Review – Pretty x Cation 2

Surprise! Fuzzy’s back from the grave! I had a brief respite from work and got in some eroge time! While everyone else played the arguably better releases of April, I chose to continue the site’s tradition of Cation reviews with Aero’s blessing. As many of you know, Pretty x Cation 1 was painfully average or a traumatic letdown compared to Lovely x Cation. Some players have probably sworn the series off for good.

However, when I saw the new heroines, the new artist, and E-mote, I thought maybe…just MAYBE…the developers did better this time. So is PxC2 a story of redemption? Or does the cycle of hatred repeat? A little of both!

PxC Round

Company: hibiki works (foreign IP block)
Game site: PRETTY×CATION2 (foreign IP block)
Release date: April 24, 2015
Links: VNDB, Getchu, Walkthrough

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Lovely×Cation Impression

I hope everyone enjoyed Aero’s post. From the way things are looking right now, he should be posting….whenever he feels like it. And so I’m that other author Aedes who will be filling in the void, or is it the other way around? Putting that aside, I’ll be doing a Lovely×Cation impression since Liemyx already did a review for it. And also because impressions are shorter, so that makes my life easier.

The protagonist, a hikikomori through and through who lives alone with financial support from his uncle, has no friends, doesn’t participate in any activity and goes straight home after school. One day, his uncle can’t take that anymore, so he gave the protagonist an ultimatum – get a girlfriend or start working. Obviously, the protagonist choose to get himself a girlfriend, and here the story of a socially awkward boy begins.

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