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Recently I’ve been busy all over the space-time continuum saving lolis (and humanity as well I guess) from terroristsorcs, mutants, aliens, superpowered villains, and other menaces, in a beta testing frenzy. But now that I’ve gotten bored of them, I figured I may as well announce my return with a post that I have a feeling is going to end up much more of a rant than anything. Sorry Aero, aqua, and other people who may have been waiting for a post from me, this is only a few …months late. Though, better late than never!

Now I shall spend the rest of the post explaining why you should blame everything on Kurafuta.

I’ll also be saying a few words to make it look like I’m actually doing stuff around here =D. 

Repeat yourself much?

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Introduction to Corruption (Part 1)

WARNING: Since the topic of this post is on corruption, naturally there will be HARDCORE NSFW pictures, usage of vulgar words and opinions that some people are not comfortable with. If you think you that will be unable to stomach what to come, I suggest you stop reading this article.


aquaspirit39 here~! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I am sorry for being inactive last month but it was a very eventful month for me, starting with Chinese New Years, my birthday and my 妹 birthday. Aside from that, I have also made a decision to pursue further education and for this reason I will probably be fairly busy for the next four or five months (Deadline for universities applications are around June and the examinations are around August). Until then, I will not be very active.

The Grand Plan in the beginning was for me to write a giant blog entry by reviewing a certain corruption game while introducing the concept of corruption and hopefully ‘corrupt’ some of you guys along the way. However, with all these universities applications and preparations for the examinations, I decide to break this post into two parts: the introduction and the game review.

Reason 1 to play a Corruption Game:A Corruption Game will almost always come with a Harem End XD

Reason 1 to play a Corruption Game:
A Corruption Game will almost always come with a Harem End XD

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