Ore no Imouto PSP Overview (MAJOR SPOILERS)

I actually forgot about it until recently, but it’s time for the Aniblog Tourney again! Feel free to vote for whatever blog that suits your tastes.

Sadly I haven’t been able to play much eroge recently due to RL factors. Damn you RL >___>. However, I was able to finish OreImo PSP 2 recently, which was fantastic. So I thought I might as well write about both OreImo games. I’ll be doing a small overview of the games and giving you some of my feedback. Be warned. PSP means no ATLAS, so my interpretations of the routes may be quite off. I’ll compensate with my lack of understanding by shoving in tons of CGs into this thing. So feel free to skip the text and just look at the pictures.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to take screenshots on the PSP. So all images here are from CG packs.

The events of OreImo PSP take place basically after the TRUE route of the anime, where Kirino went to America, but is dragged back by Kyousuke. The game is original material, meaning that it doesn’t follow the plot from the light novels. Nothing in particular happens in the common route, so let’s just skip to the individual routes.


Kirino’s route was one of the lamest things I’ve ever seen. SERIOUSLY. Kirino gets amnesia and forgets about her otaku hobby. So the whole route basically is just Kyousuke running around trying to make her remember everything. Kirino’s attitude towards the whole thing is conflicting. At times super desperate, at others, not caring. The whole thing is dragged out to the end of the route. Lame and basically a waste of time. NOT the siscon route I was looking for >__>


Due to a huge misunderstanding, Kuro-neko to avoid Kyousuke and she goes full burst into a project for comiket. He manages to convince her to let him help her with the project and eventually the misunderstanding comes to light. When I say eventually, I mean just before the route ends. A lame misunderstanding was dragged out for the whole route. Bad end, you get slapped in the face. Good end, they end up together. Highlight of the good ending is Kuro-neko telling Kirino that she can call her ‘onee-chan’.


Sigh…Ojousama=arranged marriage. A little typical, don’t you think? So Saori’s fiancée doesn’t like her otaku hobby and the route focuses on this little fact. So she tries to get rid of her hobby, but Kyousuke convinces her talk it out with her fiancée. They try various things , but nothing works. So bad ending, Saori gives up her hobby and ends up marrying that bastard. Good ending is VERY VERY random. In short, Kyousuke says that he’ll marry her instead so that her fiancée can’t. This is near the very end of the route btw. She takes this quite seriously, and you can guess how things turn out.

Sadly, you don’t get to see Saori without her otaku look that often. Only a couple of CGs.


Arguably the most interesting route of the game, if look past one retarded bit. Ayase’s route was the most natural of all the routes. She wants to understand more of Kirino’s hobby and goes to Kyousuke for help. So the two end up spending a lot of time alone together, which makes for some nice romantic development. The retarded bit I mentioned is that Kyousuke keeps saying he loves Ayase throughout the whole route. He uses the words “daisuki’. I mean seriously, what guy would say that so naturally to a girl?!?! Anyways, it was pretty stupid. However, they did a pretty good job in using it to make the route progress, with Ayase eventually getting deredere after hearing it. The confession is quite nice, with some comedy on the side when Kyousuke takes things a little too far. The confession in this route DOESN’T happen at the end, which means you see them in the relationship for a bit. Things are going great…then Kirino comes in. A standoff between the 3 happens in the park and in this moment the route splits off into the different endings. Good ending, things turn out great. Bad ending you get stabbed. Haha, it’s funny how I’m not joking about that.


Manami’s route is basically as plain as Manami herself. Manami notices that lots of girls hang around Kyousuke and is worried that he’ll become a bad person. She suggest that the two play lovers to help with this issue. So you get a lot of random romantic situations, but the whole things fake and nothing really progresses. They end up together in the couple of the endings, however the feeling they give off is still that of childhood friends. Not really that interesting. Sorry I can’t say much more about this route because I’ve already forgotten most of it. Just enjoy the CGs if you’re a fan of short cuts.


