Introduction to Corruption (Part 1)

WARNING: Since the topic of this post is on corruption, naturally there will be HARDCORE NSFW pictures, usage of vulgar words and opinions that some people are not comfortable with. If you think you that will be unable to stomach what to come, I suggest you stop reading this article.


aquaspirit39 here~! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I am sorry for being inactive last month but it was a very eventful month for me, starting with Chinese New Years, my birthday and my 妹 birthday. Aside from that, I have also made a decision to pursue further education and for this reason I will probably be fairly busy for the next four or five months (Deadline for universities applications are around June and the examinations are around August). Until then, I will not be very active.

The Grand Plan in the beginning was for me to write a giant blog entry by reviewing a certain corruption game while introducing the concept of corruption and hopefully ‘corrupt’ some of you guys along the way. However, with all these universities applications and preparations for the examinations, I decide to break this post into two parts: the introduction and the game review.

Reason 1 to play a Corruption Game:A Corruption Game will almost always come with a Harem End XD

Reason 1 to play a Corruption Game:
A Corruption Game will almost always come with a Harem End XD

aquaspirit39 and Corruption

eww…that is a sick fetish you have there. How,Why and since When do you develop such a hobby?

Considering that most of the games reviewed in this blog is pure love eroges, many readers probably do not share the same enthusiasm on this topic. Many will also have doubts as to why and how certain people like me developed such an inhuman fetish. Therefore, I decide to use this chance to share my experiences on the journey to Land of Corruption .

Reason 2 to play a Corruption Game:A Corruption Heroines often wear very sexy cloth/armors which you don't often find in usual eroge >:)

Reason 2 to a play Corruption Game:
A Corruption Heroines often wear very sexy clothes and armors which you don’t often find in usual eroge >:)

Believe it or not, the first sign of this fetish could actually be seen in me since I was in primary school. At the time, just like other children, I loved to get up early on Sunday to watch television programs for children and not surprisingly, there was always a version of Power Ranger every week. Contrary to other normal children however, I often find myself cheering for the bad guys instead of the good guys and this is the very foundation of my Corruption fetish.

As I hit my puberty and learned the Art of Masturbation, the demand for masturbation materials(おかず) naturally arose in me. Although I have  read several ecchi mangas by that time, the existence of hardcore porn or even eroge was still unknown to me. Despite of not knowing the concept of Corruption, my imagination effortlessly created many Corruption stories for my masturbation needs.

My next development of this fetish came much later. It was around one and a half year after I knew about and started playing eroges constantly, when I stumbled across this game called 超光戦隊ジャスティスブレイド3~アルタード アポカリプス~.

Justice Blade III

It didn’t take me long to realize that this is exactly what I have been looking for; events in this game is exactly what I have been hoping to happen every time I watch those Power Ranger series. Armed with this one title, I look diligently for other titles with the same theme until I become how I am today.

The Fact – About Corruption

Corruption or more widely known by the Japanese as akuochi(悪堕ち) is defined as a condition where a heroine betrays her friends and switches to enemies side by the mean of brainwashing(洗脳), training(調教), or etc.

The word akuochi(悪堕ち) itself is made up of two words: 悪 which mean evil and 堕ち which mean to fall down, so together akuochi literally mean to fall down into the evil path. Even though the situations of 悪堕ち have been around for a very long time, the term itself was believed to be used for the first time in 2002.

One of the more well-known corruption/corrupted character: Black Saber. Though I think this one is Lily Version of Black Saber.

One of the more well-known corruption/corrupted character: Black Saber.
Though I think this one is the Lily Version of Black Saber.

Corruption Classification

Corruption can be categorized based on the method of Corruption that are being applied to the Heroines.  Here are five most common Corruption techniques:

Sexual Training(調教)
Sexual Training
The most orthodox method that can be found easily in many hardcore nukige. I personally break down sexual training further into two types: training that hurt physically and training that didn’t hurt the heroines physically. This maybe sounds like a strange thing coming from an evil bastard like me, but I am not really into hurting girls physically. I find that drowning and making the girls submit through extreme sexual pleasure is a more arousing than just torturing and making them writh in pain.

Brainwashing Corruption
Brainwashing can also be categorized into two different types depending on how they are handled:

  1. Rewriting heroines’ memories. This method will often make our heroines forget completely about their friends, comrades and/or lovers.
  2. Forcefully changing their way of thinking. In this case, the heroines often know that they have been brainwashed, but due to their new way of thinking, they gladly embraced their new self.

Possession(憑依) and Parasitism(寄生)
Parasite Taking Over
Possession and Parasitism are very similar to each other in a senses since in both methods, the heroines’ minds are being completely taken over by other entities(ghost, parasitic worm,etc). However, Parasitism is often accompanied by re-modelling of body parts.

