Are we dead?

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The short answer is yes.

That’s not to say that we’re not still playing eroge – I for one still play them fairly regularly. However we’re just too damn lazy as individuals to write up something for the games we’ve played – again speaking from my own perspective on the matter.

Which leads me to say that this blog is pretty much dead. I haven’t been in contact with Aedes, the originally creator of this blog, for over 2 years. The same goes for Fuzzyhobo, another co-blogger. Aquaspirit is still pretty active on twitter. Though in saying that almost everything he tweets is a retweet so it’s hard to distinguish him from a bot of sorts.

So what can I say. Thanks for all your support and go out there to enjoy the perviness that is eroge. If you want to hit me up you can always reach me on twitter.

Otherwise if any of you are actually interested I’m going to rant a bit about myself and what I’ve been doing over the last couple of years.

So I’m going to label stuff nicely here so that you read whatever tickles your fancy. However first and foremost I feel the need to talk about the ATLAS guide I created back in the day.


To get straight to the point: I have no intentions of ever updating the guide itself or the links. The main reason for this is that I don’t recommend using machine translators to play visual novels. 

So my ATLAS guide was originally something I made because a random guy on a manga site I used to frequent was asking how to set things up. Other people got interested and suggested I make something more public. From there interest in the guide grew and it was shared a bit. I believe this was around the time when a lot of gamers out there were trying to access the live market for eroge, so it was a fairly popular subject at the time and new tools were being introduced somewhat regularly. So this led me to enhance the guide, add more pages, jizz it up and junk.

However at some stage I starting learning Japanese, as I’m sure many of us have or at least have thought about, and eventually tried playing without using a machine translator.

Sure things were slow at first, but eventually my Japanese improved to the point that I was able to play eroge at a good pace using just a parsing tool like mecab. My understanding of games was a lot more accurate and the overall experience was more enjoyable. I still use this method of playing at present and actually had to refer to my own guide when I set up TA, ITH and Mecab. I was surprised at how little progression there’s been in the hooking and parsing tools since I left and came back to eroge scene. When I left I thought VNR might take over, but it seems to be dead or dying? Much like this blog (LOL).

So the reason I’m not going to  update the guide is because I don’t recommend using machine translators. Plus the laziness and the fact that I can’t even remember how to use a lot of stuff myself. 

However I’m not going to be an arrogant prick and say “Don’t use machine translators you lazy asshole! You should learn Japanese because of blah blah…you would be better off just holding ctrl blah blah…”. Occasionally when I go on reddit or on a forum I’ll see a guy saying something like this, giving everyone the business. WHAT ASSHOLES DICKS, seriously.

Learning Japanese takes a lot of time which I’m sure not all of you have. And the whole story about being better off just holding ctrl is total BS. If you can’t read Japanese at all then you understand nothing. If a machine translator gives back even a single word remotely correctly in a sentence you at least have some level of context.

Again I’m in no way recommending machine translators. However if you’re using machine translators and you’re having fun, then who cares what I recommend. End of story.

So enough about that. Now I’m going to switch things up and talk more about me.

Real Life

So I am currently a NEET in real life, so I’ve had a lot of time for various hobbies. It’s also one of the reasons why I’ve been more active recently and why I’m making this post; I have lots of free time to spare. It won’t last…probably…hopefully ^^’

Visiting Japan

So some of you may know that I visited Japan recently. If you didn’t know, then you know now I guess?

I visited various places in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. The whole experience was great and I plan to go back again soon. Here are some of my thoughts about things. I’ll split things off into nice easy to read paragraphs so that you have an easier time reading that thing I’m putting here for you to read.


Man the transport in Japan is so efficient. Got meself a suica card and basically just hopped on whatever I wanted. The signs in the train stations are easy to follow and a lot of things are in English as well, including some announcements on trains.

Using google maps however was a bit of a pain. Sure it gets the route right, but the GPS is screwed up most of the time.


Man the food is just so…accessible in Japan. From my Airbnb in Tokyo

I heard that food was really expensive so I budgeted 5000 yen a day for food, but I ended up using like half of that almost every day. In saying that I was actively going for cheaper options for food. Ramen would be like 1200 yen and I would hit up those conveyor belt sushi places where all plates were 100 yen each.

However the quality of everything was great and I was trying to force myself to eat four meals a day while also having at least one big dessert a day. My biggest regret is not eating more beef bowls while I was there.

Alcohol is also very cheap there, which resulted in me getting very very drunk one of the days. Thankfully I was only out of commission for a single day and could move around the following day.