If you watched the anime, you’ll know that Kyousuke pretended to be a manager of some sorts in front of Kanako. Kanako uses this to blackmail Kyousuke to do stuff. The transition from blackmail because she’s a brat to blackmailing because she wants to spend time with him is implemented nicely. The route was rather short, but it was one of the better routes of the lot. Things end with a kiss.

Kirino IF

My favorite route, losing to Ayase’s only in length. The route is probably around 20mins long, but it’s very nicely done. To start off…they’re not blood related; well not fully blood related in any case. This little fact probably says basically everything you need to know about this route. After Kyousuke learns of this , he becomes a bit awkward while around Kirino. Kirino notices this and confronts him about it. Kyousuke tells her about the whole matter, but this only makes her uneasy because she feels like he might go away. After he assures her that he’s not going anywhere, she says that she’ll start calling him ‘Kyousuke’ from now on. The thing ends with a VERY VERY nice confession scene by Kirino. Believe or not, I’ve watched that particular confession scene over 50 times =3.

So that was basically the first game. I’ve missed out a couple of routes, but they’re generally just random routes which would just be a waste of time to talk about.  If you read all my raging, you’ll know that I found most of the routes lame. Stupid events were introduced to get some story flowing, where I would have just preferred a more slice of life sort of thing.

However, what they failed to do in the first game, they did right in the second game. EVERY good ending has a time skip showing the future between the two, and in most cases you even get to see their kids.


Kirino’s route done RIGHT. This route follows Kirino’s IF route. However, the only thing that carries over from the last game is that they know they aren’t blood related. So, no confession happened yet. The relationship between the two is a lot closer than their previous otaku relationship. However, it gets shattered by a comment that the two look like lovers. This causes awkwardness among the two. Kyousuke tells Kirino to be his imouto, regardless of their blood. She flat out rejects him and says that she doesn’t want to be his sister, but rather his girlfriend. Haha typical, but awesome none the less. They throw in a very funny LOL at the start of the relationship where Kyousuke asks what happens after a couple gets into a relationship in most eroge. Kirino replies, a H-scene XD. Her normal arrogant personality is still somewhat there, but heavily toned down. She becomes more and more amaenbou as the route progresses, and lots of kiss scenes occur. The rest of the cast slowly learn about their relationship, but most people don’t believe the whole not blood related thing at first. Comments about not mixing game world with reality pop up. No major obstacles in this route, but Minami appears as a LAST BOSS near the end of the route. The route ends off with a wedding where the two say that all of this would have been impossible if they had been siblings. Very nice and warm =3.



Kuro-neko starts calling Kyousuke by his name instead of ‘senpai’, however her heart isn’t ready and Kyousuke sticks to using Kuro-neko. The two go on a couple of dates and you see Kuro-neko outside her normal cosplay outfit. The route gives off the feeling that the two want to progress their relationship, but aren’t really sure how. Kuro-neko’s sister come in to try to get things moving and the two get ‘tricked’ into using some weird drink. Didn’t really catch the name, but from kuro-neko’s behavior, it seems like it was some sort of aphrodisiac. Too bad it’s not a real >__>. You find out it’s just some strawberry shake mixed with vitamins and Kuro-neko basically just saw a placebo effect. Things end basically around here. I’m not a fan of third parties sticking their nose into people’s relationships, so this route didn’t sit well with me.


To compensate the lack of non-otaku Saori in the first game, they added a heck load of it in this game. So you see ojou-sama Saori A LOT. What’s very funny is that Saori seems to have a totally different personality when in ojou-sama form. She’s VERY easily embarrassed, to the point where she faints after Kyousuke pats her head. Kyousuke hopes to cure Saori’s shyness and the route progresses nicely with this for a short time. Dates occur with both versions of Saori, which kinda makes it feel like Kyousuke has two girlfriends. However, things don’t last and Saori’s older sister is thrown in to cause some chaos. You find out Saori’s relationship with her sister is iffy, and the focus of the route shifts to her sister. Instead of having some nice ichaicha time with Saori, Kyousuke goes about getting the two back on better terms. It basically ends after they sort things out. Lame.


