Introduction to Corruption (Part 3)

It is a common practice to divide a writing into three parts and call it a trilogy. That was why having only written two posts on introduction to corruption gave me this urge to pick up my stylus and write down this third and last piece. While that was an easy decision to make, laying out the exact details of what to write was surprisingly hard because I was faced with a dilemma. On one hand, I wanted to make this last part as conclusive as possible, but on the other hand there were still so many things that I wanted to discuss. In the end though, I decided to go with the former since I realized that I can always write more about corruption under another title (intermediate corruption course… maybe(`・ω・´)” ).


Reason 7 to play a Corruption Game: Ego Boost Two powerful magical girls who pledge eternal loyalty kneel down to serve you. I don’t think I need to elaborate any further…(。♥‿♥。)

Back to the Basic

Since it has been a while, let’s do a quick review before starting this new material. I wonder how many of you still remember the definition and classification of akuochi(悪堕ち) that I gave in the first part of this corruption series. In case you have forgotten which you most likely have, I loosely defined akuochi(悪堕ち) as a condition where a heroine betrays her friends and switches to enemy’s side. I also broke it down into sexual training(調教), brainwashing(洗脳),possession(憑依), parasitism(寄生) and body part remodelling(改造) in an attempt to categorize corruption depending on the method used.

All those that I have presented so far are partly materials that I managed to find on the internet and partly something that I came up with based on my experience. Regardless of the common misconception that there are many corruption games, this is a very minor fetish, which means related information is hard to get hold of even in this new media age as it is scarce and scattered. Although I managed to find a few sources, they were incomplete and I had to do some processing before arriving at the patchwork that I presented as my Introduction to Corruption(part1).

It is however a little different this time around thank to heran123 who uploaded a doujin magazine titled akuochi no kibou(悪堕ちのキボウ) on Sad Panda. This doujin were written and published by a circle called akuochi kenkyuu kikou(悪堕研究機構) which literally means corruption research organization. As suggested by its self-explanatory name, works made by this circle focus solely on corruption, starting from short stories to an impressively systematic categorization diagram. For this first part of the post, I will be using some of those materials.


Second Book from Akuochi Kenkyuu Kikou(悪堕研究機構): Akuochi no Kibou(悪堕ちのキボウ)

The Definition of Corruption

It is always a good idea to start a writing like this with an unambiguous definition of the main theme and that is exactly what the author of this doujin did. His interpretation of what is a corruption shares many similarities with my own, except that he took it one step further by generalizing his definition into two following statements:

  1. There is a clearly defined notion of evil
  2. There exist a character that changes from non-evil to evil stance

The first statement requires a story to label precisely which factions is the evil, or otherwise the change of heart from one side to another is simply a betrayal and/or cheating, but not a corruption. The second part simply states that a shift in a character alignment from either good or neutral towards evil has to exist for a situation to be described as a corruption

The Eight Categories of Corruption

Although they were not thoroughly discussed in this book, the author introduced eight different types of corruption, which he presented in the diagram as shown below.


Out of all these terms, corrupted(闇堕) is the trickiest to translate. Individually, 闇 means darkness and 堕 means to fall. Putting both meaning together literally will yields to fall into darkness. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come up with an appropriate word to describe this expression and has to settle with the less accurate translation.

Naturally, the first thing that I did when I saw this was to compare it against the corruption classification that I had written back in March 2013. Despite of many parallels between mine and his, this corruption researcher has once again shown his superiority on the topic through a more logically organized but simple categorization. However, while it looks obvious and straightforward to me, some of you, especially the newcomers may find this chart a little confusing. For this reason, I decided that it will probably be appropriate to go through this tree diagram in detail.

Located at the root is corruption(悪堕ち in the most general sense and it is divided into two branches: the active(能動的) subtree and the passive(受動的) subtree. The point which can possibly be misunderstood is that, the active and passive in this case refer to the character who will be corrupted, and not the character who will be corrupting. This may seems like a very strange approach at first, especially to veterans who are used to the settings where process of corrupting has to be done forcefully, the idea of a heroine actively getting herself corrupted may not be so intuitive. Nevertheless, we have to remember that although akuochi(悪堕ち) is often being emphasized in erotic materials, the definition stated in the previous section never imposes any medium limitation. As long as the two given conditions are fulfilled, we can say a corruption has taken place, even in all-ages manga and/or anime.

Down the first subtree is another split that separates active(能動的) corruption into either the inborn(先天的) or the acquired(後天的) groups. The former covers corruptions encouraged by innate cause and the latter encompassed everything else. A half-demon characters who succumbs to his demonic impulse and turns evil is a common example of inborn corruption. On the other hand, a character who obtains an item or skill that slowly corrupt him with every usage precisely illustrates the case of acquired corruption.