Convenience stores and Vending machines

Convenience stores are literally everywhere. Hell there was one literally next to the apartment complex I was staying at. I was basically stocking up my fridge with pudding and eating them every day. I also bought a lot random breads from there for breakfast and after dinner snacks.

Vending Machines are also everywhere, but I only really saw the ones for drinks and smokes. In Akiba there were some with anime goods, but I never saw any that were super dodgy selling used underwear or anything.

I did however see a gacha machine selling sex toys…and it was next to other gachas selling normal anime goods.



So a lot of people told me that you don’t need to know Japanese to have a good time in Japanese: that the Japanese speak great English. I found this to be both true and false.

Yes it’s true that you don’t need to know Japanese to have fun in Japan. Train signs will usually have English, a lot of menus will be in English, and a lot of stuff you can order by just pointing to it. Hell you don’t even need to talk to the staff at a convenience store.

However I found myself using Japanese every day. Smaller restaurants and traditional sweets stores usually don’t have any English menu or a person who can speak English. Hell I think one of the family restaurants didn’t have an English menu – I didn’t ask so I don’t for sure.


In particular knowing how to read Japanese helps with knowing the flavors of different things. Sure it’s not a deal breaker, but knowing what you’re choosing is nice.

Even if they can speak English, it won’t be good. For sure I’ll need to slow down and repeat myself. I went to an electronics store, I think it was yodobashi, and asked them to price match something. I started out using English, because like, why not right? So the guy tried to talk to me, but eventually it came to a halt. So the next day I went to a different store and did the whole process in Japanese and I got it all stored. Yeah my Japanese was rusty in some places, but I got the job done.

Skirts and Girls

So I was under the impression that the average skirt length in Japan was pretty short. What I found was that was both the case and the opposite. So some skirts were very short, but then some other skirts were oddly long? So I guess it averages out to be average length.

No I do not have pictures for detailed analysis on this, so please don’t ask =D

So time and time again people tell me that girls in Japan will be interested in you if they hear you speaking English. Like there’s some switch in their minds that makes them wet once they hear you saying hello in English or something.

Maybe that’s the case if you’re white, black or something that’s not Asian. Being Asian however I can say that I didn’t get approached or notice any girls licking their lips and moaning when they were looking at me. If anything I think they didn’t have the confidence to speak to me BECAUSE they saw I was speaking English. That’s my story and I’m going to stick to it.


Wow there are a lot of arcades in Japan.

Super WOW, there are actually people in them!



I don’t know about other countries, but arcades in New Zealand aren’t really that popular. So seeing how lively they were in Japan was quite nice.

I would see guys putting in money over and over to slowly move the position of a prize in a crane game. Then he would win it and do the same thing over again. I spent like 1000 yen and got nothing =(

Otaku Stuff

What’s a trip to Tokyo without visiting Akiba? It’s funny because a friend of mine told me he went to Akiba with family.


I actually started playing koikatsu when I got back to NZ =3

Akiba is not family friendly =3


There’s a lot of “questionable” stuff in plain view. Obviously you’re not going to see anything too extreme along the main streets (I think), but go up a floor in that store and you’ll be seeing a lot of R18 stuff.

Spent a lot of time just browsing the stores. Something that surprised me was how popular BL is as a genre over there. Like I’ve always known it was a genre, but it struck me as a very niche market. So I thought it would be hidden away in the corner the store somewhere or you would need to visit a specialty store. Nope, it’s displayed in plain view just like everything else. Popular area as well.

Another thing that was surprising was that there were so many different types of people buying otaku stuff. Like I’m talking businessman, woman of different ages, high school students, etc. It was nice to see such diversity because it was my understanding that otakus were frowned on.

So I’m not much for material possessions, so I thought I wouldn’t buy otaku goods. However I ended up buying some Rem figurines. The stupid thing is that when I bought these figurines I hadn’t even watched Re:Zero yet. I only watched it after coming back to New Zealand.

Maid Cafes

Yes I visited a maid cafe. I mean, it’s part of the Japan experience right?

I went to Home Cafe because a friend recommended it, saying they spoke English there. He doesn’t speak very good Japanese so I trusted his judgement.


That’s not to say I didn’t have a good time. The maids where cute, well most of them anyway, and I got to see them do that little dance performance as well. It’s also true that maid cafes aren’t just for lonely salary men; I saw some couples in there.

However they’re not really my thing. I’m glad I tried visiting one, but I don’t like the idea of paying an entrance fee and eating overpriced food to get someone pay attention to me.


This wasn’t actually mine. It belonged to the dude sitting next to me

I did however have a good conversion with these two guys sitting next to me. They didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Chinese, but we had fun speaking in Japanese to each other.


