Maoten – A tale of demons and gods

It’s weird how I make a post about how we’re pretty much dead and then find myself wanting to write something.

So because I still had some free time I decided to rant about the various thoughts I had about Maoten. The blog will most likely be back on life support after this since I just got addicted to Granblue Fantasy =d

Keep in mind that this isn’t a review. I don’t go into the story of the game and really the only thing I do is talk about why I did or didn’t enjoy this game.



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Are we dead?

MakingLovers 1

The short answer is yes.

That’s not to say that we’re not still playing eroge – I for one still play them fairly regularly. However we’re just too damn lazy as individuals to write up something for the games we’ve played – again speaking from my own perspective on the matter.

Which leads me to say that this blog is pretty much dead. I haven’t been in contact with Aedes, the originally creator of this blog, for over 2 years. The same goes for Fuzzyhobo, another co-blogger. Aquaspirit is still pretty active on twitter. Though in saying that almost everything he tweets is a retweet so it’s hard to distinguish him from a bot of sorts.

So what can I say. Thanks for all your support and go out there to enjoy the perviness that is eroge. If you want to hit me up you can always reach me on twitter.

Otherwise if any of you are actually interested I’m going to rant a bit about myself and what I’ve been doing over the last couple of years.

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