Possession(憑依) has always been one of my favourite type of corruption, but sadly it is very rare.

Traversing down the other branch of corruption(悪堕ち) or the passive(受動的) subtree, we will find several familiar corruption groups which I had touched upon in my previous corruption post. For this reason, I will leave out the explanations for those as not to waste your time rereading them, save for the two groups not in my original post: Conformity(同調) and Assimilation(同化) .

Spatially Indirect Control or Conformity(同調) is a corruption that takes place simply by existing in the same space as target, usually by the mean of demonic wave or pheromone. Another way of looking at conformity is as in a relationship between a master and a servant, where if the master got corrupted, so will be the servant.

Assimilation(同化) is very similar to Possession(憑依) but they are different mainly in whether or not some parts of the original identity are left intact. In the case of Possession(憑依), the personality of whoever or whatever hijacks the body will usually replace the original, making the victim completely a different entity except for the body. On the contrary, Assimilation(同化) as the word suggested, causes the original to forcefully absorb another existence who induces changes in personality. If you are still having difficulty understanding the concept of assimilation, there is a very good example in MAIKA newest game, Shinken Sentai Blade Ranger.


1.)Make Clone  2.)Perform Pavlov Conditioning  3.)Merge Heroine with Clone  4)???  5)PROFIT!

Corruption Game Recommendation

I hope all those boring theories from previous section had not drive you asleep, because I know that although the concept of corruption is general, most of us only care about its ero application. Do not be worry however, for this part of the post will focus mainly on my reply to the surprisingly many recommendation requests that I have gotten since my first introduction post.

VenusBlood -Hypno-


Now, please don’t go around looking for this game just yet, as it is most likely has not been uploaded  at the time you are reading this post. VenusBlood -Hypno- is scheduled to be released on the twenty eighth of November, so you can expect to find it on AS around the beginning of December. The problem is that many of you may become doubtful as to why would I recommend something that I haven’t played myself, but let me assure you that I have a solid justification for it.

My first and very main reason for choosing this game is because it shoulders the VenusBlood brand, which has an excellent track record. On top of that, dualtail promises improvements such as increase of game screen resolution to 1280×720 high definition and increase of contents to almost twice as much as its predecessors. Finally but equally important is the fact this game is new, or at least when I am writing this post.

Being a new game is important, especially for those people who have never but want to experience a corruption game. I have stated this before, but let me reiterate in order to drive in my point: corruption is a minor fetish and corruption eroge is uncommon. It is not all too strange to have only one proper corruption game within a three or four months period. As a result, I often find that the torrent seeds, or even the direct download links for games that I recommend are no longer active, which is very discouraging for newcomers.

Of course, this being an installment of VenusBlood series, will require players to put in some efforts as it involves some SLG elements. However, just like how weekends feel much better after five days of hard works, so will the fulfilment from corrupting heroines that you conquer yourselves. Naturally, there will be some who disagree and if you are one of those people, you can always choose to play in easy move where there will be an instant win button.

TS Mahou Shoujo Nao


At a glance TS mahou shoujo Nao may not look exceptional, especially because this is a doujin game and an incomplete one too. Nonetheless, being a doujin have its own advantages against normal corporate made eroges, such as flexibility to focus only on one specific and minor fetish. Created by people who are highly passionate about the topic and understand accurately the allure of corruption, definitely have a big impact on the quality of this game. In all, despite of having played many worthy corruption game, TS mahou shoujo Nao will always remain a special game in my heart.

Fishing Spots

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, said a proverb. Although the ‘fishes’ from the previous section will easily last you more than a day, the time will come when you will need to find more on your own. In this section, I will be sharing my sources or ‘fishing spots’ for all kind of corruption materials, starting from games, manga, doujin and illustrations.

Anime-Sharing: Corruption Games Thread


A big thank to deathranger for taking the initiative to start a corruption game thread<link> on Anime-Sharing, which you can find under the Fetish Corner. There are many veterans in that thread who have known corruption game for much longer than me, and I believe they will be more than happy to advise you with a few of their favorite titles. Anyhow, as long as you keep it polite, getting a recommendation for your next game shouldn’t be too hard, though the same can not be said about obtaining the actual game. You can try looking for the torrents and DDLs on the same website, but keep your finger crossed that they are still alive.

Exhentai: Learning the tags

Exhentai, aka the Sad Panda, is my go-to website when looking for corruption manga and doujin. This website is so complete that if you don’t find what you are looking for in here, you probably will not find it anywhere else. The main trick is to recognise tags that will give you the desired search result, and here are some of my favorite tags: corruption, netorare, mind control, possession, and drug.

