Getchu 2014 Rankings

It sure has been a while since I last posted something here. Though in saying that, I don’t see any of the others around, so yeah =D


So Getchu 2014 rankings are out. Last year for the 2013 rankings, I somehow managed to get all the guys together (Aedes, Fuzzyhobo, and Aqua) to contribute to a post. Sadly, I can’t be stuffed doing that this time, so you’ll just have to settle with me.

Overall rankings

1) Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 2  (EGS Avg: 82/100)

Tsukiotsu 2

Navel finally took first place in the overall rankings. The original Tsukiotsu got 5th in 2012, and Otome Riron placed 3rd in 2013. I just happen to finish the original Tsukiotsu last week, and it was a very solid game. I have to say that Navel have nailed the Trap Protag quite well. Currently playing through Otome Riron, and I look forward to getting to this soon.

Looks like Navel has found their charm point with trap protags. It sure beats them milking the Shuffle series. They’ve milked Tsukiotsu a fair bit as well, but they seem to have found a good balance.

2) Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (EGS Avg: 78/100)


I’m not a huge fan of Sprite after playing KoiChoco, but well done to them this success. At the moment, I can’t see myself ever picking up this game. Is the story good, are the characters cute? What’s the appeal of this game? If someone could let me know, that would be great. No spoilers please =D

3) Ano Harewataru Sora yori Takaku (EGS Avg: 83/100)


Like the above, I know next to nothing about this game. Yes, I realize that this included it here is just to fill up some space, but I’m fine with that. It got third, so I’m guessing lots of people have played it. Once again, some details would be nice, but hold up on the spoilers.

5) Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai (PLAYED) (EGS Avg: 79/100)


I’m rather surprised that HoshiOri did so well. I’ve said this many times, but HoshiOri was one of the most slice of life games I’ve ever played. There’s very little drama in this game, but a lot of romance. The game has rather long after stories, around 1-2hours for each heroine, which is a charm point for this game.

So yeah, given just how SOL this game is, I just didn’t imagine it getting 5th.

6) Clover days (EGS Avg: 79/100)

Clover days

This is a game I should have played, but just never got around to. Hell, it’s installed, but I just can’t get myself into it given how much time has passed.

The concept of this game takes me back to olden style games where the childhood friend was almost always a heroine in the mix. Chuck in a promise here and there, and you’ve got the story line for like 80% of slice of life games out there. Twins are a nice change, and we’ve got 3 pairs here.

I think I remember someone telling me that the routes didn’t focus enjoy on the given heroine?

8) AstralAir no Shiroki Towa (EGS Avg: 78/100)


I haven’t played anything by favourite since Hoshimemo, and when I do pick something up, I’ll be playing Irotori before even considering this. I’ve heard mixed opinions about this game, and have it doesn’t strike me as a MUST PLAY type of game.

10) Hapymaher -Fragmentation Dream- (PLAYED) (EGS Avg: 77/100)


I enjoyed this game, but boy is the game’s logic screwed up. If you take half of what they say seriously, you would get a dream that’s pretty much never ending. And I said this last year, but having sex in a dream just brings the term “wet dream” to mind >___>.

The game has after stories for a few heroines, and tries to gives something of a true end to the whole dream thing. I can’t say that the ending made much sense, but the ride was fairly enjoyable.

14) Majo Koi Nikki (PLAYED) (EGS Avg: 77/100)


Mixed feelings about this game placing 14th. I personally feel that’s about right, but I was under the impression that it would get higher.

The concept of this game is interesting, but it also means that things aren’t all that clear cut. The true ending for this game was incredibly stupid, and didn’t make any sense. So overall an enjoyable game, but it has been flaws. Thus why I think this ranking is about right.

16) ChuSinGura 46+1 Bushi no Kodou. (EGS Avg: 82/100)


A step down from the original game, which scored 4th overall in 2013, but still in the top 20. I really need to play this series. Can anyone tell me how well this game fits in with the original?

