This is NOT an anime blog.

Amaenbou Dane~(甘えん坊だね~) is a blog founded and maintained by Aedes. This blog is exclusively about visual novels(eroges) that are almost exclusively in Japanese, though you can attempt to use a translator like ATLAS if you aren’t proficient in the language. The posts have the following categories:

  • Eroge Impression – General impression on the eroge that either Aero or I has played recently or is playing currently.
  • Eroge Review – More comprehensive review of eroges that either Aero or I has finished completely. This category, along with the others, contains entirely of personal opinion. Your opinion may differ.
  • Nukige Nuance – Eroge doesn’t have enough H for ya? This is what you’re looking for.
  • Random Rambling – Anything else that does not belong in one of the above categories.

Please note that I do not play all-ages eroges, because to me, that is taking the ero out of the eroge. I do play nukige occasionally, hence the nukige category. Aero doesn’t like writing about nukige, though he does admit to playing them. That said, just about everything here has mature content (18+). Please browse accordingly.

By the way, there are lots of Japanese jargon flying around here, so be careful!


Currently, Aedes is the main author of this blog. Aero writes for this blog as well after I coerced him into it.

About The Name

The name of the blog is inspired by a phrase, or variations of it, I frequently hear in eroges 甘えん坊だね~. It means ” What a spoiled child~” Or something like that; I know I fail at translating stuff. This phrase represents the type of characters I love the most, which are characters who nag you for attention, in an irresistibly adorable way of course.

Site History

This blog opened on August 28, 2011, as a medium for me to express my thoughts and opinions about my hobbies, which include eroges, games, and animes. It has since degenerated to contain nothing but eroge.

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