Karumaruka*Circle Review

I’m alive again! I haven’t been active lately because all the games I played lately sucked in one way or the other, including this one, so I couldn’t bring myself to write about them. But this time, there’ll be two people telling you how much this game sucked!

Aero here. Though I won’t say that this game was a COMPLETE failure, I will say that it was a chore to play through. 

Karumaruka Title Screen

Game Site:  カルマルカ*サークル
Release Date: September 27, 2013
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

Our guy Kaito was casually strolling down the street when suddenly a girl with a curious pet turtle jumped out of nowhere and said to him “YOU ARE JESUS!”(very loose translation) then dragged him to a room where a bunch of weirdos await him. Which, understandably, got him just as confused as we are, especially considering the incomprehensible presence of a girl who appears to like him against her own will. And in some (not really) twisted turn of events, he joined their star club, and so begins the train wreck story involving stars, sins, and whatnot that hardly makes sense until the very end and may leave you wondering why did you bother with this in the beginning.

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Twins N’ Stuff

Recently I’ve been busy all over the space-time continuum saving lolis (and humanity as well I guess) from terroristsorcs, mutants, aliens, superpowered villains, and other menaces, in a beta testing frenzy. But now that I’ve gotten bored of them, I figured I may as well announce my return with a post that I have a feeling is going to end up much more of a rant than anything. Sorry Aero, aqua, and other people who may have been waiting for a post from me, this is only a few …months late. Though, better late than never!

Now I shall spend the rest of the post explaining why you should blame everything on Kurafuta.

I’ll also be saying a few words to make it look like I’m actually doing stuff around here =D. 

Repeat yourself much?

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Pure Girl – So Pure [But Not Exactly SFW]

So I’ve been thinking about this Pure Girl post for about 3 weeks now ever since I finished the game, but never got around to it until now. Well, maybe instead of “thinking”, perhaps putting it at the back of my mind and only remembering it occasionally would be a more accurate description. I’m just a hopelessly lazy bastard if you haven’t figured that out already.

Instead of a review, this time I’ll be putting little lists of what to expect and what not to expect from this game. That should get the general point across in a concise manner, in theory, I think. I did say I am lazy right. Oh and I’m going to have some fun with formats. Hope it won’t be messed up too badly on your screen.

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Imouto no Katachi Joint Review

What better post to mark the start of a new year for the blog than a review of the much anticipated imouto-ge – Imouto no Katachi!

However, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve hyped it up so much I was expecting nothing less than a kami-ge or the game is just plain bad, either way the game did not fully live up to my expectations. Full of plot holes and deus ex machinas, the story was a mess with barely anything explained. But there’s MeTA and Mayuki! So that wasn’t a complete waste of time.

I found a sentence on a Japanese review that perfectly echos my thoughts on this game: もっと萌えを!もっと嫉妬を!もっと背徳をくれよ!Where’s the moe? Where’s the yandere jealousy? Where’s the immorality? They were the factors that made Sphere’s last Yosuga no Sora such a success, and they screwed it up this time with a frustratingly incoherent scenario. I wonder how much better this game could have been had they suck out all the nonsense story and replace them with pure, undiluted moe.

I’m also here to rage about how damn disappointing this game was. The characters’ personalities are fine, but not enough ichaicha.

Company: Sphere
Game Site: イモウトノカタチ
Release Date: August 31, 2012
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

Yukito goes back to his home town to find his sister whom he lost contact with after a disastrous flood devastated the town 15 years ago after hearing news of data of previous residents being found there. In short, a guy tries to find his imouto.

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First Blog Anniversary!

It’s time for the first blog anniversary! The blog was founded on August 28, 2011 when I suddenly decided I want to be able to scream “HEY I’VE A BLOG!” on the Internet to flex my e-peen and pretend I’m a somebody in the VN/eroge scene since there are so few VN blogs compared to let’s say, anime ones. To tell the truth, that remains the main reason I’m maintaining this blog. Yeah, I’m just a selfish bastard. But if I happened to help anyone in my quest for e-peen, then all the better!

Aero here. I have to say that I’m surprised that we keep this thing alive for 1 year. No promises for next year though =p 

If you’re one of the few unfortunate souls who have followed the blog from its inception, you may have noticed the gradual deterioration of the seriousness/quality of my writing as I refined(?) my writing style slowly realizing I simply don’t enjoy writing with a straight face nor am I the analytical type to begin with. So I thought to myself, instead of merely mimicking the styles of the other VN blogs, why don’t I develop one of my own! (I know we’ve all heard that one before). And from that comes the crudely written posts filled with dry humor that has absolutely no right to be funny. But if you get even as little as a halfway grin out of them, I’m content; I like lighting up people lives however much I can. Especially the lives of imoutos and lolis.

We really need something on the blog to point out that we aren’t serious writers. I know my writing sucks pretty bad, and most of the time I write in such a way to make it SEEM like I know what I’m talking about >___>. But I would like to think that I’ve helped a small handful of people out there ^^. 

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[NSFW] Laud of Nukiges

I know I promised better places to vent your pent up stress in your lower body last time, so here it is. And for something completely different, I’m going to try using bullet points. Less to read, less to write, ain’t it a win-win situation!

This is by no means a recommendation post, as this is nothing more than a crude analysis of my recently played nukiges that I found to be more fappable. As such, this is littered with my personal bias, so your mileage will probably vary.

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[NSFW] Lament for Nukige

This painfully conspicuous red text is to remind you that there’s a NSFW tag in the title in case you missed it somehow.

What do you do when you’ve played too many games but wrote about none of them? Do you write a separate piece for each of them? Of course not, since that’s way too much work. Instead, I’m squishing them all into a single post which is what you’ll be getting.

I’ve been wondering what makes a good nukige. In my opinion, a good nukige compels you to actively fap while playing it, while a bad one leaves your lower body limp and lifeless and wondering why you aren’t watching real porn instead. Imouto ga Boku wo Neratteru, Houkago Eroge-bu, Koiimo, and Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki Da fall into the latter category; they simply aren’t fappable. Let me explain in more detail for each of the game.

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