A Ero-rant: Yakimochi Stream

I have been very inactive as of late for various reasons. One of the reasons is that I’m currently working full time, so my free time is now limited. Also I haven’t really been playing all that much eroge recently either when I DO have free time.

A couple of weeks ago I started reading the manga Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, and it left a very deep impression on me. It made me pissed off as hell, but it does so in a unique way that makes it awesome. So for the first time in a long time I found myself repeatedly re-reading the chapters of a manga. Unfortunately only 8 chapters are out atm, so re-reading had its limits. I later found out that the series originated from a web novel, which is in Japanese. Normally I avoid reading things with large amounts of text when there are no pictures, but I made an exception. And THAT is what has been taking up most of my time lately.  However, I put my web novel reading on hold to play Yakimochi Stream.


Company: まどそふと (MadoSoft)
Game site: ヤキモチストリーム
Links: VNDB, Walkthrough

First impression

The trial for Yakimochi Stream covers the first half of the common route, and I found that it was very very solid. The game’s fast pace made it easy to play through all of the trial without feeling bored, and the game’s wacky comedy had me grinning the whole time. Yes, I imagine I would look like a creep when I’m playing an eroge like this, but I’m fine with it. Anyway, the heroines are also quite attractive, if you can get over the size of their boobs that is. Hell, their boobs are compared to “mountains” in their character bios…so yeah. Anyway, I don’t know how good a judge I am, but all the heroines felt quite high level for their type .

You have Sana, the super obsessive brocon little sister.

sana 01

Mitsuki is your isolated Kuudere senpai

Mitsuki 01

Throw in Kohane as the tsundere childhood friend

Kohane 01

And finally you have Tanya, who’s a foreign chick who does things at her own pace.

Tanya 01

The heroines are pretty much at max love points, and we see some light bits of jealously in the trial. You know, just enough to make you wanting more. So the trial was pretty awesome, and I ended up replaying it around 3 times. In my defence, the trial is very short.


So we’ve established that the first bit of the common route was pure awesomeness. Sadly, this awesomeness doesn’t last.

The rest of the common route

So the end of the trial introduces Tanya, and I expected a lot of jealously scenes from this point onwards given the game’s title. Unfortunately, these group jealously scenes are a rare occurrence, rather than the core of the game. Instead, the common route progresses with by showing heroine events for different heroines pretty much back to back to each other. For example, we might see a scene that closes the gap between Takumai and Kohane, and then the next day the almost the same thing could be happening with Tanya. Since events are stacked like this, events don’t feel all that special and it’s hard to keep track of things.


To add to the confusion, time feels more like it’s “jumping” instead of flowing in this game. This is typical in slice of life games because looking over every single detail would be boring as hell, but this game does it a bit too much. The date isn’t displayed anywhere, and days change with lines such as “the next day”, “another day” or by telling you what day of the week it is. To top it off, the world outside the heroines and Takumi is pretty non-existent. So hell, the game could progress 3 weeks in one of the scene shifts, and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference (or care).

Another day

next day

Call me an old fashioned, but I prefer when there are choices that let you deviate the storyline to show individual heroine events. At least that way, it’s a lot easier to keep track of what’s going on.

There were still funny scenes in the rest of the common route, but things felt definitely felt lower quality than what was shown in the trial. So after some horrible pacing, we reach the individual routes.

Individual routes

I had very low expectations for the development leading up to the confession, and yet, I was still taken back at how bad it was. For a super dense guy who doesn’t realise when four hot girls are madly in love with him, Takumi sure makes up his mind about confessing easily. After one scene to set the mood or whatever, Takumi thinks, “What’s this feeling…? …must be love”. H-scenes follow very soon after the confession scene, which is lame. However given how bad the development to this point was, premature H-scenes is probably the smallest issue this game has.


From here onwards H-scenes pretty much become the plot of the route. Each heroine has about 8 H-scenes, which rival some nukiges out there. The lack of any real plot once you get into the heroines routes also makes it feel quite a bit like a nukige. Backstories are introduced briefly with what seems to be an attempt to pull at your heartstrings, but are thrown aside too quickly to have any lasting impression. There is bits and pieces of actual relationship development throughout the route, but it’s pretty much negligible. The pre-end of each route has a small bit of story, but like the confession scenes, the endings are also abrupt and feel very forced.



