Something Wicked This Way Comes..?

Greetings from Takanashi Yaya!

Greetings everyone. This marks my first foray into the blogging world. I am starting this blog as a medium to express my thoughts and opinions on the visual novels, referring to as eroges from now on, and animes that I am watching.This is also an attempt to bring myself closer to the English speaking eroge community, of which I’ve been wanting to be a part of ever since I began playing eroges. Speaking of the community, I have no idea where they find their images to post everywhere in their blogs, that one image took me half an hour to find. But since it’s Yaya, it’s all worth it.

You will find my impressions, reviews, rantings, etc. mainly on eroges but also maybe some on animes if I ever find a good romance one. I’m planning to post opinions on games I play a few times a week, monthly impressions on the month’s upcoming releases, and occasional reviews on games that have left an impact on me, or perhaps whenever I feel like it. Additionally, posts related to anime and other games may appear every once in a while, if I ever get around to it and have too much time on my hands.

You will also find an abundance of jargon relating to the Japanese anime/eroge field that you may not be familiar with, such as the few I just used and will continue to use. If you do not understand them, chances are you probably do not care about what this blog is about. But to those people who do understand them, welcome to the wonderful world of eroges!