Like Kuro-neko’s route, Ayase’s focuses on relationship development. Ayase shows a lot of craziness weakness throughout the route, suspecting he’s cheating on her and getting upset over a single lie. Her route is filled with an insane number of bad ends, where you end up getting sliced up like swish cheese. Think school days >__>. Outside of that, there are lots of nice romantic development in the route. Ayase shows quite a serious attitude when it comes to the relationship. It’s hard to describe, but this seriousness is quite nice to see, and usually leads to some nice ichaicha. Anyways, things get a little extreme when Ayase get becomes uneasy that Kyousuke will get bored with how slow the relationship is moving forward. Kyousuke shows his cool side and tells her that all of that is part of who she is…etc. Things basically end around there and they troll you by giving you a CG that looks like the starting one for an H-scene. DAMN IT SHOW ME MORE!!!


Manami’s route in this game takes an interesting turn with a time skip happening at the very start of the route. She grows her hair out, which I say looks WAY better. You can also choose whether she wears glasses or not ^^. The whole route focuses on a trip the two take to Kyoto and some stupid stamp card. Manami will fill in part of the stamp card every time Kyousuke does something to please her and when he reaches checkpoints, he receives a ‘reward’. I didn’t like this aspect of the route because it made it so that Kyousuke’s kindness had ulterior motives. Anyways, you basically just see the two going around seeing the sights in Kyoto, with occasional romance development. In the good end, it’s implied that they did end up doing what you think they did, the bath scene only further backs this up. Not a particularly interesting route, but it was passable.


Kanako’s sister makes a meaningful appearance in this route, and she’s basically as loli as Kanako. You learn that their relationship with their parents is very complicated, however this is only briefly explained and doesn’t really develop into any major issue. Kanako’s relationship with Kyousuke slowly comes to light and receives much disapproval from most of the cast. The route focuses on her developing herself into someone who’ll be acknowledged. Well that, and there’s some pretty nice ichaicha mixed in there as well. Manami comes in as an unexpected ally in this route. Kanako’s development as a character is very well paced and was very enjoyable. Manami actually ends up confessing to Kyousuke at the end of this route. What’s funny is that her confession in this route was better than the one in her own route. A pretty solid route overall.


Kyousuke ends up groping her by accident at the start of the route, which causes him to fantasize about fondling her breasts throughout the whole route. So you see the two in the game development club room quite a bit and Sena’s goes off into her fujoshi world a lot as well, which is usually quite entertaining.  Akagi ends up joining the club over suspicions that Sena is getting close to a guy and asks Kyousuke to look over her as well. Sena reminded me a little of Kirino at times when she asks Kyousuke if he thinks it’s alright for a fujoshi to fall in love. However, Akagi poses as a BIG obstacle before the two can get into a relationship, but it eventually gets there. As you might have guessed, even after the time skip, her fujoshi-ness doesn’t change at all. They all end up working at the same gaming company. A little typical, but not bad. Sena’s good ending is the only main ending where you don’t see kids.


A very short route which follows a very small bit of Ayase’s route from the original game. In the original game, Ayase and Kuro-neko meet for the first time when Kyousuke takes Ayase to comiket. This route uses that as a base for Kuro-neko becoming Yami-neko as she misunderstands that the two are lovers. This is cleared up in an instant and she changes back straightaway, which I found hilarious. The confession follows soon after.


This route is ACTUALLY called the lolicon route. It’s only available after you get the ‘lolicon’ item from Kanako’s route. This is basically just a random route they threw in to get some LOLs, and I’ll admit, I did LOL. Basically, Kirino meets up with Kuro-nekos younger sisters and things go from there. The only CG for the route is basically Kuro-neko sister saying that she made a baby with Kyousuke.

If you read all of that, well done. Fans of the light novel/anime will probably find a couple of routes they love in the game. In my case it was Kirino and Ayase. If you don’t know ANY Japanese, I’m sorry to say that your only hopes is on an unlikely translation. However, if you read the start, I played through the both games and I’m only at a beginners Japanese level, so you might want to try your luck. Also, if anyone ones the full CG packs for both games, give me a yell in the comments box.

