[NSFW] Furifure 2 Review

WARNING: This post is NSFW and probably contains material offensive to far too many people than I care to mention. Please do not continue if you prefer to stay pure and innocent, or your eyes may BLEED in the oncoming onslaught of the NSFW images.

It seems that with the recent Christmas holiday my productivity decided to go on a holiday on its own. That has to be why this review took 1 week to do when I finished the game in 2 days. Please note this is a low-priced title, so there is only 1 heroine.

Company: Noesis
Game Site: フリフレ2
Release Date: December 22, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough

Our guy Shiomi Kaito fails at bonding with other people, but he has to take care of his libido somehow. Our girl Shinogiki Sumire’s mother just passed away and is in dire need of money to avoid getting kicked out of her apartment. Magically, the two found each other using the FreeFriends forum, not knowing they are long lost siblings separated since birth. The Internet sure is useful isn’t it?

[Came up with this on my own since there isn’t much to summarize]

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[NSFW] Pochi To Goshunjinsama Impression

WARNING: This post is NSFW and probably contains material offensive to far too many people than I care to mention. Please do not continue if you prefer to stay pure and innocent, or your eyes may BLEED in the oncoming onslaught of the NSFW images.

The long awaited nukige post! Due to the nature of nukiges, I’ll be going over the various kinds of ecchi “plays” present in-game. I’ll also briefly cover the plot and the characters where applicable. If you’re worried about how hardcore this is in regards to other nukige, this is a fairly lighthearted nukige with some hardcore elements where all the participants are willing. Note that this does not mean that I’ve suddenly became a nukige fanatic and will post only nukige posts from now on. I’m merely on a temporary nukige spree.

The first part of a two, or three, part nukige series, this post is an experimental NSFW post, so the format will look like a borderline readable chaotic mess. Feedback on how I can improve will be greatly appreciated.

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Aero-ge impressions: Natsu no Ame and Koikishi

First off, thank you all for the kind words for my first review. It was a pleasant surprise to have such a great introduction to the world of blogging. I’ve been getting myself settled into the blog; I’ve put up my eroge list and anime list, give it a look if you’re interested XD.

Following last week’s uplift, I’ll be doing two mini impressions this time. They aren’t as long as a review, so I won’t give an overall score. To give an idea whether you should play the game, I’ve included a “Final thoughts” section.

First up Natsu no Ame

Natsu no AmeSousuke enjoys his school life with Midori, his close friend, Hinako, his old friend, and Kazushi, his best friend. But one day, he meets a girl when he gets home. Her name is Rikako. She is beautiful, but looks cold. His mother says, “This is your older sister.” “My sister?” “My father passed away the other day.” His parents divorced when he was a kid and Rikako is actually his father’s second wife’s daughter. According to his father’s will, she just comes to his place to live there. “You take care of her.” “Me…?” “Of course. She is your older sister, but she is a complete stranger to me,” his mother says. Rikako says, “You can ignore me. I won’t disturb you.” Like this, Sousuke starts living with Rikako…

[Taken from VNDB, which took it from Erogeshop]

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Lovely×Cation Impression

I hope everyone enjoyed Aero’s post. From the way things are looking right now, he should be posting….whenever he feels like it. And so I’m that other author Aedes who will be filling in the void, or is it the other way around? Putting that aside, I’ll be doing a Lovely×Cation impression since Liemyx already did a review for it. And also because impressions are shorter, so that makes my life easier.

The protagonist, a hikikomori through and through who lives alone with financial support from his uncle, has no friends, doesn’t participate in any activity and goes straight home after school. One day, his uncle can’t take that anymore, so he gave the protagonist an ultimatum – get a girlfriend or start working. Obviously, the protagonist choose to get himself a girlfriend, and here the story of a socially awkward boy begins.

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Aero-game Review: Princess Evangile

Nice to meet you all, I’m the new guy at this blog under the name Aero. I guess I am that surprise that Aedes mentioned in his last post XD. I’m a huge fan of eroge, manga and anime. Of course these days eroge is more of a priority over the other two. At the moment I play games using ATLAS; my Japanese skills aren’t quite there yet. That being the case, my impressions of games may be off, feel free to correct me. If you’re interested there is a bit more info about me under the author page. Along with Aedes I hope that this blog brings me a bit closer to the eroge community and maybe increase the influence of eroge.

From now on you’ll be hearing a little bit from me every so often. I can’t promise that I’ll write something every week, but at the very least I’ll write something every month. My ramblings will be mostly about eroge, but I may mix in other random stuff from time to time. To get things started, I’ll be writing an impression/review for Princess Evangile.

Game site: Princess Evangile~プリンセスエヴァンジール~
Release date: July 29, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough

On a cold March evening, Masaya was loitering in the street since his lazy father passed on an enormous debt onto him. He saw a girl surrounded by many suspicious people and helped protect her from them. The girl, Rise, was the granddaughter of the headmistress of the famous Vincennes girl’s private school and after seeing his good side, decided to invite him to study at the school. She suggested a co-education plan to the board, but there was much opposition to the idea. The headmistress decided to implement a one-year trial period and Masaya was chosen as the trial male student.

Vincennes is divided into two groups: the White Lilies (shirayuri-kai) and the Red Roses (benibara-kai). Rise was the leader of the White Lilies and wanted the group to support the co-education plan, but all the members opposed it and quit their positions. In fact, over 99% of all the students in the school opposed the plan. Masaya definitely did not feel welcome from the very beginning and Rise kept something secret from him. In order for him to continue at the school, he must gather enough votes in an election by the end of the first term. Will he be able to accepted by the ‘Filles de la Vincennes’?

[Shamelessly taken from Micchi’s blog]

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Getting Knee Deep in the Community

Sorry for the troll post. I’m really working on a LovelyxCation post, I swear!

I’m announcing the arrival of my brand new Twitter account, @AedesAmai. I don’t quite know what I’ll tweet with it yet, but it surely will be something eroge related. I’ve also put up a contact me form located at the Contact Me page which can be accessed from the rightmost tab on that black bar just below the lovely Sora. Woot! More community interactions! Or at least that’s my plan.

There is also a little surprise to be revealed tomorrow, or sometime very soon.

Shunki Gentei Poco a Poco Review

So it’s been over a month since I did an official review. I figured I better do another one so this blog can still be called a review blog. As a warning, I’m going to spoil the prologue since not much else is going to make sense without spoiling it. Sorry for the slight spoiler in the title image below, this is what it looks like after you complete the game. Forgot to take a screenshot of the title screen at the very beginning, but in case you’re interested, it shows the empty club room with chairs and musical instruments with the blackboard at the back minus the extra button on the menu.

Company: ALcot Honey Comb
Game Site: 春季限定ポコ・ア・ポコ!
Release Date: November 25, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

The third installment in ALcot Honey Comb’s mid-priced novel series. Even since his parents disappeared a year ago, Kanata did part-time jobs every day in order to take care of himself and his imouto Ai. He skipped classes and didn’t join any clubs even though he had entered the music academy with a scholarship, believing that music doesn’t help bring food to the table. However, it was natural that because of this, his scholarship was threatened to be revoked. The granddaughter of the principal, Mana, gave him a second chance at his scholarship if he revives the legendary piano quartet. So, he picked up his cello for the first time in a year and was joined by bracon imouto Ai, my-pace and self-centered Sakura, and super cool beauty Natsumi. Will he be able to regain his scholarship, and more importantly, his love for music and lost friendships?

[Taken from vndb which was taken from Micchi’s blog]

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