So that’s enough about me trip to Japan. Here’s what I’ve been up to with my various hobbies. I’ll put bullet points here because I want to keep things short and punchy:


Haha the only reason I put this here is to share the fact that the only subreddit I frequent is /r/justnomil. It’s basically a subreddit where people talk about the horrid things their mother in laws do to them. I recommend it if you feel the need to hate more stuff in this world.


  • Persona 5 – Loved this game. The game play, the different heroines you could get into relationships, graphics, story were all just fantastic. Might go back for a new game plus one of these days.
  • PUBG – Man I suck at this game so bad. How do people shoot so accurately? I shot BEFORE them but still end up getting killed. Half the time I’m either camping in a bush or running for the safe zone.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – I love games where you use a bow. The fact that you get to use it to take down giant mechanical dinosaurs is a huge plus as well. The actual story for the game was pretty short, but I spent a ton of time on side quests. So overall it was a great game.
  • Trails of Cold Steel 2 – I played 80% of this the week it was released and only recently finished off the remaining 20%. I really like the gameplay and having turbo mode on PC definitely helps. My one annoyance is the lack of any fan service. If you’re going to make their skirts so short at least give us a bikini scene or something.
  • Ni No Kuni 2 – Runs weirdly on PC unless I set it to high priority in the task manager. Graphics are nice, but game play just feels like button mashing. Story is way too simple. Will probably drop this to play more eroge.
  • Binding of Isaac – Has always been one of my go to games. I lost my save so I had to replay many many times, but I still love it.


I don’t quite watch as much anime as I used to, but I still try to keep up with whatever’s popular. Here’s some of the ones I’ve watched recently which left more of an impression on me.

  • Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan Man this anime is funny. This is something I like to keep running in the background when I’m doing other stuff, like reading manga or playing a light game. I mean the guy changes the weather just so he doesn’t need to share an umbrella with a girl. Gotta love it.
  • Isekai Shokudou – I really liked this one because of all the different cute girls that popped up and the reactions they had to food from Earth. Anyone know any remotely similar eroge that’s like this? I want basically the same thing, but with sex.
  • Overlord – Isekai gaming world stuff is sure popular these days. This is an take from a different angle, an angle I quite enjoy. Liked season one and season 2 was pretty good as well. Read some of the light novel as well and looking forward to season 3.
  • Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii – I prefer the manga adaptation of this, but anime is still good. It’s a setting that I can relate to very closely, being an otaku that worked in an office myself. Unfortunately I didn’t have any cool otaku friends at my workplace.
  • Boku Dake ga Inai Machi – I loved this anime. Time travel in general is something I love, which is why I like Steins Gate and Back to the future. Only thing that upset me was the girl he ends up with.
  • Kimi no Na wa. – Yeah kind of odd, but awesome none the less. Man that ending…gets me every time. I actually visited the steps from that scene while I was in Shinjuku. Again, looking for an eroge with a route like this =3.

They’re steps…that’s about it

Web Novels

Most of these I started reading because I read the manga first. I read them in English because I was too lazy to read the raws, despite the questionable translation quality for some of them. Reading the raws for Tate no Yuusha was enough for me thank you.

Yes it’s a lot of isekai stuff. I was on a binge recently.

  • World Teacher Isekaishiki Kyouiku Agent – A guy who decides to train students in a new world. Somewhat OP protagonist who’s smart and loved by cute girls. Now that’s my idea of a story. The manga skips over way too many details and isn’t updated very frequently.
  • Isekai Shokudou – Read this because of the anime. More characters, deep look at the characters’ backgrounds, more recipes. This was one where I was annoyed a bit at the translation quality.


Only two really stand out in my memory, but they’re good ones.

  • Grand Blue – One of the funniest things I’ve ever read in my life. It’s a diving manga, but 90% of the time they’re just drinking and stripping. Even re-reading it makes me crack up.
  • Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai – I had previously read this before, but recently I re-read from the start. I did not remember it being so funny. A guy and girl going head to head at trying to make the other confess to them. Haha, gets me every time. And you gotta love Kaguya as a character. They really need an eroge with a heroine that’s as tsundere as her =3


The Current Market

Wow there are a lot of translated games these days. Games I thought would never get translated now have official translations (e.g. Princess Envangile, Fureraba, Leyline). Even Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi has a translation in the works!

However I’m still skeptical about the translation quality though. I recently finished Evenicle and the overall translation quality was pretty good. However they changed “onii-chan” to “Aster” (the protag’s name), which really grinds my gears.