18) Primal Hearts (PLAYED) (EGS Avg: 77/100)


This game was quite enjoyable, and Marmalade has just been moving higher and higher in my books over the years. A very funny game and it has nice pacing. Nice art, and all the heroines were great.  Unfortunately, very similar plots were used for three of the routes, which made the game a little stale. However, I look forward to future works by Marmalade.

20) Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki (PLAYED) (EGS Avg: 71/100)


There are games that get into this list because they’re good, and there are others that are there because there’s nothing else. Sakusaku is a good example of the latter. Lots of hype about this game, but they just did too many things wrong for me to approve of this game. I see some people crazy for this game for reasons I just can’t comprehend.  Anyway I feel like I’m gonna end up ranting about this game, so I’ll just redirect you to this page.


9) Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa (EGS Avg: 81/100)


Hikougumo gets 9th in the scenario section, butI’m disappointed that this didn’t make it into the top 20 of the overall rankings. Two of the routes for this game were super high quality. Oldish style graphics and fact that one of the routes was just crap would be my speculation for why this didn’t get into the top 20. The save system for the game was also rather annoying. However I would highly recommend you play this game for Eiri’s and Iroha’s routes. You won’t be disappointed.


1) Luna


So Luna gets top in the character section three years in a row. That has to be a record there. Given that I’ve played the first Tsukiotsu, I can say that all the hype for ehr is well placed. Luna is one of the most attractive heroines I’ve ever come across, both looks and personality wise. So if you haven’t played Tsukiotsu, I suggest you do it so that you can see what all the fuss is about.

4) Yuuri


I am very happy to see Yuuri take 4th in the character section. She was easily my favourite heroine for Sakusaku, and the first 80% of her route was very enjoyable. So take THAT all you Tina fans out there.

7) Rikka


I liked Rikka a lot, but she’s easily 2nd against Natsuki when it comes to Hoshiori. But I’ll admit, her route had lots of nice icha icha in it.

20) Sera


My favourite heroine from Primal Hearts. She’s somewhat typical (appears perfect, but hidden otaku), but the game makes it work. There are lots of cute scenes of her rolling around on her bed hugging a soft toy.


Minamijuujisei Renka (EGS Avg: 69/100)


9th in the music section, and Miyako takes 15th in the character’s section. Studio Ryokucha should be grateful that it managed to achieve even that much. Minamijuujisei Renka had a fairly good common route, but most of the individual routes implemented super weird plots. Kanori’s route does this to the max, and it’s just ridiculous to be honest. I feel that they were trying too hard to copy Koiiro Soramoyou. It’s such a shame because I really enjoyed their previous title.

Change! ~Ano Musume ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~ (EGS Avg: 75/100)

8th in the ero section…I seriously think this deserved better. Can’t really add a picture here because pretty much all of them are NSFW.

What I’m Up To

So as I said above, I’m currently playing Otome Riron, and I hope to finish it mid next week. After that, I might give Yuzusoft’s new game a try. I would like to review the game as well, but we’ll see how much time I have.

22 thoughts on “Getchu 2014 Rankings

    • Again, too lazy. Like last year, I somehow managed to get a post done within 24 hours of the release of the results. The quality of this post is questionable, but the main point is that I didn’t want to spend too much time on it.

      Also, like you, I haven’t been playing all that much; of the top 20, I’ve only played 7.

  1. Sadly, I can’t be stuffed doing that this time, so you’ll just have to settle with me.
    Why don’t you invite me? I’m gladly to be special guest for getchu’s ranking (especially yearly ranking like this). So, how about your next year? Or how about if we do that in my blog (because I still don’t release my comments about getchu 2014 result)?

    Btw, this year getchu’s result is like glass case to me. I already kinda expect those result before the result is announced. Still I’m disappointed that TsukiYoru 2 ranked 1st and Luna ranked 1st again in character ranking too. *sigh* Luna… Luna… Luna…

    • I think the sentence that you’ve put in bold speaks for itself. In addition to me not wanting to put too much time into this post, I’m fairly certain that you haven’t played much from the top 20.

      Luna is a very attractive heroine, and the fact that she has gotten top 3 years in a row goes to show you just how good she is.

