aquaspirit39’s List

aquaspirit39’s List

Coming up with one of this list was surprisingly harder that I thought because I was unsure about which games I should consider as being ‘completed’. Generally speaking, there are two extreme definitions for completing an eroge: one describes it as finishing all routes and capturing all heroines, while the other accepts that seeing one ending is enough to say that the game has been completed. Deciding between these two was not easy for me, since the former will reduce the list to almost nothing and the latter choice will probably blow up the list.

After a careful considerations, I concluded that listing games which I have fully completed is a much wiser choice or otherwise updating this table will become very cumbersome. Furthermore, ever since I started writing reviews on this blog, the number of games in which I manage to reach 100% completion has increased steadily(mainly for reviewing purpose). Thus this table will probably grow larger from now on.


No. Japanese Name               Romaji
1. ‘&’-空の向こうで咲きますように- `&’ – Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu youni
2. 九十九の奏~欠け月の夜想曲~ Tsukumo no Kanade ~Kake Gatsu no Yasoukyoku~
3. 流星のアーカディア Ryuusei no Arcadia Review
4. 紫電~円環の絆~ Shiden ~ Enkan no Kizuna ~
5. GEARS of DRAGOON ~迷宮のウロボロス~ GEARS of DRAGOON ~Meikyuu no Ouroboros~
6. 新・白銀のソレイユ -ReANSWER- Shin Shirogane no Soleil -ReANSWER- Review

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