My anime list.

Anime is what brought me to the wonderful world of eroges. It all started when I, for some unknown reason, was browsing through the One Piece web site, then a person walks by and said, why don’t you go watch the anime instead of reading about it? And that is how I started watching anime as a hobby, not counting the times when I was watching Dragonball Z years and years ago. Oh, by the way, I stopped watching One Piece after a couple of episodes since there is no romance in it.

As time goes by, I gradually lost interest in the action anime genre and gained more interest in the romance and comedy genres. This is when the problem arose. I cannot find enough romance anime to satisfy me! The romance is either thin as air, does not develop far enough, or is too drama laden. The solution came to me when I was watching the Yosuga no Sora anime (which is also what ignited my imouto moe). I saw that this anime is adopted from an eroge, and decided to try it. Thus my daily life is entwined with anime and eroges.

I watch romance and comedy anime, with a bias towards romance, which should be evident by now. It makes me sad how few good romance anime are.

But nowadays, I can rarely find the time to watch anime between working and playing eroges. Though I still occasionally watch series that I’m interested in, mainly moe, romance, or eroge adaption, once in a blue moon when I feel like it.

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