Thoughts on Majikoi A-3

This post contains spoilers for this game, so proceed at your own risk.

Once again I would like to say that this post is in no way a review for A-3. This post summarizes parts of the route, and contains a lot of my personal opinions.

A-3 contains routes for Stacy, and Lee, who are maids of the Kuki Corporation. The game also has two after stories for Tsubame, one for each of her different dispositions.

Before I move onto talk about the routes, I’m sure that a lot of people were like me, and didn’t really expect much from A-3 because of the routes for Stacy and Lee. Hell, I know a lot of people wanted routes or after stories made for other characters. However to my pleasant surprise both Stacy’s and Lee’s routes turned out to be quite good.


Link: Walkthrough

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Thoughts on Majikoi A-2

This post contains spoilers for this game, so proceed at your own risk.

Before moving onto the main part of this post I wanna point out that this post is NOT a review. Given that, what I write may or may not be bias. Once again, this is not a review; just my thoughts.

Anyway for those who don’t know, Majikoi A-2 is the second disc of Majikoi A series and it features routes for Seiso and Cookie IS. Along with this, there’s an after story route plus for Monshiro following the events from Majikoi S.

Links: Walkthrough

The voice actor for Mayuzuki Yukie is currently sick and was unable to play the part for this game. I was expecting them reduce Yukie’s role in all routes to a bare minimum, but she actually appeared quite a bit. This other voice actor did a decent job, but I still miss the original =(

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