaller than for that of anime or visual novels. Well in any case, I’ve gotten a couple of people to play the game, and they seemed to enjoy it =p.

  3. I played this last year and was also pleasantly surprised. The true ending hit me hard, I really was not expecting that from a game like this.

    So yeah, pretty solid game with an interesting enough story to go with it. Gets a recommendation from me as well.

    • I completely agree with you. Seriously that true ending was WTF + OMFG at the same time. A very different style of ending compared to other games I’ve played so far, but because of that, it was very unique and fresh.

    • I’m liking the graphics from those game’s by Mogeko =D.

      I see that it’s under “Adventure/Story-Oriented” games. Are the stories for the games good? Or is it more focused on an adventure gameplay component?

      • The Gray Garden and Wadanohara have relatively nice stories, Wadanohara has even got a larger than usual fandom. If you like pure love stories, you’ll like Wadanohara.
        Mogeko’s Castle though…it’s a nonsensical, pervy game. I mean I like it, but…it pretty much runs on black comedy. And prosciutto jokes. It’s a very weird game, especially the normal ending.
        Incidentally, because of the dark content (like rape) Mogeko is a very controversial creator, especially on sites like tumblr. Still remains my favorite though x3

        • Not sure how I feel about playing an pure love indie game…feels like my time would be better spent playing my usual eroge =D.

          Well I can see how some people might dislike the dark content of his games, but it’s good for me just so long as I don’t SEE the rape.

          • Eroge, huh…I guess you’re thinking of a different kind of pure love. Don’t want to spoil anything, but Wadanohara has a very gripping story and an extremely likable cast of characters. I didn’t expect much going into it but then I loved it. I really recommend it, it’s cute yet super dark at the same time.
            Plus all the love stuff happens at the end, anyway.

  4. OMG ! that game was awesome i really loved the story, and the ending was sad but still good,
    you shoul play some other games like that for example :
    the crooked man
    mad father
    and i highly recommend you to read the novel called The witch’s house: the diary of ellen (i’ve got a link for it if you want )

  5. Aero are you gonna review tone work’s new game Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai?
    Tasuku Iizuki is the artist again and i loved your joint
    review of their last game Hatsukoi 1/1 two years ago..
    Other than that i love indie games and i will continue to support them too =)

    • I’m aiming to play Hoshi Ori as my next “big” game after I finish ushinawareta mirai wo motomete. I don’t know when I’ll get around to it because a number of fandisks are coming out this month that I’d like to play, but Hoshi Ori definitely looks like the type of game I’d probably review ^^. Unfortunately, it’s VERY unlikely that anyone else will be contributing to a post if I were to write it.

      Indie games make a nice filler between games ^^; it’s something interesting to throw in the mix along side anime, manga, and tv shows =D.

      • Well at least we get to hear your thoughts on Hoshi Ori
        and that is good enough for me =D
        Yup indie games are fun to play between long games…
        Even the free ones are good xD

  6. This game was sooo good, my heart rate was so high was playing this game. And that ending…wow. That was messed up. And when you think about it, whenever you got a game over…that was the good end haha
    Oh, you should play Forest of Drizzling Rain. There wasn’t any jump scares but had a really creepy atmosphere (something which I don’t see a lot in horror rpg maker games). Plus the two main characters relationship was really adorable! I remember it being really popular with pixv and nnd users back in late 2013.
    There’s 5 endings for this one. The endings you should try to get are #1 & #2 since they felt the most satisfying, although #2 was sad ;-;

    • Yeah it’s kinda messed up how game over is in a way the game’s good ending >____>. But, that’s what makes this game stick out among the rest ^^.

      I remember seeing lots of people talking about forest a while back; I assumed it was a VN. Will check it out =D

  7. I remember my in real life friend (she’s a girl, too!) showing me this game. Aero, would you recommend it? Because I actually like creepy games (for some reason… Look at a game called “NOeSIS” that I played XD)

  8. Loving the graphics on this game. Reminds me of simpler times.

    Off-topic, but are you going to review the Fureraba Fandisk coming out tomorrow?

    • I love graphics from modern eroge, but playing a game with those old school graphics is also fun on occasion ^^.

      I don’t mind writing something for it, but there’s probably not much need to write something for it given that it’s FD.

      • Ikr? The vn graphics as of late are so top tier lol, but it’s nice having a blast from the past every now and then.

        Good point, but here’s to hoping lawl. Rina’s too moe to pass up ._.

  9. Dearest Aero: Damn you and my in real life friend who pushed me to play this game.
    I went through it today during my lectures (because lectures are boring as hell) and got startled so many times it’s not even funny. I’m generally really resilient to these kinds of games, but holy shit was this the exception.

    Hell, the first room killed me so unexpectedly I seriously whispered out “What the fuck” during lecture. My (aforementioned) friend was laughing her behind off while watching my expression.

    Great game which is totally my type (I love “escape puzzle” games like this in general), but too much horror for my liking. I hate the chasing scenes because you need to like, give 100% of your focus on it.

    There’s actually a novel written based on this game by the same person who created the game, which you should check out–it’s well translated.

    And now I’m freaking tired (because my body was at full alert throughout the entire ~2 hours) and really depressed with the ending(s).
    I need some lighthearted nukige, so please excuse me while I go find some.

    • Haha, that story sounds hilarious. Maybe I should have given you more of a heads up about how “jumpy”: this game is =p

      The horror is what makes it a good game. It also adds to that bitter taste in your mouth once you get that true ending >____>.

      I know about the novel, but I couldn’t be bothered reading it because I already read up on most of the stuff in some wiki entry.

      The normal ending is fairly standard I think, but that true ending….wow….or should I be saying f###? Probably both =D.

      Change! is a pretty good nukige game. I have a feeling you’ll like that loli in that one.

      • Glad you’re giving me a lot of suggestions. They’re exactly what I need right now, and as with all the other title suggestions you’ve made, I have little to no doubt about its… uhm… ” usability” <__>

  10. I liked lone survivor and corpse party a good bit so this should be fun. I’ll give it a whirl.

    We need more games like this in general though.

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