Pixiv: Illustration + Short Stories


by Satou Kuuki(左藤空気)

Composing a doujin is a hard work, even if it is only ten pages long. Consequently, many artists prefer to draw nothing more than a few pages of illustrations, usually accompanied by short stories which either come separately or sprinkled onto the images themselves. Since they are too short to be considered doujinshi or manga, most of them are overlooked by Exhentai uploaders. This leaves us with only one sources from which we can find these story illustrations and it is the artist’s pixiv account. Obviously, you will need to register yourself a pixiv account and know which artists to follow for this. Myanie(宮兄), Satou Kuuki(左藤空気), and Miyashiro(宮代) are a few names that you may want to check out.

Special Mention


Do I need to explain what this is?…..yes, this is an attempt to introduce the theme of corruption into Adult Videos. I use the word attempt here because to be honestly speaking, it didn’t work out well for me. I will not deny the fact that I have a resistance toward 3D porn in general, but it was the horrible acting that really put me off. Nevertheless, I will still put this section here just for the record and in case someone is interested in this.


You probably have heard of two ancient philosophies of mencius and xunzi that try to describe human nature as either inherently good or evil respectively. While I have met many sincere people, who will not be hesitant to extend their hands during my time of need, growing up in this developing part of the world has exposed me to even more ugly facets of humanity. Therefore, I am more inclined towards Xunzi’s theory of total depravity, and for this reason, a corrupted heroine looks beautiful for they are ironically the purest form of a human being. On the other hand, I find a naive and innocent heroine repulsive as they feel very inhuman and unrealistic.


Reason 8 to play a Corruption Game: Do I need one?

Wew, this is longer than what I expected, in fact this is probably my longest post to date. Even so, I hope everyone enjoys reading this and please look forward to my next post.

Cao~~~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

36 thoughts on “Introduction to Corruption (Part 3)

  1. Well jeez, that conclusion was pretty fucked up. Oh sure, the totally naive and innocent heroine is pretty inhuman and unrealistic, almost as much as the mindless and c*ck-addicted c*m-dumpster. No wonder they’re so easy to corrupt, right? Well, you already talked about the variety in speed and more complex cases of corruption in Part 2, so I’ll let off.

    Somebody please, translation for the whole corruption research series! (But nobody ever translates the novels and long text stuffs on SadPanda.) I am pleased with that generalized definition of corruption. You definitely don’t need to dive into the most hardcore stuff to enjoy corruption. Corruption has been infiltrating mainstream stuff surprisingly often since your Part 2 post. Kill la Kill, Madoka: Rebellion Story, even the latest Happiness Charge Precure episodes had corrupted heroines, if only temporarily. And of course, there’s the massive rise of KanColle with its implications of corruption, huge bait for doujin artists right there. Abyssal fleet girls are way better and more unique than the other ship girls anyway.

    • Probably not cock addict, but alcohol addict, drug addict, etc. Never underestimate human perversion, they can be very ugly but real, which is really sad. Yeah, you have to be able to read moon rune to enjoy a lot of the corruption materials since they will almost never be translated. Good motivation to pick up a Japanese Language textbook XD

  2. This is definitely an interesting presentation. A lot of experienced players including me will find that after seeing innocent school life comedy for literally years and years, they get pretty damn boring and not to mention, unfappable (or maybe this is just me). These “darker” themed games on the other hand, seem to place a greater impact on us as well as give more of a realistic aura (because school life comedy is real /sarcasm).

    (In all seriousness, rape and corruption is MUCH more prevalent than a “pure-love story”)

    Despite this, some things like “possession” or fantasy related themes also seem to be categorized as a “fetish” instead, due to the fact that it’s related to “school life comedy”–it’s unrealistic.
    It’s totally hot though

    In the end, Japan’s efforts to introduce “corruption” and dark themes all have to do with how unique the “play” is and how much money they’ll be able to scrape off of its audience. I personally found this literature (if you’d call it that) to be hilarious, but also to be really true.

    • Yes, there are many hardcore or rape eroge, but they are not corruption. The only companies that constantly make corruption game are Dualtail, MAIKA, Triangle, Heat Soft. Games from Liquid, Bishop and even Lilith soft(Taimanin Asagi, etc) is hard to be considered a corruption game. I think this is where most people misunderstand. When you throw away all the other dark theme eroge, the remaining corruption game are not many.

      Yea, normal eroge feel boring after a while but when I have played too much dark game, I sometimes crave for good love comedy as well. I think they are complementing each other very well. I think one has to play both kind to enjoy the most of eroge culture.