Even though all the heroines had huge as boobs, I still liked the games graphics. The voice actors for the main heroines really matched the heroines’ personalities, and that’s something which really attracted me to the trial. Minor system errors, but again, these are nothing much when you look at the over picture of this game.

Final Words

Play? => NO


So Yakimochi Stream started off as a high level charage, and then slowly deteriorated in quality. The amount of H-scenes during the routes really makes it feel like changed their minds at one point and decided to make a nukige instead of a charage. Admittedly, the H-scenes weren’t half bad. Nothing A-grade, but I would say they were above average. Of course, no nukige is gonna do well if you have to play through hours of mediocrity before you reach the R18 content.

So if you take anything away from reading this post of mine, I hope it’s that you go read Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari =D.


13 thoughts on “A Ero-rant: Yakimochi Stream

  1. and why the fucking hell am I reading this title again… OHHH RIGHT BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING BETTER ELSE TO READ…. *see NGNL not finished transltions…* OK FUCK… *see ciel no surge stuck in 4th door* DANG IT

  2. So, it ended up being bad? I also had my hopes after playing the trial. It seems I’m better playing something else if there is nothing to look forward to but H-Scene during the routes.

    • She’s pretty much Miyuki, but on a higher level. Unlike Miyuki, Sana has some yandere tendencies and pretty muchs gets off just by smelling her brother.

  3. I basically concur with everything said here. It started off good then got veryyyy slow and the comedy was nowhere near as entertaining. Basically went from being Yakimochi stream to Oppai Stream. I was expecting the comedy to be a lotttttt more hyper and over the top but alas, only during the first 2 hours or so.

    The only thing I enjoyed really (and aero knows this damn me) is I still guiltily enjoyed the red heads scenes because of my super ultra bias towards them. But overall highly agree, you shouldn’t read this. Unfortunately there haven’t been too many visual novels of interest yet this year (maybe 1 or so that was announced in the summer).

    • Well at least the game was surprisingly short given how large it is. From memory, it’s almost 7gb?

      I also quite liked Kohane, and I personally feel her ending was better than Sana’s. Of course when I say it’s “better”, I’m not implying it was good

  4. Yea Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari is a good manga. So it is originate from Japanese web novel? I thought it is Korean manga or something because I think I saw korean in some part of the untranslated manga(the sound effect I think). Can you give me the link to the web novel?

    I have always wanted to write a post on manga, but when I ask Aedes for permission, he prefer to keep the blog eroge…or at least ero related. But a few other manga that I would recommend are:
    1)Abnormal-kei Joshi – Probably the best set of harem
    2)Ore ga Doutei wo Sutetara Shinu ken ni Tsuite – Good premise but rushed ending, still a good read
    3)Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatter iru Darou ka – I think this one is already pretty well known
    4)Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata – very unique and real atmosphere?
    5)Gun x Clover – Amazing main character and action.

  5. I think most of the Aero-ge people here are likes the typical otaku pandering that most Japanimations, Light Novels, and Visual Novels here. Well didn’t exactly expect much when I first came to this site a year ago. Because ya know… it is a VN blog, (everything harem). But anyway,I think Aquaspirit’s idea about posting light stuff like manga is A-OK. Cus ya know, this site is literally dead because most of you already got shit to do like flipping burgers and handling out paperwork.

    I liked the pseudo-review because you’re actually honest about this shit, but you deserved to get feel bad from reading that VN, those body proportions are bad news. You can usually figure it out if there isn’t at least one loli for side heroines or heroines. Those breast sizes are cringe worthy.

    These days I don’t expect much from Japan because their whole industry, ranging from electronics to animated pornography is getting stale. Recent Japanimations shows that. Nothing looks good for Japan right now except for hentai. Other than the 2xGDP amount of debt, tech giants going down, foreign bond holders, and abenomic’s retardation of global currency inflation competition.

    I hope you guys still stay alive. But in case you guys die, any other sites do scrumpdillyicious works like yours?

  6. A shame about the game but at least you read Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari! Really lovin the story for it so far, it’s a shame I can’t read any japanese otherwise I would read the web novel haha.

    • Haha reading the web novel was quite a draining task. It took me weeks to finish the whole thing, and I was pretty tired the whole time because I repeatedly stayed up late to keep reading the damn thing >____>.

      The good thing about the web novel is since I can’t copy the text, I can use text hookers to help with the reading =D.

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