Aero-ge Review: Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road

I was meant to post this a lot earlier, but RL has been eating at me lately. Seriously, haven’t even been able to play ANY eroge lately. Makes me wonder how/why the hell I’m still alive >___>.

Anyways, for those of you who don’t know, I’m a HUGE Majikoi fan. Along with replaying routes, I often start randomly daydreaming about it.  Given that and because this game had a rather unique setting, it was a must play for me.

Company: みなとカーニバル (Minato Carnival)
Game site: 辻堂さんの純愛ロード
Release date: September 28, 2012
Links: HomepageVNDB, Getchu, Walkthrough

This is the first game by Minato Soft’s sister company, Minato Carnival. Hiroshi is a student at Inamura Gakuen in Kanagawa Shounan and became interested in his deliquent classmate Tsujidou-san after seeing her help a kitty in the rain. However, everyone around her are also deliquents, including her rivals Maki and Renna. The life of an ordinary guy like him just got a lot more troubled!

[Borrowed from Micchi-sama’s blog]

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DV101: Intro to Doujin Voices

Inspired by Aero’s recent article on ‘top 10 openings’, my initial intention was to follow his footsteps and come up with my own version of ‘top 10’. However, as I was going through my エロゲ openings collections, I caught sight of a long forgotten folder which for camouflaging purpose I had labeled as ‘DV’. ‘DV’ is a simple abbreviation for doujin voices, objects of obsession that I once had for a short period of time.

The unfortunate thing about doujin voices is there are not many english-speaking enthusiasts. This translates directly into the absence of english-speaking communities and supports which usually come with these communities. Considering that it still fits nicely into the theme of ‘obsession’, I decided to take this chance to introduce doujin voices which hopefully will promote their popularities.

Warning: This articles contains NSFW pictures and sound clips, therefore I advise all readers/listeners to pay a very careful attention to your surrounding when reading this.

Note: Audio clips that I posted here make use binaural recording technique. For that reason, in order to enjoy these audio clips to the fullest, I recommend listeners to use headphones instead of speakers.

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Pure Girl – So Pure [But Not Exactly SFW]

So I’ve been thinking about this Pure Girl post for about 3 weeks now ever since I finished the game, but never got around to it until now. Well, maybe instead of “thinking”, perhaps putting it at the back of my mind and only remembering it occasionally would be a more accurate description. I’m just a hopelessly lazy bastard if you haven’t figured that out already.

Instead of a review, this time I’ll be putting little lists of what to expect and what not to expect from this game. That should get the general point across in a concise manner, in theory, I think. I did say I am lazy right. Oh and I’m going to have some fun with formats. Hope it won’t be messed up too badly on your screen.

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Obsession Over Eroge Openings

To make up for the lack of posts, I decided to write this quick post concerning my obsession over various eroge openings. Aedes knows that I OCCASIONALLY get obsessed with a particular eroge opening, and I’ll end up watching it over and over for days. Things would get too long if I went over EVERY eroge opening that I’ve obsessed over, so I’ve narrowed it down to the top 10.

Now what makes one obsess over an eroge opening? I believe it comes down to two fundamental factors:

  1. The song used is good, and the combination of CGs shown is at least not bad
  2. The opening for a game that you’ve been obsessing over

Obsession over a particular opening often leads to wanting to play the game it relates to…which is probably not a good habit to get into; I’ve been burned more than once >___>.

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Tsukumo no Kanade ~Kake Gatsu no Yasoukyoku~ Review

After I submitted my  ‘&’-空の向こうで咲きますように-  review, I was surprised to see my gravatar appeared on the “The A team” side-widget. According to Aedes, it seems like the side-widget will automatically add anyone who has posted an article on this blog. With my gravatar stamped on every page of this site, I am seriously considering about staying as a permanent writer if both Aedes and Aero do not have any objection against the idea.

This time around, I will be reviewing a new game from SkyFish titled 九十九の奏~欠け月の夜想曲~  which coincidentally has very similar themes as  ‘&’-空の向こうで咲きますように-. Just like ‘&’-空の向こうで咲きますように-, this game revolves mainly around Gods(九十九神), wishes(願い) and magical items(形代). Despite those similarities, 九十九の奏~欠け月の夜想曲~ is packaged and presented in a very different manner.

Warning: Due to the nature of this game, there are many old and difficult words which make it really hard for players without extensive vocabulary to understand the story properly. 

Let us get started then, I hope everyone will be able to enjoy their stay here, お手柔らかにお願いします。

Game Name: 九十九の奏~欠け月の夜想曲~
Release date: 2012/09/28
Categories: Fiction, Romance, Horror.

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