[NSFW] Laud of Nukiges

I know I promised better places to vent your pent up stress in your lower body last time, so here it is. And for something completely different, I’m going to try using bullet points. Less to read, less to write, ain’t it a win-win situation!

This is by no means a recommendation post, as this is nothing more than a crude analysis of my recently played nukiges that I found to be more fappable. As such, this is littered with my personal bias, so your mileage will probably vary.

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[NSFW] Lament for Nukige

This painfully conspicuous red text is to remind you that there’s a NSFW tag in the title in case you missed it somehow.

What do you do when you’ve played too many games but wrote about none of them? Do you write a separate piece for each of them? Of course not, since that’s way too much work. Instead, I’m squishing them all into a single post which is what you’ll be getting.

I’ve been wondering what makes a good nukige. In my opinion, a good nukige compels you to actively fap while playing it, while a bad one leaves your lower body limp and lifeless and wondering why you aren’t watching real porn instead. Imouto ga Boku wo Neratteru, Houkago Eroge-bu, Koiimo, and Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki Da fall into the latter category; they simply aren’t fappable. Let me explain in more detail for each of the game.

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[NSFW] Euphoria Spoilers

Updated with more goodies at the bottom.

In case you haven’t noticed from the title, this is spoiler-rific NSFW material. And by NSFW, I mean NSFW.

Want to check out the story without getting your hands dirty? Disappointed with the lack of NSFW images in the last post? Or just want some delicious images to add to your collection? This is for you.

Oh and I’ve begun hosting Livestreams semi-regularly. Right now there is no set schedule or content, but I usually announce on Twitter when one has started. Feel free to drop by Twitter, or leave a comment below if interested.

Let me get this over quickly so I can get back to the June releases that I haven’t been able to properly start since I’ve been procrastinating so much on this post.

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Euphoria Impression

First of all, I have to thank you guys on Twitter, Lerry, Seal (Seele), and everyone else in the deranged Skype group for tempting me to play this game. I would not be able to see heads chopped off, bodies electrocuted, bishoujo embalmed, and much more without you all.

When it comes to posts about games, there are the thoughtful ones like this where the writer went through a meticulous process of writing an outline, then drafts after drafts until finally a satisfying post emerges after hours of work. Then there’s the stream of consciousness-esque posts like this where I spew out whatever I have on my mind and hit the publish button when the stream runs out. Well, just about everything is covered in that review already, so whatever. You guys asked for this.

NSFW spoilers here.

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[NSFW] Bishoujo Mangekyo Review

WARNING: It’s time for another NSFW post!

Company: ωstar
Game Site: 美少女万華鏡 -呪われし伝説の少女-
Release Date: December 29, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough

This is an ongoing series by the newly-reopened ωstar, featuring a series of mini stories. Horror writer Natsuhiko visits a traditional hot springs inn in the mountains to see a room full of traditional Japanese dolls. There he meets a mysterious beautiful girl Renge. She offers him a kaleidoscope, asking him if he wants to take a glimpse into a world which he shouldn’t see. The first story is about the perverted girls’ school teacher Shigehiko who swore not to lay hands on any of his students in order to maintain his position. However, that all changed after he met a mysterious girl Kirie. He became entranced by her, even though she told him to stay away from her if he valued his life.

[Big thanks to Micchi, as usual]

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[NSFW] Furifure 2 Review

WARNING: This post is NSFW and probably contains material offensive to far too many people than I care to mention. Please do not continue if you prefer to stay pure and innocent, or your eyes may BLEED in the oncoming onslaught of the NSFW images.

It seems that with the recent Christmas holiday my productivity decided to go on a holiday on its own. That has to be why this review took 1 week to do when I finished the game in 2 days. Please note this is a low-priced title, so there is only 1 heroine.

Company: Noesis
Game Site: フリフレ2
Release Date: December 22, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough

Our guy Shiomi Kaito fails at bonding with other people, but he has to take care of his libido somehow. Our girl Shinogiki Sumire’s mother just passed away and is in dire need of money to avoid getting kicked out of her apartment. Magically, the two found each other using the FreeFriends forum, not knowing they are long lost siblings separated since birth. The Internet sure is useful isn’t it?

[Came up with this on my own since there isn’t much to summarize]

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[NSFW] Pochi To Goshunjinsama Impression

WARNING: This post is NSFW and probably contains material offensive to far too many people than I care to mention. Please do not continue if you prefer to stay pure and innocent, or your eyes may BLEED in the oncoming onslaught of the NSFW images.

The long awaited nukige post! Due to the nature of nukiges, I’ll be going over the various kinds of ecchi “plays” present in-game. I’ll also briefly cover the plot and the characters where applicable. If you’re worried about how hardcore this is in regards to other nukige, this is a fairly lighthearted nukige with some hardcore elements where all the participants are willing. Note that this does not mean that I’ve suddenly became a nukige fanatic and will post only nukige posts from now on. I’m merely on a temporary nukige spree.

The first part of a two, or three, part nukige series, this post is an experimental NSFW post, so the format will look like a borderline readable chaotic mess. Feedback on how I can improve will be greatly appreciated.

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