[NSFW] Bishoujo Mangekyo Review

WARNING: It’s time for another NSFW post!

Company: ωstar
Game Site: 美少女万華鏡 -呪われし伝説の少女-
Release Date: December 29, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough

This is an ongoing series by the newly-reopened ωstar, featuring a series of mini stories. Horror writer Natsuhiko visits a traditional hot springs inn in the mountains to see a room full of traditional Japanese dolls. There he meets a mysterious beautiful girl Renge. She offers him a kaleidoscope, asking him if he wants to take a glimpse into a world which he shouldn’t see. The first story is about the perverted girls’ school teacher Shigehiko who swore not to lay hands on any of his students in order to maintain his position. However, that all changed after he met a mysterious girl Kirie. He became entranced by her, even though she told him to stay away from her if he valued his life.

[Big thanks to Micchi, as usual]

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Nanatsu no Fushigi no Owaru Toki Review

I’ve decided to add an ero section for all reviews. That section will obviously be NSFW, but the rest will stay more or less the same and safe for work, for non-nukige at least such as this one. And the criteria will be a bit different depending on what kind of game it is.

Company: etude
Game Site: 七つのふしぎの終わるとき
Release Date: December 22, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

Tomo is a student at Tokinodai Gakuen, a small traditional liberal arts boarding school that was built in the Meiji era. However, he has a secret – he has a clock passed down from him by his grandmother which allows him to control time – and he uses this ability to make his school life enjoyable.

One time, Tomo found out that there is a link between the clock and the seven mysteries of the school. If one obtains any of the seven clocks linked to the seven mysteries, they will be able to use various time-manipulating powers. His interest perked, Tomo set out after school to the old school building to begin his search. During his search, he meets various girls and together they unlock one of the seven mysteries. They arrive at a space where time has stopped and find a girl in traditional dress sleeping there. She used to be able to manipulate time, but now she has lost those abilities. Will they be able to find all the clocks, awaken the sleeping girl and return her to her time?

[Taken from Micchi’s blog]

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Aero-ge impression:Katawa Shoujo

There’s been a lot of hype about Katawa Shoujo lately, which isn’t surprising. Being an English doujin eroge that’s FREE, it targets a very large audience in the eroge community. With its UNIQUE setting and the fact that it took 5 years to make, it seems like it accumulated a huge number of fans before the final version was even released. The overall opinion of the final game seems to be quite positive, but does it really deserve it? So here’s my impression of the game after playing it. To spice things up, Aedes will also be here to give his 2cents about the game. So here comes over first collaborative post. To start things off…here’s the synopsis.

Sorry to interrupt but before going into the synopsis, let me get one thing straight. I did not play the game! With all the hype surrounding it, it is near impossible to not notice it. But being a mild seiyuu fag, I can’t get over the fact that the game is not voiced. I need my sweet voices! Besides that, I don’t have anything against the game. This also means I haven’t played many unvoiced classics, but I’m going off-topic now so I’ll shut up.

Hisao Nakai is a normal high school student, currently in his final year of high school. One day Hisao receives a letter from parties unknown in his locker and waits at the written place for the sender. The person who wrote the letter turns out to be his crush; while speaking to her, he suddenly collapses. He awakes in a hospital bed, and is told by the doctors that the reason he collapsed is due to arrhythmia, a rare heart condition that causes his heartbeat to sometimes become irregular. Due to this, his parents have enrolled him in Yamaku, a school for disabled students of all kinds.

[Taken from VNDB]

http://katawa-shoujo.com/ – The game’s official website. Download the game for FREE!
http://katawashoujo.blogspot.com/ – Katawa Shoujo Dev Blog. Find out how they did it!
http://generationotaku.net/2012/01/katawa-shoujo-walkthrough/ – Walkthrough.

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Cure Girl Review

And now for something completely different (get it?) I’m going to be trying a somewhat different review format, characterized by a more liberal use of the CAPS LOCK key and shorter length, that is inspired by reading through some of the other blogs. Less crap for you to read and for me to write, win-win situation am I right?

 Company: Noesis
Game Site: CURE GIRL
Release Date: May 20, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

Chikuma Kazuki have problems connecting with others, and so he joins an online community called Communis where others like him gather to try to overcome their shortcomings. Ain’t this the shortest synopsis ever; this is all there is to it.

[This condensing of an entire game into a single sentence is my original work]

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Aero-ge review: Itoshii Kanojo no Mamorikata

As you may have noticed I’ve been pretty inactive lately, Christmas and New Years made me super lazy >_>.

Another thing slowing me down is the Jet Programme. For those who don’t know what that is, JET stands for Japanese Exchange Teacher. If you look up “JET” in google, the Jet Programme actually comes up first, not the airplane =p. I’ve been writing the statement of purpose for why they should choose me to be in JET. For a guy who has done basically nothing but watch anime and play eroge, I’m finding it pretty difficult T_T.

Enough about that, on to the review! XD

Company: アクセル (AXL)
Game site: 愛しい対象(カノジョ)の護り方
Release date: May 27, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough

Yuuto hasn’t seen Yui for years, but still keeps in touch through letters. He finds out that she decided to go to Military school. He decides this is a good opportunity to fulfill the childhood promise of the two meeting again someday. Yuuto enters the school as a first year student for the guard class. Much the surprise of all the guard class first year students, the guard classroom is horrible. Students share tables, there are no chairs, no air conditioner and not even curtains. He manages to meet up with Yui who’s also in the guard class. The meeting isn’t as touching as one would suspect, where she shouts “WHY DID YOU COME HERE!?!”. The guard class finds out soon that only their room has bad facilities. This school works on a system where you challenge other classes in war activities to exchange facilities. Not only this, the other classes look down on the guard class. With this, Yuuto’s new school life begins.

[This is somewhat original, with some bits taken from Micchi’s blog]

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