Pure Girl – So Pure [But Not Exactly SFW]

So I’ve been thinking about this Pure Girl post for about 3 weeks now ever since I finished the game, but never got around to it until now. Well, maybe instead of “thinking”, perhaps putting it at the back of my mind and only remembering it occasionally would be a more accurate description. I’m just a hopelessly lazy bastard if you haven’t figured that out already.

Instead of a review, this time I’ll be putting little lists of what to expect and what not to expect from this game. That should get the general point across in a concise manner, in theory, I think. I did say I am lazy right. Oh and I’m going to have some fun with formats. Hope it won’t be messed up too badly on your screen.

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First Blog Anniversary!

It’s time for the first blog anniversary! The blog was founded on August 28, 2011 when I suddenly decided I want to be able to scream “HEY I’VE A BLOG!” on the Internet to flex my e-peen and pretend I’m a somebody in the VN/eroge scene since there are so few VN blogs compared to let’s say, anime ones. To tell the truth, that remains the main reason I’m maintaining this blog. Yeah, I’m just a selfish bastard. But if I happened to help anyone in my quest for e-peen, then all the better!

Aero here. I have to say that I’m surprised that we keep this thing alive for 1 year. No promises for next year though =p 

If you’re one of the few unfortunate souls who have followed the blog from its inception, you may have noticed the gradual deterioration of the seriousness/quality of my writing as I refined(?) my writing style slowly realizing I simply don’t enjoy writing with a straight face nor am I the analytical type to begin with. So I thought to myself, instead of merely mimicking the styles of the other VN blogs, why don’t I develop one of my own! (I know we’ve all heard that one before). And from that comes the crudely written posts filled with dry humor that has absolutely no right to be funny. But if you get even as little as a halfway grin out of them, I’m content; I like lighting up people lives however much I can. Especially the lives of imoutos and lolis.

We really need something on the blog to point out that we aren’t serious writers. I know my writing sucks pretty bad, and most of the time I write in such a way to make it SEEM like I know what I’m talking about >___>. But I would like to think that I’ve helped a small handful of people out there ^^. 

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Euphoria Impression

First of all, I have to thank you guys on Twitter, Lerry, Seal (Seele), and everyone else in the deranged Skype group for tempting me to play this game. I would not be able to see heads chopped off, bodies electrocuted, bishoujo embalmed, and much more without you all.

When it comes to posts about games, there are the thoughtful ones like this where the writer went through a meticulous process of writing an outline, then drafts after drafts until finally a satisfying post emerges after hours of work. Then there’s the stream of consciousness-esque posts like this where I spew out whatever I have on my mind and hit the publish button when the stream runs out. Well, just about everything is covered in that review already, so whatever. You guys asked for this.

NSFW spoilers here.

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Monobeno Review

There has been criticism that the posts lately have been looking like lists. I’ve nothing to say to that, since they are indeed lists. Not that there’s anything wrong with lists in my opinion. But Aero has been bugging me to make a real post, so here it is. An attempt at one at least.

Company: Lose 
Game Site: ものべの -MONOBENO-
Release Date: April 27, 2012
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

Tooru, a pre-med student, and his imouto Natsuha return home to the village Monobeno for the summer. It’s a small village surrounded by mountains on all sides and situated deep in the middle of absolutely no where, with only one road leading to the outside. In this convenient setting, people live in harmony with youkai, or supernatural creatures. During the festival celebrating the birth of this village, Natsuha suddenly felt sick looking at the dance dedicated to the gods so they all went home. On the next day, Natsuha miraculously grew 10 centimeters and hit puberty, no longer looking like a loli and more like a bishoujo. And so they set out to find out what caused this. Lolis should always remain as lolis right?

[Roughly translated from the official site’s story section so I don’t have to come up with one]

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What Is This Noise That I Hear?

Greetings all, I’m back after the one week delay! I was unfortunately caught up in real life recently, but now that I’ve crushed those matters under my heels, I’m free to blog and play eroge once again! As some of you may be aware, I only managed to clear Tsukumo no Tsuki’s prologue in the weeks following Hatsuyuki Sakura, so there isn’t much to write about regarding that, except one aspect of it that stood out to me. The music tracks are so generic they can be used in just about any RPG or eroge, and fit just as blandly. It was such a dissonance to me especially because Hatsuyuki Sakura had such masterfully composed tracks that the difference in quality jumped out to me.

Thus, I’ll be attempting a hybrid post containing some editorial content about music in eroge in general in addition to my thoughts on the limited amount of Tsukumo no Tsuki that I’ve played so far. As this is my first try at editorials, please let me know how much I suck so I can learn from my mistakes, or maybe let me know my place so I’ll stay away from such foolish endeavors in the future. But, better this than a “I’M STILL ALIVE” post right? I hope.

Tsukumo Loli Angel
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Grisaia no Meikyuu + Majikoi S and Getchu Rankings

Hope you guys enjoyed that joint post by me and Aedes earlier this week. A couple of pretty major things have happened lately. Results for the Majikoi S female popularity poll were announced and the top games for 2011 on getchu were also announced. I’ll comment on these at the bottom of this post, but for now let’s get into Grisaia no Meikyuu.

Aedes here also, doing what I do best – trolling posts. Yeah, I said trolling because I played neither Grisaia no Meikyuu nor Majikoi S. But I did play the original Grisaia no Kajitsu!

I’ve written a small add on to the ‘past route’. If you’ve already read this post before, you should just skip to that section XD

I LOVE this opening. I’ve probably watched it more than 100 times. A lot of the CGs in there I would use as wallpapers…if only they were available >_>

Grisaia no Meikyuu is the sequel to Grisaia no Kajitsu. If you haven’t played the original or don’t know much about it, you might wanna skip down to the stuff about Majikoi S and Getchu. Though the word sequel is used, it feels a lot more like a fandisk. Each heroine from the original game is given an after story, which includes 2 H-scenes. In a small section you are randomly given access to 6 random H-scenes which feature your beloved side characters like JB and Chizuru. There is also a section with a number of very short scenarios, which are just some stupid skits basically. The one thing about this game that makes it feel more like a sequel is the addition of the past route.

Only 2 H scenes per heroine? Come on, I’m sure Yuuji can do much better than that! 

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Space Invader Goes to School

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned so far in my life, it’s to never procrastinate. Like how I in my youth shouldn’t have held in my pee until my bladder exploded in a yellow stream of urine, I shouldn’t have procrastinated writing about a game I played over a week ago which is exactly what I’m doing right now. And just like how procrastination resulted in me needing a diaper in those early days of my life, procrastination has again resulted in me writing a post about Gaku Ou which I only hazily remember. While those analogies may not be entirely appropriate, I believe you get my point.

As another artifact of my procrastination, Algester has whipped up a Gakuou Review of his own as I’m writing this very post, stealing my thunder in the process as if I ever made one. But that also means I have less to write, for which I’m always grateful. And I’m also hoping that what I write will be more intelligible than the unique writing styles of his and m3rry’s.

The story starts out as our protagonist Hiroto is in a spaceship crash landing to Gynesis, a “school country” where the entire country is basically one giant school with the principal as its president. Once he landed, he proceeds to enroll in the school despite the fact that he’s essentially an extremely humanoid alien indistinguishable from a real human but no one seems to care. The mission given to him by his mom, the queen of his home planet, is to conquer this country through whatever means necessary. But he obviously can’t do that, since he’s all alone with no means whatsoever of taking over a country, and he would much rather have fun in the new school which he has always dreamed of attending.

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