In the live market it seems like the industry has slowed down in general. Less games are

Some of my thoughts about random companies:

  • I’m surprised that AXL still exists to be honest. I’ve kept an eye on their games and they all look average. I still enjoy their game OP songs though.
  • Disappointed that Maybesoft looks to be dead. Their last two titles were top notch.
  • Was Key’s Angel Beats VN adaptable a flop? I never played it, but it I didn’t hear nearly as much stuff about it as I thought I would.
  • I believe Sprite is going out of business? I heard good things about Aokana, but I really didn’t like koichoco. So I’m not hugely disappointed, but my heart goes to other Sprite fans out there.
  • Hooksoft games are becoming more and more stale. The only game I really liked from them was Melty Moment. Tried their latest title, but it was very average. More comments below.
  • Haven’t heard anything about August recently. Can someone tell me if they’re dead?
  • Yuzusoft and Sagaplanets seem to be remaining strong in the industry.
  • Studio Ryokucha’s death wasn’t too surprising, but was still a bit disappointing. Somewhere in my heart I was hoping that would make a game to turn things around.
  • Giga is a like a broken record at this point with a long line of games that are pretty much the same.

What I’ve Played Recently

Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart

This wasn’t nearly as good as I thought it would be. Sure there were lots of laughs, I mean the guy turns into a cat when he gets kissed! You give me a comedy fill slice of life game built around that and I’ll play the shit out of it.


However they decided to add in drama in most of the routes, which made things weird a lot of the time was just weird. It was like going from a comedy setting to something super serious. I think the drama in Kuroki’s route was the worst because of her bitch of a mother. The ending of that route also sucked balls.

Favourite route was Shachi’s. Minimal drama and her reactions become super cute. There was still some BS in there, but it was tolerable.

Overall: 60/100 (saved by comedy)


I literally just finished the translated version of this and I can say I loved it as much as the first time I played it. The weird thing was that I originally intended to replay this in Japanese and then randomly found out a translation was coming out in a couple of weeks. I can see a lot of people playing this and my hopes are that this increased interest to the game will increase the likelihood of a sequel.


I love the classic JRPG feel this game has and while the story line is fairly simple the comedic dialogue keeps things punchy. The skill which auto kills weak opponents is something I think more RPG games should be doing, and the option of turbo to move around the map faster is always a nice addition.

Overall: 90/100 (funny enough this matched my original score I gave)

IxSHE Tell

So the protagonist is the student council president that removes a ban on love within the school and then suddenly gets confessed to by several girls. It sounds nice I know, and that allure is what made me start playing this.


It was average….very very average. I only finished two routes, but I couldn’t make myself play further. Because the girls confess to him all at once you lose the initial development where the two characters slowly realize their feelings for each other. On top of this a couple of the heroines just confess to him on what appears to be either whim or out of pride. So it’s liked a forced harem. Events were all pretty stale – not like the warm fuzzy feeling I’m looking for in these types of games.

Overall: 40/100 (I think this game would do better as a harem manga than an eroge)

Making Lovers

This is one of the best charages I’ve played for a very long time. The protagonist is a bit older so you get a different flavor of things from your typical high school setting. The way they make the guy have a different part time job depending on which girl you go for is a little ridiculous, but that’s a pretty minor thing given the type of game this is. Like Smee’s previous title Pure Connect there’s is a lack of development towards the relationship between the two characters as there’s not much of a common route. However it’s not too bad in this game compared to Pure Connect.


I can say that I enjoyed all the routes except for Mashiro’s. I mean it wasn’t bad; she’s just not my type and I didn’t find many of her events amusing. I mean the ridiculous play arguments that you have with Karen are cute and Mako’s different voices are hilarious. However Mashiro didn’t have any element that really stood out to me other than being an oddball.

Overall: 85/100 (A very solid game with lots of comedy)

Kin’iro Loveriche

This game was better than I expected. I’m usually wary when I play a game with a princess heroine because it usually goes overboard with kidnapping, her trying to get killed, or the protagonist trying too hard to become someone worthy of her. Don’t get me wrong, the protagonist does still try to become worth of the princess, but it’s not too over the top in this game. Actually the drama in this game stays at a fairly good level overall and I can say that Sylvia may be one of my favourite princess heroines ever given how chill she is.


I can say there was a good amount of flirting in each route and there was some comedy splashed into there as well. Always a dynamite combination in my book. In saying the confession scene for Reina’s route is a big no no for me. The relationship itself was fantastic and I’m not denying the big event that lead to Ouro confessing. However I don’t like forced confessions – I want things to be a bit more natural. The Golden Time route was not something I was expecting, but I have to say it was done fairly well. What disappointed me was the lack of a route for Ayaka

Overall: 80/100 (There were a surprising number of threesomes in this game)

Also I love the ending song for the game. For some reason it really pulls at my heart strings.