Exams coming up, so you won’t be hearing from me for a while.

49 thoughts on “Ore no Imouto PSP Overview (MAJOR SPOILERS)

  1. Ok I’ve only done non-blood related Kirino route and Ayase route so i had to skim past your review. how do i enter the other kirino route?

    so far the game isn’t like super fantastic, but it’s good for when I want to roll around in bed.

    and kirino was pretty kickass

  2. now imagine… the entire thing was a huge harem series… BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHA kyousuke has it good definitely good no wonder his father smacks him around

      • Depending on which route you follow in the game, Kyousuke and Ruri’s child will have a different personality. So those children are basically the same person.

  3. I don’t have a PSP nor do I have the means to acquire the game ): so instead I turned to a LP of all the 続く routes uploaded by a user by the name of ShinsanShinshi on Youtube.

    One thing that pleasantly surprised me, at least Kirino’s route (also my fave) was the mature take they took on the story. I found it perfectly respectable when Kyousuke wanted not to treat his relationship with Kirino like an eroge imouto route and take it seriously, wanting to take it slow with her. It made the epilogue all the more satisfying that their happiness wasn’t due to moe tropes, but because of honest efforts out of love on both their parts.

    • Watching those youtube vids is a really good way to play (?) the game. If I had known that stuff like that existed, I might not have bought my PSP, since I bought my PSP specifically to play ore no imouto PSP =3.

      I LOVED KIRINO’S ROUTE!!! Eroge comment by her by minutes into the relationship was hilarious XD.

  4. LOL! I went “AHHHH, so that how it is” after read this post. I love the series but I don’t know Japanese so basically I just press O button through out the game and try to understand what the characters are talking about.

    • Haha my Japanese isn’t great, but it’s slowly getting there (I hope >__>). The characters being voiced helps HEAPS, because my anime experiences helps with ‘guessing’ what they’re saying.

  5. That was a good read, thanks for the blog. I do have a question though (since I’ll never be able to play this unless they translate it) — How did they figure out that they weren’t blood related? iirc, in the anime there’s a small running joke about how Kyousuke freaks out whenever someone mentions that the two don’t look like siblings but I would have never thought that they weren’t actually related.

    • Glad you liked it this post ^^.

      Because it’s an IF route, and because the route was pretty damn short, they don’t really go into detail about anything. In fact, for the whole scenario, you basically don’t ever leave the house. So you only really see interaction between the Kousaka family. Well I’ll get to answering your question before I start rambling too much.

      Kyousuke starts looking through family albums and notices that there aren’t any photos of him in his younger years. After that he asks his dad about it, and they just tell him straight out that he’s adopted. The details aren’t gone over much, and there isn’t ANY drama regarding complicated feelings from learning this fact. Yep, after this it gets straight into the Kirino related stuff.

      You could probably still enjoy this game even if you didn’t have much Japanese skills. Unlike most VNs and eroge on PC, Kyousuke’s dialogue is voiced. There are still some bits that aren’t voiced, but if you’ve watched enough anime, you’ll probably get the gist of things ^^. I played the first OreImo at the start of this year, and my Japanese was still pretty bad then.

      • Haha, that’s actually kind of hilarious. Whereas most kids would start facing identity issues and question things like who are my real parents, etc., Kyousuke just gets straight to the point and thinks, “Yes, I just got a pass to bang my sister!”

          • Hey now, quick question. What is your background/knowledge with Japanese (the language) and what would you have rated your skill back when you played this game? I’m in the process of learning right now through courses and I guess I want a rough estimate of how much I need to know before I can get into VN’s.

    • That’s actually a pretty hard question to answer because I’m not really sure what to use as a unit to measure my ability. Using JLPT, my level would be somewhere between N2-N3 and my level when I played the first game would have been probably around N4.

      In more general terms, if I were to rank my ability out of 1-10 (1 being a total beginner and 10 being complete fluent), I would say that I’m around 6. When I played the first game I used a lot of guess work and my ability would’ve probably would’ve been around 3-4.

