Eroge description here.

My Preferences

In general, I play moe-based eroges with a healthy mix of moe and ecchi, with an emphasis on moe. I thrive off of interesting character interactions, and to me, interesting means plenty of raburabu moments. The art work and the characters are what usually draw me to a game, with the story being somewhat secondary but important nevertheless. In general, I do not play dark eroges or eroges where fighting is a major part of it, as the story tends to get too serious and sometimes bloody. I prefer eroges with lighter atmosphere, which usually means moe-ges or chara-ges, but I may venture off occasionally and play more serious ones that are highly acclaimed.

My favorite games are those with significant character and relationship growth, and an interesting story is always a plus. I view H scenes as a crucial part to furthering the relationship between couples, so I do not play all ages eroges since those scenes are omitted. That also means I occasionally play nukiges, and you will see posts about them. I love happy endings, have trouble dealing with bittersweet endings, and try my best to stay away from the “nice boat” or bad endings. I have never played School Days.

Finally, I love imouto characters with all my heart. You will most certainly see an abundance of imoutos everywhere in this blog, starting from the banner on the top. Lolis too.

Have fun!

My favorite character moe traits are:

Relation: imouto (妹)!! kouhai (後輩).

Personality: amaenbo!! (甘えん坊), innocent (天真爛漫), koakuma (小悪魔), jealous (焼きもち), quiet, mysterious, my pace.

Visual: Loli!! Pettanko, Silver hair, and any style of hair that is not tied in some way.

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