Kari Gurashi Ren’ai

For a game which tries really hard to add in the funnies I didn’t like this as much as I thought it would. It has all the right components and I really felt that the game started off strongly. You had hints of jealousy mixed in, a wacky MILF, over eager younger sister figures, etc. I think what was missing for me was the amount of romance in the individual routes.


To be honest I can’t remember anything particularly bad about this game, but at the same time I can’t remember anything particularly good. So all in all a slightly above average game. It’s a shame because all the characters had so much potential.

Overall: 65/100 (I can’t think of anything to say here)

Eiyuu Senki

A game where you conquer the world in the name of world peace and various famous historical figures are somehow women. The dialogue for the game is nothing fancy, the story is fairly plain, but the gameplay was pretty nice. I had to have the manual open constantly in order to remember which weapons were strong against what.


With the number of different girls in this game it’s not surprising that not all of them get H-scenes. I do believe the Eiyuu Senki Gold has H-scenes for almost all the girls, but the game wasn’t good enough to compel me to go for a remake. Despite having lots of different girls in this stew the game does still show some nice lovey fuzzy scenes from time to time.

Overall: 70/100 (Sengoku Rance without all the rape)

Riddle Joker

This is another game that had so much potential that just didn’t live up to my expectations. A very standard common route as far as common route go, but there are some elements lacking. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it could be because of how level headed Satoru is as a protagonist.


I think Mayu’s route probably was the best content wise for me. It had revelations, lots of flirting, and satisfying conclusion. Nanami still holds a place as the cutest heroine, but there was one particular in her route that didn’t sit well with me. Ayase’s interesting because of her hidden personality and I would have loved to see her interact in that way with the rest of the main cast. Sadly I didn’t get my wish – her route did have the most story I believe. Finally Hazuki’s route overall was a flop for me and left me more pissed off than anything else.

Overall: 70/100 (Dracu-riot is still my number one when it comes to Yuzusoft)



So that’s basically everything I have to say about me really. If you actually read the whole thing you must have even more time than I currently do =D

Anyway I’m currently in the works of finding a new job so it’s very unlikely I’ll be posting anything again in the future.

– Aero

38 thoughts on “Are we dead?

  1. I did read it all. I love reviews of eroge, it really is an underappreciated art form.
    Recently i have fallen in love with Sumikko Soft, their two most recent titles were phenomenal. It’s a shame the company is apparently closing.
    Have you played them? If so, what’s your opinion? You should really check them out.

    Oh and thank you for writing this forum post, i actually became an big fan of this blog when it was already dead. So thank you for at least giving off an spark of life.

      • I can safety say that I have never played anything by that company. I enjoyed the opening for あきゆめくくる. Did you play the game? I’m interested to know what the girl with the black hair’s story is =D

        • Of course i played it! The backstory to Saori (The black haired girl) is really unexpected so i don’t know if i should spoil it. Assuming whether you are playing it or not… Her route is the mandatory “last route” so it would reveal a lot about the game if i said anything.
          Great comedy, mystery, and characters are really cute. Scenario writer Watanabe Ryouichi really impresses me.
          I really recommend those two games if you have time for it. Maybe also はるまでくるる, but i haven’t played that one yet.

          • Okay if I can’t find another game I want to play after finishing the second Making Lovers Fandisc I will give あきゆめくくる a try =D.

            The main reason I’m interested in the black haired chick is because she’s pulling a knife on the protagonist in the OP video ^^’. Gotta love a chick that tries to kill ya =d

  2. I will possibly be going to Japan again (I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been now) in late August/early September, and again in late December for C95. Don’t know if you have any plans which coincide with those times, but just letting you know.

    Did you get a JR pass? They generally pay for themselves if travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto and back.

    Strange, I have not had any problems with GPS accuracy in Japan.

    Yeah, everyone says food in Japan is expensive, but compared to eating out in NZ it is actually much cheaper. Even 1200 yen is on the higher side for ramen; I have had some decent ones for half that price. Fruit is much dearer though. If you want ridiculously cheap alcohol, then go to Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary). Convenience stores are so much better stocked than dairys or even Foursquares here.

    The more rural one goes in Japan the worse the local’s English gets; I stayed in one small town where no one spoke anything more than katakana loan words.

    I haven’t noticed any particular interest coming from the fairer sex while in Japan, except for one occasion, so I don’t think you are alone with that impression.

    Weren’t arcades somewhat popular here in the past though? I think there were two in New Plymouth when I was younger. But I don’t imagine they are still there now.