      LOL sorry if my explanations above are hard to understand >___>. For the record I played the first game when I was around 1 year into my Jap studies and the second game about 1.5 years into my studies. However keep in mind that I’m pretty lazy when it comes to studying =p.

      It’s very hard to say when you’ll be prepared enough to get into VNs and eroge. I can guarantee that when you first try them you’ll see a bunch of kanji and vocab that you’ve never even seen before. So in my eyes it’s more of an ongoing learning process and I find myself having to add flashcards to learn more new kanji and vocab that I come across.

      ATLAS is always an option if you want to get into VNs and eroge straight away, however I can understand if you can’t stand the translations of it. It may interest you to know that I am currently working on a new section for my ATLAS guide that covers playing eroge without the use of machine translators =p.

      • Actually, that just about answered my question soundly, so thanks! I was looking for a very relative scale to compare to, so now I have a gist of how much I need to learn. I imagine that playing VNs and eroge only help to expand your skills in the language in a enjoyable way, right?

  6. Love this post because I have both games but I can’t read japanese. Others may think it is stupid to buy them but my fandom cannot help but to get it. But I did pop it in my psp and just aim to get into multiple routes at random and obtain many CGS. And hopefully in the near future to learn japanese or someone to translate it.
    Other than that, it be cool and nice for you to give the full CG packs for both games if you can.

  7. Nice post…..
    Btw Did you take all these pics from ore imo portable(I mean the 1st game whose size is around 1,5 GB) ?
    Does it really have the kirino happy ending in which kyousuke and kirino get married as some of your pictures show ?
    I wonder how it is to be able to get the if route of kirino
    I’ve just finished kirino’s ending in which kirino suffers from amnesia due to her loneliness during kyousuke’s school trip and she gets her memories back after kyousuke asks her to play sis x sis together and then she sings the Secretx2 song presented only for kyousuke in the summer comicket (natsukomi):3a

    • Don’t have access to my iso files atm so I can’t really comment on the size of the games. The second set of pictures, which includes the ones of Kirino and Kyousuke getting married, are from the second disc “Tsuzuku Wake ga Nai”.

      I’m not really one to go into a game blind and I ALWAYS use walkthroughs to get the endings ^^.

      As I mentioned in the post, I didn’t particularly care for Kirino’s ending in the original game, with the exception of the “IF” ending.

      • ah I see :3
        btw how did you manage to get the “If” route of kirino ?
        I really want to give it a try
        could you please tell me how to get it :3 ?
        that’d be a great help to me XD
        I wonder after which event I can go through that “if” route ?
        I’ve obtained only two of the if routes, they are kaneko’s and akagi’s if route
        Thanks a lot >A<)//

          • Thanks for the link 😀
            But I still don’t know what to do
            □選択 ま、正直言って…

            ^this merely asks me to choose the ま、正直言って option after the セーブ35
            Do I need to get all the O.R.E before going for the kirino’s if end ?
            I mean there is some skipping like the one here

            □選択 何言ってんだ!
            □選択 オタク臭い!?
            □スルー おまえだ!
            □スルー なんだそれ!
            □選択 久しぶりって




            after the option “hisashiburi tte” , It’s the scene right after kyousuke comes back home from his school trip and he finds kirino acting strange when he tries to give the gotouji meruru that kirino asked before.
            But there is “O.R.E.【思い出のアルバム】をセット” below the option “hisashiburi tte”, which says I need to set the 思い出のアルバム, but I still haven’t obtained that album O.R.E yet ._.)a
            What do I need to do to get that album then :O ?
            I’m sorry for asking too much (>/\<)
            I'm really curious about this "If" ending 😀

    • It’s been a while since I played the game, however the walkthrough indicates that you need to finish the main routes for the 5 main heroines before you can access the “IF” route.

    • You should be able to find the second disc somewhere online. However I suspect that it’ll be bundled with the first disc.

  8. Sensei, do you know where I can download the .iso file of the game? Also did you do a walkthrough for this game? BTW thanks for all the info on the game looking forward to playing it myself.

  9. I need a walkthrough for both games but in english since I can’t read japanese
    I can only speak and listen
    please help

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