      • well, that’s true that I haven’t played much from the top 20, but I’m still well informed about most of eroge because I’m still lurking around at other people blog, VNDB, and EGS. Also, I can comment on eroge that I’ve played too.

        Luna is a very attractive heroine, and the fact that she has gotten top 3 years in a row goes to show you just how good she is.
        To be honest, Luna is in the top 20 of character in Bishoujo Games Awards 2014 is a controversy to me. she is only appear in the append disc. Also, she is more or less Navel’s dairy cow now.

        Now I’m afraid this kind of cycle will be repeated when Navel made a new Tsuki ni Yorisou series.
        New Tsuki ni Yorisou series released —-> Also have append disc with Luna in it ——-> New Tsuki ni Yorisou series actually is bad ——-> But people doesn’t complain and overrated it because they already get what they want in it(A.K.A Luna) —–> REPEAT

        Now, I can only lament Navel become “dead mountain”.

        • You should write up your own post on the rankings if you have lots to say. I’m keen to see what your thoughts are.

          Yes, they’re throwing Luna pretty anywhere they can. However, I’m all good with that. If you’ve played the game, you should know her appeal =D

          • Well, I think the fastest I can post my thought about it is next week because I have many assignment that I have to finish this week. Also, I think I want to invite someone as my special guest. Maybe you can be my special guest. If you can’t maybe I will ask Joyjason or Gangrelion. if they can’t too, I will do it alone.

            Maybe one day I will play Tsuki ni Yorisou and its fandisc, but definitely no to its sequel. I unapprove that unplanned sequel.

    • I’ll hold back on this occasion. I’ve pretty much said all I have to say about this year’s getchu rankings in this post. So feel free to ask one of the other two.

      Well I hope you do get around to play Tsukiotsu; I wouldn’t mind hearing some of your thoughts about the game. In saying that, I checked out your eroge list and it looks quite outdated.

      • Damn it. Then what about next year?

        In saying that, I checked out your eroge list and it looks quite outdated.
        ah, I completely forget to update my eroge list. Actually, I already played some of eroge in my “waiting list” and “planned to play”. Heck, I even already finish Kamidori and Monster Girl Quest few months ago. I will update as soon as I can.

        Btw, maybe you can help me by share some of eroge that you have to me via gmail. It’s just kinda hard to access anime-sharing in my country now.

  2. I’ll have to commend Luna’s character is very interesting for an eroge heroine maybe thats why she still claims the top post 3 years after, Yuuri yes indeed a good chunk of her route was well developed but HOLY CRAP THAT ENDING, Rikka of all the heroine’s in HoshiOri she has the best written route there is hands down

    • Rikka’s route is amazing. to be honest its so good i blew all the other routes out of the water. not to mention she one of the best Coodere OF ALL TIME. hope tone work’s keeps this team for their next game. they really turned things around after Hatsukoi 1/1.

    • So I’ve finished OtomeRiron and Luna’s afterstory+ in Tsukiotsu 2, and I have to say that Luna doesn’t get old =D.

      Yuuri’s ending sucked, it just sucked. The rest of her route is super high quality slice of life stuff, but that ending was just a bullet to the balls really.

      Rikka’s route had the best developments, but I Natsuki still stands as my number one. Natsuki’s ending just had a larger impact on me.

      • Well if i had to choose the best route after Rikka’s i would pick Natsuki’s. She is outgoing and so lovable plus her route was well-written. Have to agree that ending with the photo was really well thought-out too….

          • Okay everything was awesome on her route lol. Even though i thought she was kinda annoying at first, her route definitely made alot of people fall for her. Now i feel like replaying Natsuki’s route again…

  3. Aero will you make a review for Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai? even though i already completed the game, i would love to read your thoughts on it since your Hatsukoi 1/1’s joint review with aedes was superb.

    • A review for Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai is very unlikely. The main reason I’m reluctant is because quite some time has passed since I played the game.So writing a full review would be bit hard since I’ve forgotten a lot about the experience.

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