    I find part of the excitement of Akiba to be just recognising characters and series from the goods.

    Was Angel Beats! a flop? Commercially idk. Personally, it just didn’t live up to my expectations. It had some good ideas and was overloaded with event CGs, but was let down by not being finished. I understand it was supposed to be a multiple part series, but that plan was obviously too ambitious, so I think they should have just focused on the main characters rather than trying to have a route for everyone.

    Some companies are closing, yes, but there seem to be a couple of new ones popping up every now and then. Although that is probably just the same people trying to reinvent new brand images in attempts to survive in a continually shrinking market.

    Good to hear more from you Aero. 🙂

    • Man how do you afford to go back so often lol

      I do have plans to go back again relatively soon, but it won’t be until probably mid next year. Trying to get a job soon and once I do (hopefully >__>) I will need some time to settle in until I can take a good amount of leave.

      Nah I didn’t get the pass. I did a flight from Auckland to Tokyo and then from Osaka to Auckland. Way smoother I think =D

      Yeah fruit prices are insane there, but man the strawberries I had were amazing. I’ll probably hold back on the alcohol…that time I got drunk in Japan made me rethink my drinking stance orz

      How is your Japanese now? Were you able to communicate fluently with the locals? If you can, you gotta use that charm man to sweet talk the ladies ;D

      Yeah arcades were somewhat popular back in the day, but they’re dead as hell now. So the disparity was quite a surprise.

      My spending habits for otaku goods is weird I think. I don’t really feel a desire to buy goods for my favourite characters even if they look good. One of the figurines I bought was a random villian from Kantai collection that I saw in an arcade. I don’t even know anything about Kantai collection, but I spent several hours looking for the figure. I just buy stuff that’s cute ^^.

      I agree about angel beats. Seriously, why do a route for a girl? Do a route for Angel and do an extended epilogue or after story =3

    • Food CAN be expensive, but if you are traveling on a budget, couple hundred yen a meal is do-able, but food is so good that you wouldn’t be disappointed.

      I think the joy of Akiba is seeing the different stuff on the big and small billboards, and if you want to be elitist/hipster about it, the stuff that isn’t well known in the west.

      Yea, some companies seem to be stagnating, I’ve followed Astronauts for a while and they seem to be doing nothing, and the last Baldr game from Giga is pretty stale when it’s supposed to be their grand closing of the series. Happy to see Age going on the up and up though, especially when they’ve gotten their kickstarter budget.

      • Food is always the main reason I travel, and that’s the same for Japan. So much good food! I especially love trying out regional food when I head out of the big cities.

        • The biggest problem I had with the food is the bad habits I developed. When I got back to my home country I was eating and snacking like crazy. Took like 2 months to get back to my norm ^^’

  3. Kaguya is definitely great romcom manga. It has a gold and somehow unique comedy for romcom manga. Also, despite it’s published in Young Jump, it doesn’t rely too much on fanservice too.

    Btw, since you watch Saiki Kusuo and Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, you should read their manga too, especially since their manga already ended too.

    Last, maybe we can talk about manga in twitter or somewhere since I read a lot of manga. I can give some recommend some manga too if you want.

    • Kaguya has that new ero side story version right? To be honest I don’t really care for it, but fan service is nice I suppose.

      I’ve read most of the saiki manga, but haven’t gotten around to Boku Dake Inai Machi. Been spending a lot of time reading web novels. The translations are sometimes pretty crap though orz

      Sure, feel free to hit me up sometime on twitter =D

      • “I can give some recommend some manga too if you want.”
        Am I drunk or what when I write this? 😅

        Yes, Kaguya has that new ero spinoff, but in the end its original still doesn’t rely too much on fanservice…which is good I think.

        You should read Boku Dake Inai Machi manga since its original came from its manga. It’s a really great manga. Even I ended up marathon reading it in a day.

        I will hit you up in twitter sooner or later.

        • I’m open to recommendations. The problem is that I read quite a fair bit and somehow also end up NOT reading some of the major titles that are out there. I haven’t read shingeki no kyojin manga (or watched the anime), haven’t read Dr Stone, and I also haven’t read My Hero Academia. So I have a weird blind spot if you will, but rest assured those titles are on my watchlist.

  4. Had quite some fun reading this.
    But mostly just glad that you’re having fun XD
    Kind of glad that there’s an update on this blog haha
    Best of luck, whatever it is you’re doing now =D
    Glad that the blog is a living-dead one, instead of a dead one =P

    • I’m glad you got a laugh out of reading this post. I saw that there was still the occasional view to this blog so I thought I might as well rant about my life for a bit =D.