Body Part Remodelling(改造)
Body Modification
Generally speaking, Body Part Re-modelling technique has pretty much the same goal as Sexual Training, in that both method aim to drown the heroines in sexual pleasure. This version of corruption however, achieves that goal by changing the heroines’ body parts and make them more sensitive toward sexual pleasure. Common example of body part re-modelling are breast enlargement, clitoris enlargement and futanari convertion.


Even after reading this one thousand words essay, you may still be unable to understand the Beauty of Corruption. In that case, all I can say is people who like it will like it, people who don’t will never get it.

Either way, I sincerely hope that all readers can be open-minded and forgiving, such that they will refrain from leaving any hate messages( ̄~ ̄;). There are so many people in the world with so many different point of views and I believe that as long as they do not cause any trouble to people around them, there is really no need to care about what they do to themselves.

Reason 3 to play a Corruption Game:Not only are Corrupted Heroines often wear Sexier Costumes. They also make sexier facial expression.

Reason 3 to play a Corruption Game:
Not only are Corrupted Heroines often wear Sexier Costumes. They also make sexier facial expression.

Cao~~~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

52 thoughts on “Introduction to Corruption (Part 1)

  1. I feel that having dark, twisted fantasies don’t necessarily make one a bad person. Actually doing those things or having a real desire to do those things makes one a bad person.

    And I totally get the appeal of it. The idea of taking something beautiful and making it ugly. Taking something pure and making it impure. Taking something lovely and tainting it, twisting it’s fundamental nature until it is a barely recognizable mockery of it’s former self. Taking a shy, chaste virgin and turning her into an aggressively promiscuous slut that likes nothing better than to be gangbanged by as many guys at the same time as possible all day, every day, all the time. Someone who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps sex. Taking something and completely reversing it’s polarity.

    Coincidentally, you could also apply this idea in reverse, take something evil and make it good for instance, which is something I tend to like a lot as well. A good example would be RA Salvatore’s books about the drow ranger Drizzt. He comes from a race of always chaotic evil dark elves, whereas he is quite the hero. He’s basically the polar opposite of his brethren. I think part of the appeal when you take an evil character and make them good is the idea of redemption. That no matter how far they’ve fallen you can always redeem them somehow. And you can also have both at the same time. Like, you can take a good character and make them evil, then make them good again, or take an evil character, make them good, then make them evil again. And so on.

    • To expand on what I said earlier, I also want to add that the more beautiful and pure something is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it. For one, it’s more of a challenge, and the more challenging something is the more satisfying it is to overcome it, and second of all, it also has to do with the size of the gap between how beautiful and pure something is and how corrupted it becomes. It’s much more satisfying to see a giant fall than say, a tiny insect, or an insignificant speck. It’s like, there’s just so much of a bigger difference between the two.

      Also, as to corruption that just completely reverses a character’s personality and one that retains a character’s basic personality or aspects of it while still changing them in a significant, fundamental way or like on a deeper level, On the surface, they still seem the same, but underneath that they are quite different from how they used to be. Well, I can see the appeal of both. Like you take an strict, uptight prude, or a chaste, innocent virginal type, and you turn them into a huge slut, so they are basically the exact opposite of what they used to be, or you turn them into a slut, but they still act like a prude or an innocent virgin. They’re basically like a cruel mockery of their former selves.

      Then there’s keeping a character’s personality more or less entirely intact, but you change the way they think, or like you change their world views. They’re still pretty much the exact same character, but their morals, or principles, or fundamental values are completely different now, but I think that’s more like just straight up face-heel-turn or heel-face-turn than corruption, although I suppose it could be both.

      • I mean what is beauty really? It’s a highly subjective thing that depends largely on personal preference. You know, like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one person finds beautiful another might find to be fucking hideous and horrific. It’s all simply about being able to appreciate it for what it is.

    • Thank you for your long post.

      ” I feel that having dark, twisted fantasies don’t necessarily make one a bad person. Actually doing those things or having a real desire to do those things makes one a bad person.”
      yes, the point is to be conscious and understand of the difference between virtual and reality. That is why these games are rated 18+, not only because of the sexual contents but also because they requires players to have certain maturity in thought.

  2. I am felt really happy that there’s someone that have same fetish as me. Same as you, my corruption fetish not come from eroge , but it started when I was in elementary school where I root for victory of villians in mermaid melody anime. Later I interested in vampire infection and that somehow got myself into yuri genre.When I cant find anymore vampire corruption from normal mangas and yuri so I got into doujins and realised my own fetish with corruptions ,especially demonic one.And now I had read almost all of those corruption doujin and new subject of my fetish is now eroges, which like those doujin, I aimed to collect all of them , and while finding it, I found your blog.

  3. Hey, the picture from the “possession and parasitism” part, where does it come from ??? Can’t find stuff with reverse research…

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