  3. Could you tell me what’s the pictures with the girl getting possessed (the one with “Possession(憑依) has always been one of my favourite type of corruption, but sadly it is very rare.” as comment) coming from ?

      • Thank you very much
        I really like the corruption genre and i probably saw every doujin about corruption/possession on and my favourites author are Satou Kuuki/Inoino/date/taniguchi-san
        I was wondering if you have some news about inoino since he didn’t release a thing for a while now i think.. And also if there were any other doujin of satou kuuki that hasn’t been released on exhentai i wanted to search on his pixiv page but it’s a shame i don’t understand japanese ;_;
        thank you

        • oh also.. (sorry for double post) but is there any eroge with the corruption genre in english ? I tried to search on vndb website but they were all in japanese only i think ;_;

          • Sorry but there isn’t one and will never be one. Learning Japanese is your best bet. Worse come to worst, you can use English sources like which is an erotic story website that has Mind Control section in it.

        • No, there is no news on inoino, but Satou Kuuki is still active.Unfortunately, his newest work, which is very good btw is short stories. He work together with 宮代 and publish it a little bit everyday on his twitter or try hastag #聖法少女フェアリエラ. Of course it is a short stories, so you need to be able to read Japanese to enjoy it.

  4. Corruption is a niche that should be widely accepted. (in my dreams lol)
    Thanks for the enlightenment Aquaspirit *goes off to play Venus Blood*

  5. The kind of corruption I’m interested in is even more of a niche that what you mention here; specifically, a female corrupting the (male) protagonist. Unfortunately for me, this form of corruption doesn’t seem to be represented very well (at least compared to the other way around). Pretty much, the only VNs I know of that focus on this are 彼女たちの禁忌 ( (which is pretty much impossible to find on the net in my experience), and 僕と契約して幼なじみ生徒会長に催眠をかけよう! (

    Anyone aware of any others?

    • This is a very interesting case. I believe I can help a little here, hopefully.
      The problem with is this kind of story usually fall under a different tags/group called: femdom/yuuwaku(誘惑)/irojikake(色仕掛け). If you are looking for games, your best bet will be from Nounai Kanojo, especially its older games. Website:

      But if you are not limited to game, there are many such doujin voice where a succubus/monster girl/etc corrupt a man(you the listener). I dont know your Japanese level, but if you can read kanji well enough, blog like this for example actually publish stories related to this fetish.

  6. Ahh……the concept of defiling a pure and holy maiden / girls IS interesting and too tempting for me to pass up.
    Maybe i need to expand my branch from only mind control.
    Whelp, time to play VB Frontier and see if i end up adding another one to my fetish then!
    Thanks for the Wonderful post!

  7. Impressive, juste impressive.
    I am a fan of corruption too, it’s pervertion but the ability of changing someone mind is surprisely fascinating. You made a good job in this explanation, congratulation !

    You are a fan of the venus blood’s game and, at my deep regret, i never play to this serie so have you got a recommendation for a title to begin with ?

    Thank you by advance.

    • Sorry for the very late reply. Venus Blood, while is called a series, has nothing to do with each other. In other word, feel free to start from whichever VB you find interesting. I suggest you started with VB Hypno as it is probably the easiest to get since it has only been a few month since its release

  8. Very interesting study, even more when we know that a few eroge manage to have corruption of characters and an okay plot. I think we can put Euphoria on the list, can’t we ?
    I like this blog, keep up the good job.

    ps : out of curiosity, which eroge is the first pic with rule 7 from ? can’t remember hearing about it…

    • Thank you =)
      Euphoria eh? Sorry but that is out of my area of expertise. May sounds strange to you but I hate hurting woman even in 2D. That is why I prefer to use more indirect method of hypnotizing and brain washing. Straight rape, especially one involves violence just doesn’t appeal to me.

  9. “1.)Make Clone 2.)Perform Pavlov Conditioning 3.)Merge Heroine with Clone 4)??? 5)PROFIT!”

    Please tell us (me?) more about Pavlov conditioning in the context corruption games/eroge/nukige.

    • I dont remember anymore the exact details but it is pretty straightforward. Just like pavlov dog that was fed after hearing a bell, the heroine clone was exposed to sexual pleasure after a certain keywords/action. As the result, after meeting, the original heroine will go horny just by being exposed to the set up trigger(keywords/action).

  10. Since i don’t understand japanese at all, i was wondering what happened to Maika, i don’t think they released any games since a while..
    Did they stop ?

  11. hi, thank you for your introduction. But i would like to know the name of anime/visual novel of this picture with titel”Possession(憑依) has always been one of my favourite type of corruption, but sadly it is very rare.”. Thanks

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