      Hope you’re enjoying some eroge, anime or manga =D

  5. ‘eeyyyy I’ve been wondering where you’ve been but then again the English-review writing community’s been declining from an already abysmal number and continuing as the games get worse and worse

    I appreciate your input on your trip to Japan. Having played eroge for several years I still have not yet been to Japan even in transit to visiting Korea, and I would honestly love to spend a week or so should I have the financial availability. It helps that your experience gives me a good idea of what to expect.

    Drop by my site sometimes. I’ve become a lot more clear when it comes to saying which games are good or bad and heck, you might be able to find another title you might want to play.

    • Hey man. I took a brief year long break from eroge living life as a normie for a while. I agree with your thoughts about the blogging community, but it’s good to see your blog is still quite active.

      I was in the exactly same boat as you – eroge experience, but never visited. Was a spur of the moment thing when I booked the tickets, but so glad I did. I’m already planning on visiting again soon XD

      I had a quick look and saw you did something on Hatsujou Sprinkle. That’s probably the only whirlpool title that’s interested me…ever. Sure I’ve played a couple of their games, but they were pretty bad. Seeing you give a charage 6/10 gives me hope that it might be a good one to play.

  6. Damn straight, Kin’iro’s first ED is amazing. Yuzuno’s voice really clicks with the song.

    Keep on shining, Aero!

    • Thanks. Things will probably be quiet around here, but I’m still alive on twitter =3

      I had a listen to some of her other songs, but I have to say that none come close to shining! our life

  7. Haven’t heard from you in a long time, and when I checked your blog it did seem pretty dead, but it’s nice that you’re back!

    I actually just graduated from university myself and have nothing to do for now so I started my own blog too. Just screwing around I guess lol.

    Also cool to see that you also went to Japan! I actually went last year as well and I had very similar experiences as you. The food was the real motivator for me to go back again.

    Also I am just curious, what happened to your old accounting job if you don’t mind me asking. Economy not too hot here either that’s why I haven’t been able to find a job myself. I honestly hope to see more from you man and good luck finding another job again!

    • Haha I’m back for a time; Don’t get used to it =d

      Man your blog looks pro – puts this blog to shame ^^’. I’ll try to visit from time to time. Be sure to post something about visual novels!

      I’m already planning another trip for sometime next year. You have any plans on visiting soon?

      Haha I never had an accounting job, but if you’re talking about my last job…I just left. My colleagues were great, but the work wasn’t very appealing – think a lot of data entry and emails. Went to do this internship for a while hoping it would pan out into something more interesting, but nothing. So currently I’m just job hunting, which is a chore orz. Hope things turn out well for you man XD

  8. Man, you were an inspiration for me when it came to blogging about visual novels and playing untranslated games (with atlas at the time). Your guide basically started me on how to play VN with the machine translated method, and to this day I still have the bundle you put together. I am glad you’re still around even if it’s going to change soon. It’s always sad to see people leave the community.

    When you went to Japan, did you speak decent Japanese? For me, I couldn’t speak anything half decent unless I thought about what to say beforehand. It’s really embarrassing actually considering how I started studying a few years ago. I guess I can only read, but can’t do anything else.

    Do you still study Japanese currently? For me I stopped actively studying a few years ago, and only use Visual Novel as a tool to keep up. I remembered you were doing N3 Exam a few years ago right?

    In terms of jobs, is accounting something you’re interested in still? I just remembered that you told me you graduated with an accounting degree.

    For me, I started a small business with my mom in hopes of at least putting something on my resume so later on I can find a job. But apart from that I am basically a NEET. Although putting together the business did teach me some useful things like making a website and whatnot.

    I was going to go back to Japan next year with a few friends, but honestly it’s looking unlikely as I won’t have the money to. Still got half of my student loans to pay D:

    If you do go back, go check out southern Japan like Hiroshima and the mountain regions like takayama. There’s a cool little village called “shirakawago” where they have some interesting huts that they build. Very nice scenery.

    Anyways, take care man, I hope to see you hang around for the long haul this time even if you find your next endeavor!

    • Haha, I’m glad that my guide was able to help you ^^

      I wouldn’t say that spoke decent Japanese, but I spoke enough to get by ^^’. To be honest there weren’t that many times where I needed to speak a lot of Japanese at a single time. I mean it’s not like I needed to ask for directions – GPS exists =d. I mainly used Japanese when I was buying food. However I did have some light conversations with some shop clerks and also asked about price matching at an electronics store. But from experience it doesn’t seem like the Japanese are all that interested in talking to foreigners, so I would say you being to read is already enough =D

      Nah I don’t study Japanese anymore. I would like to say that I still want to, but I just can’t find the motivation these days. Another big problem is I can’t really gauge HOW to get back into studying it. Do start from scratch using the Genki textbooks? Or do I focus on Vocab?

