Aero-ge review: Melty Moment

Phew, I managed to rush this before Majikoi A-3 got released =D.

Game site: MeltyMoment -メルティモーメント-
Release date: January 31, 2014
Links: VNDB, Erogamescape, Walkthrough


Takeru lives in a commuter town a few stations away from the busy city. There are not many tall buildings except for those around the station and the new apartments lining the river. One could easily tell the time of day just by the placement of the sun, which shines unblocked upon the town. Late in September, Takeru was walking along the embankment with his friends. It was a normal day just like every other day. However, just because of one little thing, his path home became a path to love.

These little events are scattered amongst our normal daily lives. That moment when our eyes meet. That moment when we touched each others’ hands when reaching for the same book. That moment when you first smiled at me. These moments colour our canvas of love.

[“Borrowed” from Micchi’s blog]

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A Rant about Getchu Bishoujo Game Rankings of 2013


Aero: So Getchu released its 2013 Rankings recently, and I’m sure a lot of you are pretty excited. Words cannot describe my thoughts around these rankings…at least not in the limited amount of characters that Twitter allows. So with that in mind, I thought this would be a good opportunity to call in some of the others to write some random rant of thoughts about the rankings. Enjoy.

Fuzzy: Disclaimer: For the sake of readability and avoiding liability for potential seizures (<_<), we will ditch the colored text for this post.

Aero: Wait a second. Didn’t we all agree that causing seizures was a PART of this post?

Fuzzy: Neon Rainbow~!!!

Aquaspirit: Sup! aquaspirit39 here~! I never thought I would write this soon, though I am only acting as a side commentator on this one. Aero planned to have all four of us to write something in this post, so it may become a little confusing and messy. On top of that, this is my first time co-writing a post with other people thus my writing may get a bit awkward and disjointed. 

AedesNever paid attention to these rankings, in fact I forgot they existed until Aero brought them up. I’m just so out of touch with the outside world. Time to get reacquainted with it I suppose?

Aero: Here’s the list of games for the overall rankings. I have hyper-linked the VNDB page to the title of the game. I have also hyper-linked the Erogamescape page to the EGS Avg score.

Rank English Name EGS Avg
1 Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai 78
2 LovelyxCation2 79
3 Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen -Ecole de Paris- 85
4 ChuSinGura 46+1 85
5 Grisaia no Rakuen 80
6 Reminiscence 76
7 Hapymaher 77
8 Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ 76
9 Prism◇Recollection! 69
10 Lovesick Puppies -Bokura wa Koi suru Tame ni Umaretekita- 76
11 Sengoku † Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~ 69
12 Amairo*Islenauts 70
13 Kara no Shoujo – The Second Episode 85
14 Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ 80
15 Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road 78
16 Tsuyokiss NEXT 79
17 Karumaruka * Circle 70
18 Cocoro@Function! 73
19 Magical Charming! 78
20 Walkure Romanze More&More 70

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[NSFW] Shin Shirogane no Soleil -ReANSWER- Review

Sup people! aquaspirit39 is back and with a proper game review too! Before I get started with this review though, I would like to apologize to all Amaenbo followers and fellow bloggers alike for my inactiveness these past few months. I have been extremely busy preparing for my GMAT examination and MBA program applications. In fact, I decided to write this review partly for the purpose of practicing my writing skill( ̄~ ̄;)

Anyway, what I have here is a review on SkyFish latest installment of Soleil series, 新・白銀のソレイユ -ReANSWER-. Excluding this new one, there are four other titles in Soleil franchise: 白銀のソレイユ-Successor of Wyrd《運命の継承者》-, 鋼炎のソレイユ-ChaosRegion-, 蒼穹のソレイユ ~FULLMETAL EYES~ and 虹翼のソレイユ-ⅶ’s World-.


While out of these four SkyFish products, I have only played the most recent one: 虹翼のソレイユ-ⅶ’s World-, it is memorable enough that I decided to give their new title a try.

Well, let us get the review started then. I hope everyone will be able to enjoy their stay here, お手柔らかにお願いします。


Name: 新・白銀のソレイユ -ReANSWER-
Release Date: 2014/01/31
Company: SkyFish
Official Website:

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