Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai Impression

Let me start this off by thanking Choux for writing such a thorough review on Riaimo so I don’t have to write much here. If you want detailed analysis, please refer to the aforementioned review because I won’t be doing that. Instead, what I’ll do is sharing the imouto love with everyone and letting you all know how much of a siscon I am.

Ryou the protagonist is a dedicated imouto-ge player, since his real imouto Shiori isn’t quite omochikaeri material by being tsuntsun all the time and almost never showing her deredere side. One night, he had a weird dream and woke up when Mai, his beloved favorite 2-D imouto, mounts on top of him in an attempt to wake him up. Then the story of their icharabu days begins, or at least that’s what the premise would lead you to believe.

Barring Miki’s route which has nothing to do with the overall story, which can be explained by the fact that she is the best friend Akira’s imouto and not Ryou’s, the other two routes aren’t all fun and games after you get into them. I wish they structured the routes so that they all get their own happy endings. The bittersweet ending, while resolving everything, left me feeling blue for a while. I see nothing wrong with an imouto harem, but unfortunately Ryou doesn’t share my sentiments. Unlike my corrupted self, he’s much too pure for that.

Miki is the best friend Akira’s extremely flirtatious imouto who can’t wait to take Ryou’s virginity. She will use any chance to do so, and ultimately succeeds if you are in her route. She really feel like a side character with a route, so maybe calling her a side heroine will be more appropriate? Her route deals with her onii-chan Akira having his lovely imouto taken away by Ryou, but they eventually sorted things out with their fists like men should.

In spite of her total irreverence to the story, I nevertheless enjoyed her route. Since, well, I never said I am a story person. I can’t resist the ero kouhai who is madly in love with you and sees nothing else in her eyes but you. Her ero talk makes this route worthwhile. One thing of note though, she radiates a strong do-S aura during her H scenes which scared me a bit. Ryou, you need to man up and take her down before she does the same to you! And fitting for such an ero character, she has 3 H scenes while the others only have 2.

Mai is the 2-D turned 3-D imouto who jumped out of the computer screen to meet her onii-chan Ryou in the real world. She is the perfect imouto in absolutely every way. She is cute,  innocent, bracon, happy to do all the housework, caring, supportive, able to take care of your libido, obedient, and I can go on and on endlessly about how she is the imouto of your dreams. Her ero talk is just as entertaining as Miki’s, if not even more so since she delivers them in such a pure and innocent manner. However, she is not all she seems to be with her backstory hidden in a plot twist. She should have been the true heroine in my opinion. I would take Mai over Shiori as my imouto any day.

Her route would have been my favorite if it had not been so depressing at the end. Yeah, I understand you’ll never replace Shiori as Ryou’s true imouto. But nothing is stopping you from joining his household as his other imouto or more likely, his girlfriend and future wife. I’m sure Ryou will love you both in his own ways, so there’s no need to make this so dramatic. This game does Mai no justice. She deserves her happy ending!

Shiori is Ryou’s one and only true imouto. She has her tsuntsun mode turned always on until later on in her route. And like any good imouto, she harbors feelings for her onii-chan since they were small but due to an incident related to their parents, who were always at each other’s throats which makes people wonder why they got married in the first place, she transformed into her tsuntsun self. She also loves basketball that Ryou taught her which is the central plot device for the first half of the route. Neither deredere nor ero enough unlike the other 2 characters, she is my least favorite character out of the 3.

I didn’t like the route for 2 main reasons. First of all, I dislike sport themed routes. While it only lasts for the first half of the route, it is long enough to make me skip through all the basketball related scenes. If they replace the basketball parts with more elaboration on Ryou and Shiori’s past, I would appreciate this route much more. The second reason is that I dislike the bittersweet ending, because I am very much a Mai fan who weeps on the inside every time I see the ending CG. I don’t care if the writers comes up with a deus ex machina fix for their troubles; I want my happy endings! Harem ending is a plus.

There is a reason I posted all these screenshots with text attached, and it’s not only because I got a good chuckle out of them. The graphics are only average, and the 2 artists working on this game have visibly different art style that you can easily see from the difference between Mai’s and Shiori’s art. Needless to say, I like Mai’s better. The music is average as well, but I especially like the piano tracks and the vocal songs.

I hope this hasn’t been too much of a waste of your precious time. For some concluding words, I would say this game is perfect for siscons. Wait, let me rephrase that. If you consider yourself a siscon, you must not miss this game. Hopefully you can deal with the bittersweet ending. If not, we can cry our hearts out together.

Coming up next will be a Gakuou impression or review, whichever I feel like doing. I know I originally planned to write something about Dousei LoverAble, but I got sidetracked by Gakuou after I finished Kaho’s route. But since Kaho is such an adorable imouto, I’ll consider writing something up just for her later.

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9 thoughts on “Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai Impression

  1. I’m trying this visual novel. Thanks to you review. ^^ It seems interested, but could you tell me how to get the get into Shiori’s route? I feel like i can’t avoid the other two heroines routes.

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