      As for the JLPT I finished up to N2, but never really got motivated enough to attempt N1. Did you sit any of the JLPTs?

      Wow you have a good memory. Nah I don’t have an interest in accounting anymore. A bit too boring I think – haven’t experienced it so I can’t say for certain. I’m aiming for a job that’s a bit more tech focused. I think having a small business to add to your resume has a lot of potential – you can “exaggerate” some of the tasks you did and no one would be the wiser ;D. Also having some experience to add is something I think employers really value. I think they also love volunteer experience, but that could just be the case for my country.

      Haha student loans suck – still got a chunk of mine to pay off. Is your’s interest free? If it is I would suggest trying as much as possible to just go to Japan. While being conservative and saving money is good, you’ve got the rest of your life to work and make money. One of my regrets is not travelling more when I was younger ^^’.

      Btw are those friends people that you talk about eroge with? If so, I’m jealous =D. None of my friends IRL know about this side of me so I would’nt really be able to go with Akiba with them without holding my tongue.

      Thanks for the suggestions man. For my next trip I was actually thinking of going a bit more rural so I’ll keep those places in mind.

      • Yeah you’re right about not needing to speak much Japanese to get by. Most of the time the staffs at restaurants already knows enough English. It was just I was expecting more situations where I was forced to speak Japanese so I could practice. I lost my JR Pass in Tokyo and had to explain that to the station staffs. That was pretty good practice I guess…. but also costly.

        And wow you actually already passed N2? That’s pretty great man. I think I am around that level as well, but I will need to study for the exam specifically for a week or two just to make sure I pass. But other than that, no I never actually took the JLPTs. Are you thinking of using your Japanese for a job in the future? One of my friend is actually going to Japan with the JET program. So he’ll have to learn Japanese one way or another.

        My business degree was actually really tech focused. It’s called “Business Technology management”. The degree itself wasn’t too useful, but I did learn some basics like E-business, databases, and some beginner coding in R and VBA. Nothing enough to land me a job in those fields I am thinking.

        My loan will be interest free if I can’t afford to pay it, but otherwise when I do find a job, I’ll have to pay the interest.

        And yeah my friends are all weebs. They don’t really play eroge or VN, but they definitely watch anime and read manga. We went to Akiba together and bought some stuff. Honestly I am usually not a big spender on anime goods, but I decided what the hell, I am in Japan, might as well.

        Dude honestly man, if we could sync a time that I would be happy to meet you in Japan sometime. I actually did that last time with a friend from Myanimelist, although he already lives in Tokyo.

        Also, I know you said you didn’t like KoiChoco, but AoKana was really damn good. I might write something about it in the future. You should definitely give it a shot (rip Sprite, rip the sequel).

        • Nah I don’t intend to get a job where I need to use Japanese – mainly because it’s just not at a level where I think it would be helpful for a job. Have you ever applied for JET? I’ve actually applied twice, but been rejected both times – hard times when you’re asian ^^’

          Knowing VBA is pretty rare. I know some myself, but everyone at my old company said that it’s incredibly outdated. Even though they say that I still quite like it ^^. Based off your skillset are you looking to be a data analyst or data scientist?

          Seems you have the same mentality as me when it comes to anime goods. However when I go back I intend to buy a lot more =d. Not sure what it is about the atmosphere there, but it makes me want to waste money =D

          It would be great to meet up in Japan, but I think it might be a bit difficult. Hard to not talk about a trip to Japan without someone I know wanting to tag along ^^’

          Is Aokana really that good? It’s on my backlog, but I just can’t get myself to play it.

          • I wast actually going to apply, but I decided against it since I had no teaching experiences. My friend who got in is also Asian, and he got really lucky. Basically he was wait-listed, and just lucked out.

            I actually don’t really know if I can be a data analyst or data scientist. Only got rudimentary knowledge on data analysis and coding. I think an ideal position for me would be business analyst, but that requires years of experience.

            Your friends would tag along even though they don’t watch anime? I guess they just like travelling, lol.

            And yeah Aokana was actually really good. Go read it!

  9. Well, did you manage to play Niizuma Lovely X Cation? Sad to see the Cation series going away, but understandable when a couple of flops seem to have ruined the lot.

    • I enjoyed the opening song and I the blonde in the game really hit my strike zone, but it looked kinda average overall. I think the effect they were trying to aim at was probably better achieved in Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai – those afterstories were awesome XD

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