Maoten – A tale of demons and gods

It’s weird how I make a post about how we’re pretty much dead and then find myself wanting to write something.

So because I still had some free time I decided to rant about the various thoughts I had about Maoten. The blog will most likely be back on life support after this since I just got addicted to Granblue Fantasy =d

Keep in mind that this isn’t a review. I don’t go into the story of the game and really the only thing I do is talk about why I did or didn’t enjoy this game.



Common Route

I am very surprised that I didn’t drop the game during the common route because it was all over the place. You start with your everyday slice of life game where you’re introduced to all the starting characters. Then suddenly the everyday life gets a cute demon lord with big tits and all kinds of wacky magical beings added into it, but it’s still a somewhat amusing light hearted slice of life.

Then life does a 180. Tension after tension is added in and things go from easy going to WAY too serious. Thing feel weird because it’s still the common route and this level of tension is something I would expect in a dedicated route. So things keep getting darker and relationships start getting tense…HOWEVER! I am getting used to it.

BAM! Everything suddenly gets resolved and we’re back to light hearted slice of life. WTF Candysoft orz

So the common route was a roller coaster, but not in a good way.


If I was to summarise my thoughts of Karin’s route it would be something like this:


Basically her feelings aren’t love. They’re just affection.

While the route does include some minor hints of jealousy and times where it seems Karin’s about to realise her feelings towards Rentarou, these scenes are always stopped short. Hell there was a great scene where her heart starts pounding and she can’t stop thinking about Rentarou – great time to thrown in some romance here Candysoft. But no, it’s stopped short. So in the end Rentarou is someone special to her, but basically is just someone who won her over by providing her with sweets.


The hidden twist of this route is also incredibly stupid. The game presents it as a serious matter, but it turns out to be a misunderstanding which spirals out of control and then resolved instantly. So you have all this tension from a not half bad lead up, then a WTMF moment, followed by FFS moment.


The bond that exists between Yuuri and Rentarou was actually quite sweet. They could have milked a lot more out of it, but the general concept of it was still solid. However as with Karin’s route the actual romance in this route was basically non-existent.  The two go from saying they’ll consider each other to basically just being in a relationship somehow.  From start to finish the two are really just siblings rather than lovers.


So a big part of this route revolves around Yuuri’s original family before she died and became an angel. That includes but isn’t limited to a crazy woman who really hates Rentarou and keeps trying to kill him. They did a good job make me hate this woman, as you should with an antagonist, but the reason behind her obsession towards Rentarou didn’t really warrant trying to kill him on SIGHT. What’s weirder is that near the end she apologises to him for some reason? I mean why not just avoid trying to kill him then? Maybe talk it out over a cup of coffee or send him a letter FFS.

So the drama reaches a peak fairly quickly and is then resolved fairly quickly. Nothing too exciting, but I did like how the three forces that be (i.e. human, angel and demon) worked together to save the day. And admittedly the ending of this route was fairly good, even though the “family reunion” at the end could have been milked WAY more.



The start of route was something more to my taste. You see Rita feeling a bit insecure/jealous that Rentarou starts hanging out a lot with Karin. Had they stayed this course I would have been incredibly happy.

Well the course they did take wasn’t too bad I suppose, with Rita somehow acquiring a book from Karin which contains magic spells she can use. Rita’s irresponsibleness when using this magic pissed me when it’s first introduced, but funny enough the introduction of magic actually led to a serious turning point in the route. The weird thing was that instead of resolving the whole issue straight away there were some lingering effects from this drama – with the demon kin being a bit scared of Rentarou. So I guess Candysoft doesn’t ONLY rug sweep.


So how about the romance in this route?

Basically the two tell each other that they’ve been in love with the other since they were little kids. Did they ever act like they liked each other before this? Not really. Is Rita ever love struck? Kinda? So yeah, romance wasn’t great.

Near the end of this route Rentarou basically decides to sacrifice himself to save the island. This was noble, it was emotional, and it felt like it was leading somewhere. Like a minute later it was basically resolved. This route ends on a bittersweet note, but to be honest I wasn’t really feeling it.

Final Route

The final route started off quite strongly for me. Seeing Rentarou thrown into a world where no one could recognise him with something of a clone living his life actually kept me on edge the whole time. It was another genre shift with Rentarou suffering a lot psychologically and you see Rentarou becoming desperate to prove that he’s the real Rentarou.

Then they ruined it. Everything gets magically resolved, LITERALLY. It’s like the whole damn experience never happened and the Rentarou went through a great deal of suffering for basically no reason except for the whim of a stupid god. They make a very lame attempt at trying to add in some scene which I imagine they thought would be emotional, but honestly nothing was enough to save the route for me after the deus ex machina.

Final Route.jpg

So overall the ending of this route left me more pissed off than anything else. The additional stories that are unlocked after this route also all sucked and are just there to add some needless H-scenes. YES I SAID NEEDLESS. Highlights include Rentarou having sex with a guy and him deciding to marry a girl on the spot after having sex with her.


I mentioned this on twitter but something that bothered me was varying quality for some of the mob/side characters.



Okay so this game has a surprising number of 3P scenes and a couple are a bit ridiculous – think 3P with the god of yoga. However these scenes aren’t what I want to complain about.



So except for the H-scene with Rita’s hot mum, which was possibly my favourite H-scene of this game, ALL the underwear in the H-scenes are white. I mean white is fine I suppose, but not when I see it on each character. Hell I think even Karin wears white underwear despite wearing what looks to be a black g-string. I mean they did show some other colours for different CGS, but it’s just not the same if it’s not during sex.

If they had wanted to keep a pure image then I would have been perfectly happy if they just used lighter colours. I’m talking your pink, light blue, light green, etc. But no, they stuck with white all the way.

Final Thoughts

Given this is Candysoft I went in expecting Tsuyokiss with a fantasy twist, which this game was not. So the mentality I had when I went into this game probably affected my enjoyment of it.

However even if I look at the game objectively I would still say there were many flaws and at BEST the game is a chunk above average. I think the main issue I had with this game was the lack of romance and the fact that for most of the routes it seemed they wanted to avoid “real” conflict. It seemed to me that they wanted to do a serious story, but still maintain a gag filled slice of life comedy. This could be their rationale behind using the dopey/crappy looking mob characters. Whatever their plans were with this game I can say that it didn’t reach me.

Overall: 60/100


4 thoughts on “Maoten – A tale of demons and gods

  1. Huh. I remember being a young boi reading reviews about games I didn’t understand back when this was still active. I was a little sad to see it gone but that recent-ish update was surprising. Nice!(?)

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