Where Is My Futago Don?

Due to popular demand, of all the 5 people who voted for it, I shall do the second installment of the Renai 0 Kilometer Impressions even though it’s Thanksgiving and I should be stuffing myself full of turkey. I won’t force myself to go through Mayo’s route given its awful reputation, and so I won’t be doing a full review because I didn’t complete the whole game anyway.

The first part of the impressions is here, which covered the story synopsis, the common route, along with Hana’s and Nokia’s routes. I’ll be going over the twins Misaki’s and Sakuya’s routes this time around, hopefully this’ll be less spoiler-rific.

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Experimental Enumeration

In order to ascertain what I should do next, I’ve put up a poll on the sidebar so you all can decide my fate for the next few days, and save me the trouble of thinking about that myself. The poll will run for as long as I feel like it. There may be similar polls in the future if people participate in this one and I want some community input, or I’m just feeling lazy.

There is also a more general issue of impressions versus reviews. I feel that they basically cover the same material, for the ones I write at least. The only difference is that reviews are more organized into clearly labeled sections and I assign a score at the end of a review, but you can also get a feel of my thoughts on a game then judge it yourself by the impressions I write. What kind of posts would you like to see in the future? Feedback on this matter is much appreciated.

Sorry for the semi troll post, and for slacking off in the last few days. Kept on getting distracted by every random thing that happens around me, like stupid Flash games and Thanksgiving dinners. As a result, I’m not even halfway into Misaki’s route. But I swear I’ll go into eroge overdrive mode, starting now!


Renai 0 Kilometer Impressions

After some delay, I finally have the time to finish a couple of routes and write some impressions on them. I’ve also updated the banners on the side bar as well, time to start getting ready for the November releases!

As much as I would like to see it in reality, the content of the following screenshot does not happen outside of my delusion.

The protagonist Kyouichi is from a single-parent family with a father and three brothers. Their next-door neighbor is also a single-parent family, but with a mother and her five daughters. The father has always wanted a daughter, and the mother has always wanted a son. The two, putting their clever minds together, came up with a brilliant plan. They’ll exchange one son with one daughter to live with the other family! Naturally, Kyouichi is the one selected to go live with the girls, since everyone loves him, while the tsundere osananajimi Sakuya volunteered to go live with the guys; she isn’t honest with herself when it comes to her burning desire for Kyouichi ever since they were small.

The story begins as Kyouichi moves into the girls’ house and tries to make everyone in it, except the mom and Mayo onee-son, call him onii-chan.

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Sugirly Wish Impressions

I can’t take this any more! After finishing Hina’s, Akane’s, and Anna’s routes in SuGirly Wish, I can’t bring myself to do Megumi’s and Kurumi’s routes. They feel too bland as the stereotypical osananajimi and tsundere to be of any interest to me. That said, I won’t be doing a SuGirly Wish review since I only did three out of the five routes. But if anyone wants to see a full review of it, let me know, and I’ll go finish them and write one up.

Since I’ve already covered Hina’s route and the general thoughts in the previous impression, I’ll be focusing on Akane’s and Anna’s routes.

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Revenge of the Bishojos

Again, title courtesy of Mazyrian. The bishojos from Koisora are here once again to dye the sky with the color of love! I won’t bother writing an official review for a fan disk, because frankly speaking, there isn’t much to write about. I’m also assuming previous knowledge of the story where applicable, since this is a fan disk after all.

This is the fandisk to Studio Ryokucha’s 2010 title Koiiro Sora Moyou, with after stories for each of the 5 heroines, as well as new stories for the 4 subheroines (Yuuki, Aiko, Kiyomi and Machiko). The story picks up after the Kaminajima Crusaders defeated the bad guys and prevented the closure of Kamina Gakuen. Returning to peaceful (?) days, Seigo helps the new student council out with the culture festival preparations. Of course, there’s also now more time for sweet love.
[Shamelessly taken from Micchi’s blog as usual]

Opening Theme

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